5 Makeup Tips to Get Mesmerizing Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Winged eyeliner looks great if you are going out for a party, family function or even for a date. But, it looks even beautiful if you wear winged eyeliner on hooded eyes. Hooded eyes make you appear quite dull and so to make it beautiful for all occasion, you can try these tips to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. All these makeup tips will help you know how you can make your hooded eyes more attractive and beautiful with the application of winged eyeliner.

But, there are some people who even don’t know how hooded eyes look like and when it is said to have hooded eyes. So, below knowing the make tips to apply winged liner on hooded eyes, you should know how you can identify that you have hooded eyes. So, go through the below section of this blog to know the answer.

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How To Recognize Hooded Eyes?

There are some people who still cannot recognize whether they hooded eyes or not. Some people believe that a hooded eye somehow looks like droopy eyelids and they start following the makeup tips for droopy eyelids which is wrong.

Well, to recognize such thing, you can look into the mirror and have a look if your eyelids are nearly covered by skin and the eyelids seem invisible even after opening the eyes and the creases are obscured then it is possible that you have hooded eyes. Also, there is extra skin on the eyelids folding and you cannot see the complete shape of the eyes. If all these things are observed then definitely you have hooded eyes.

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But it doesn’t mean that you look ugly if you have this. Well, you can get rid of hooded eyes by applying some makeup tips. You can now have a look at the tutorials to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eye.

Makeup Tutorials To Put Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Once it is clear that you have hooded eyes, you can apply these eye makeup tutorials to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. So, have a look at them step by step and apply them properly so that it makes you look more attractive, pretty and gives you a confident appearance.

Step 1: Use Concealer

Use Concealer

At the very first step, you can start by prepping your eyes. You can use concealer around your eyes and eyebrow area so that you can get a perfect base. Try to set your base with a loose setting powder or any baby powder.

Step 2: ‘Use Felt Tip’ Liner

Use Felt Tip Liner

If you are a beginner it is better to use felt tip liners instead of using liquid liner. This is because it comes handy and very easy to deal with this. In the below image, you can see that the girl is using liquid eyeliner. This is the best-felt tip eyeliner and that have been used so far.

One of the best things about felt tip liner is that they are quite ideal to make a less possible thin line that is close to your eyelashes. It gives you intense looking eyes rapidly. You need to line your eyes just close to your eyelash line from the inner corner of the eyes.

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Step 3: Make a Thin Winged Line On Lash Line

Make a Thin Winged Line On Lash Line

After lining the upper eyelash line, you can make a thin winged line and then correct them together. As per your choice, you can thicken your linings and also make it too thick. If you don’t do this then your eyes will look even smaller than the actual eye shape.

Step 4: Lift Your Eyebrows

Lift Your Eyebrows

Several eye makeup tips for hooded eyes are there but to give it a proper look, you can make your eyes look more poppy by just giving it a lift to your brows. Also, you need to shape your eyebrows on a regular basis in ‘Arch’ shape and should highlight them with the help of highlighter.

Step 5: Use Dark Brown Eyeshadow on Eyebrows

Use Dark Brown Eyeshadow on Eyebrows

There are several people out there who just love the celebrities’ eyebrows. You can also try to look like them by simply applying dark brown eyeshadow or brow kit so that you can get bold, gorgeous and fierce set of eyebrows. Also, you can curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

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5 Vital Tips You Should Follow If You Have Hooded Eyes

  • Do not ever forget to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara with good quality so that you can give some texture to them. This instantly opens up your eyes and it appears to be beautiful and even bigger.
  • If you are the one who is completely obsessed with eye makeup and can’t do anything for hooded eyes then don’t worry. Winged eyeliner looks f you want a slight touch of glittery eyeshadow then just use them above the upper eyelash line and then apply eye liner that suits your eyes.
  • You can make your eyes look bigger if you create a fake crease. To do so, you can apply a soft brown matte eye shadow just above the eyelid to give it a more defined look.
  • Do not ever forget to apply nude or shimmery eyeliner pencil onto your waterline. Doing so will make your eyes look more fresh and awake.
  • When you wish to give sultry look to your hooded droopy eyelids then you can apply eyeliner on your lower eyelash line smudge it a little by black or brown matte eye shadow.

These are some of the bonus tips that you can apply if you have hooded eyes. Apart from this, if you have hooded eyelids and you become aged, then you can try some anti-aging eye routine tips that can make you look younger all the time.

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I hope you will like these steps to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. Apart from these, there are some other eye makeup tips for wrinkled eyes that you can apply when you go out for any occasion.

If you have any suggestions then you can write in the below section or if you want to ask any question related to eye makeup tips then you can ask any question here without any hassle. I’ll be back soon with a new blog related must be related to the eyes.


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