12 Working Home Remedies To Cure Sunburned Eyelids Naturally

Cure Sunburned Eyelids Naturally

No one can deny that spending a day at the pool or beach gives so much relief. Before going out to visit such places, make sure that you are on the safe side when it comes to your skin protection.

Applying sunblock is one of the most important things that you always take into consideration. No doubt sometimes you miss applying sun protection cream to some spot on the face which also includes eyelids. YES, it is TRUE, generally, sunscreen is applied to the face except some parts which include eyelids, nose and ears.

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As a result, you get sunburned eyelids. So, today I am going to discuss how sunburned eyelids occur and what can be done to treat sunburned eyelids.


How Sunburned Eyelids Occurs?

It is not necessary that only visiting beach or pool without applying sun protection cream causes sunburned eyelids. However, there are some other factors as well that you don’t know yet.

Whenever you go outside of your home for a prolonged time duration with the exposed skin, it causes sunburn and affects your eyelids as well.

Generally, sunburn occurs due to overexposure of Ultraviolet rays (UV rays). As a result, you get hot and reddish skin that can peel or blister. Not only on eyelids but sunburn can take place at any exposed part of your body.


What Does The Sun Do To The Human Skin?

The sun reflects ultraviolet rays which damage the skin if it absorbs so many rays. Ultraviolet rays can affect anything from discoloring the eyelid skin to causing it to premature age and to further cause skin cancer or sunburn.

Do you know that the skin around the eyes, most possibly where the eyelids and corners meet, has a great tendency to cause skin cancer.


Signs & Symptoms Of Sunburned Eyelids

Signs & Symptoms Of Sunburned Eyelids

Usually, sunburn begins to appear after a few hours of getting in contact with sun exposure. However, it can take a day or two for the complete impact of the sunburn to take place:

Some most typical signs that shows sunburned eyelids are:

It is possible that if your eyelid is sunburned, then your eyes may also get affected. So, here are some of the possible symptoms of sunburned eyes that you notice:

  • Gritty feeling in the eyes
  • Burning or paining eyes
  • Redness in the eyelids
  • Headache
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision

They generally go away within two to three days. If these symptoms last for more than three days, then it is better to see your doctor.


When To Visit A Doctor?

If a sunburn resolves on its own then a severe sunburn might warrant medical treatment, most probably when it involves the eyelids or the eye surrounding area. Yo0u should call your doctor if you notice:

  • A high fever
  • Blistering
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Chills

If you notice all these things and the symptoms of sunburned eyelids for more than two to three days then don’t wait for anything. Just call your doctor right there.


Is It Important To Apply Sunscreen On Eyelids?

Is It Important To Apply Sunscreen On Eyelids

Eyelids are one of the most important but commonly forgotten area of the face that needs to be protected from sun damage issue.

Just like the other part of the face, eyelids can also develop a sunburn. It is fortunate that when the eyes are open, the eyelids are not exposed to the UV rays as compared to other parts of the face.

But don’t forget that if your eyelids are closed and haven’t put any sun protection cream or sunscreen then it can cause sunburn to your eyelids.

How To Get Rid Of Sunburned Eyelids?

It takes several days to develop sunburn issue completely and take another several day to treat sunburned eyelids and get rid of it with ease. Well, if you ever notice this eyelid problem then without wasting any time, you can try the below-mentioned home remedies to treat sunburned eyelids easily without having any side effects.


Home Remedies To Treat Sunburned Eyelids

Here, you can follow the home remedies and apply them to get rid of sunburned eyelids in no time. They are just simply the most effective and the affordable sunburned eyelids treatments that you should not avoid at all. So, just go through them and know the best possible ways to treat sunburned eyelids.


Remedy #1: Add Baking Soda To Bathwater

baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate helps soothe the skin inflammation and also helps reduce itching and sunburn issue. Add better quality baking soda to your bathwater and let them mix it itself for about 20 minutes. After it gets mixed well, take that water to take bath.


Remedy #2: Soothe With Green Tea

green tea

It has been observed that the antioxidant compounds present in the green tea prevent skin cancer and sunburn if you drink it regularly. Green tea doesn’t act as a sunblock but it protects the skin against the eyelid inflammation that causes due to UV radiations.


Remedy #3: Try White Vinegar

white vinegar

An ordinary white vinegar used to contain acetic acid which is a component of aspirin helps relieve the inflammation, itching and pain due to sunburn. You need to soak a paper towel with vinegar and like a compress to the painful areas. Try to leave them on until they become dry.

Or, you can also pour a single cup of white vinegar into the tepid bathwater and soak it for 20 minutes and then take bath from that water.


Remedy #4: Mist With Lavender Oil

lavender oil

You can also try lavender oil to treat sunburned eyelids. All you have to do is to mix a teaspoon of pure lavender oil into 2 ounces of water in a misting bottle. After this, shake it well and mist sunburned eyelid skin lightly on a regular basis.

Or, you can also mix a teaspoon of lavender oil, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 400 IU and 2 capsules of vitamin E for a soothing gel. Mix them well and apply it to your eyelid skin. This will reduce the inflammation and areas of the infection.


Remedy #5: Try Once Evaporated Milk

evaporated milk

Evaporated milk helps to reduce eyelid pain that you get while having sunburned eyelids. To try this remedy, you have to pour some evaporated milk on a clean cloth and then apply to the eyelid area that is affected. Doing so will provide a protein layer that locks in moisture and allows the eyelid skin to heal.


Remedy #6: Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink plenty of water

If your eyelid skin is sunburned then it is clear that you don’t have hydrated skin. If you drink plenty of water then it will replenish skin and helps you to heal or treat sunburned eyelids.


Remedy #7: Heal With Vitamins E and C

vitamins E and C

Vitamins will not take the sting out of an eyelid sunburn but they will help you heal sunburn faster. You need:

  • 2000 milligrams of vitamin C
  • 1000 IU of vitamin E

Take these for about a week. It could help your sunburn heal and possibly reduce the chances for developing skin cancer. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that are generally created due to sun damage.


Remedy #8: Apply Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel

For a better-sunburned eyelid treatment, pure aloevera is the most effective ingredient. It has been found that aloe vera healed three days faster than trying any other treatment. Aloevera contains glycoproteins that used to speed up the healing time by stopping inflammation and pain. Also, it contains some antioxidant compounds that moisturize the eyelid skin, stimulates its growth and repairs different skin-related issues.


Remedy #9: Soak In Oats


Oats, popularly known as breakfast meal, also has skin-soothing properties which also reduces inflammation to treat sunburned eyelids naturally. For this, you need to stuff an old nylon stocking with oats and then place it under the faucet as you run some cool bathwater. You can take soak it for about 15 to 20 minutes and air-dry yourself. This is because you don’t remove or throw mistakenly the healing oats with the towel.


Remedy #10: Dab On Witch Hazel

witch hazel

Witch hazel is one of the most effective remedies you can try to treat sunburned eyelids. To make use of this, you can use a cotton swab to dab it directly on the sunburn. It speeds up the healing process, reduces inflammation and also helps prevents bacteria from forming.


Remedy #11: Coat With Plain Yogurt

plain yogurt

The probiotics and enzymes in plain and unflavored yogurt. It helps to heal sunburn naturally. To try this remedy, you have to apply yogurt directly to burned areas and let sit for at least five minutes. If the pain subsides then gently wash off with cool water.


Remedy #12: Apply Cool Compress

cold compress

To treat sunburned eyelids, you can also try applying cool compress. To try this home remedy, you just have to wet a washcloth with cold water and then place it on your closed eyes. Do this every day twice for some regular days and see the results.


Wrap Up

Just like the other parts of the face, eyelid skin is much more vulnerable to get sunburned from too much exposure to the Ultraviolet rays. This condition goes away on its own within a few days. But, if it is not considered to be treated soon then it can cause a severe serious issue. So, it is quite important to protect your eyes from sun exposure.

To protect your eyelids from sun exposure, it is better to apply sunscreen and other home remedies that I have already in the above section. So, stop being worried about sunburned eyelids because now you have better options with you, applying which you can easily treat sunburned eyelids.