5 Most Working Treatments To Get Rid Of Sticky Eyelids Easily

Get Rid Of Sticky Eyelids Easily

Having sticky eyelids is quite an irritating issue for both – adults as well as children. If you have sticky eyelids then you will most likely have an accumulation of skin oil, cells, mucus and other waste in your eye over the course of the day. Well, here, in this blog, you will get to know everything about sticky eyelids, its, causes, symptoms, how to get rid of sticky eyelids and more.

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You can read the below sections of this blog to know completely about the sticky eyelids including sticky eyelid syndrome as well. In the very first section of this blog, you will read about sticky eyelids, what sticky eyelids are and later on its causes, symptoms, treatments and more.

What are Sticky Eyelids? 

Before we know what sticky eyelid is, let us make a clear concept about the function of the eyes. The eyes used to produce mucus. It is an essential part of the tears. Generally, when you sleep, you do not blink your eyes and this means that the discharge starts to collect, crusting in the corners. But, if the discharge becomes quite heavy or even if you experience any other symptoms like blurry vision, light sensitivity, or even pain in the eyelids then you could have an eye infection or other medical condition. Now, let us have a look at the most important term here, which are sticky eyelids.

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sticky eyelids imageSticky Eyelids: Sticky eyelids, such a simple words but have enough power to make your daily life worse. Sometimes when you get up in the morning, your upper and lower eyelids are glued shut together. It has been found very difficult to open your eyes. This issue is quite common if it happens once in a while and so it is not a matter of concern. However, if it becomes a persistent occurring then it may indicate an underlying infection in the eyes. And, this will obviously need a doctor’s consultation.

Sticky eyelids are a normal defense mechanism of the eye. In this mechanism, it tries to remove any unwanted material from entering in the eyes but in some cases, this discharge may be a sign of an underlying eye problem. Do you know that sticky eyelids in adults as well as children – both can occur because there is no any age bar for sticky eyelids? Yes, it is absolutely true. Now, let us learn the causes of sticky eyelids.

What are the Causes of Sticky Eyelids?

sticky eyes

As I have already mentioned above that sticky eyelids is a natural defense mechanism of the eyes to discharge mucus from the eyes. This is because no foreign body in the form of bacteria or other debris can even enter the eye and damage your eyes. When it comes to the causes of sticky eyelids, the major cause of sticky eyelid has been found that bacterial infection can cause your eyelids to stick together.

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Bacterial Infection Causes Sticky Eyelids

Generally, a discharge from the eyes is an indication that some type bacteria or any other debris make its way through the eyes. Due to this, the defense mechanism of the eye is triggered and there is discharge occurs from the eyes that causes sticky eyelids. One of the most common causes of the sticky eyelids is the bacterial infection. Sometimes, this condition also causes blepharitis. This is the name given to a condition in which there is an eyelid inflammation. People suffer from flu and cold also tend to have this discharge that further results in sticky eyelids. Apart from this, some other sticky eyelids causes are:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Eye Allergy
  • Viral infection
  • Seborrheic blepharitis

Symptoms of Sticky Eyelids

The signs and symptoms of sticky eyelids that cause this issue to happen are the following. So, have a look at them and try to overcome these issues.

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These are some of the most common signs that have been observed that causes sticky eyelids to happen. After knowing the sticky eyelids symptoms and causes, it’s time to now look at the best treatments of sticky eyelids so that one can cure it as soon as possible. With the help of below treatments, you will know how to get rid of sticky eyelids.

How To Get Rid of Sticky Eyelids

In order to know how to treat sticky eyelids, you can look at the below sticky eyelids treatments and apply them. You can try these natural treatments to treat sticky eyelids. The treatment for sticky eyelids again depends on the underlying conditions. But, there are some common treatments that can be applied to treat sticky eyelids. So, have a look at them one by one:

#1: Avoid Reusing Makeup:

Avoid Reusing Makeup

It is always advisable to throw away a used makeup and not to use it again. This should be followed especially if you wear makeup when you have an infection because it may have bacteria and the eye infection may again take place sticky eyelids.

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#2: Use Washcloths:



If you already have faced sticky eyelids in morning, then you can use a warm washcloth and gently pat the eyes. This is because the discharge in the eyes is removed and you can open the eyes and can see clearly without any hassle.

#3: Eye Scrubs:

eye scrubs

Nowadays, eye scrubs are mostly recommended by optometrists these days and they are easily available in the market to get rid of excess discharge from the eyes which used to generally result in sticky eyelids.

#4: Use Baby Shampoo:

baby shampoo

If you make use of baby shampoo or other milder detergents to wash the eyes then it can help you remove the discharge and treat sticky eyelids effectively at home. This is the best home remedy for sticky eyes you can try to get rid of this eyelid problem.

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#5: Using Contact Lenses:

contact lenses

If you use contact lenses on a regular basis then it is very important to make sure that you replace your contact lens on time before they get worn out for any of the causes mentioned above for the sticky eyelids.

After knowing all the possible treatments to get rid of sticky eyelids, you may now look at some most common complications that you may face if you suffer from sticky eyelids.

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Some Complications Of Sticky Eyelids:

Sticky eyelids may be cured with the above treatments in a few days. If this eyelids issue is left untreated then below you can have a look at the below complications that you may face when you have sticky eyelids:

These are some of the complications you may face when you suffer from sticky eyelids and it is left untreated. So, try to treat it well as soon as possible with the above-mentioned treatments.

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As I have already mentioned that sticky eyelids are the most irritating issue that makes your daily life worse. So, you can know how to get rid of sticky eyelids in this above-mentioned sections in this blog. These treatments are so easy to apply and you can also get the best results after applying them for a few days. You can know the causes, symptoms, complication of sticky eyelids and more in this blog. If you have any question in your mind then you can ask here without any hesitation. I’ll be back soon with a new topic.


5 Most Working Treatments To Get Rid Of Sticky Eyelids Easily
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5 Most Working Treatments To Get Rid Of Sticky Eyelids Easily
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