Know The Possible Symptoms, Causes & Treatment For Eyelid Tumor In Adults

Know The Possible Symptoms, Causes & Treatment For Eyelid Tumor

Eyelid tumors are generally secondary tumors caused by cancers that have been spread from other body’s part, most specifically from prostate, breast, bowel or lung. There are two types of primary tumor that arises within the eye itself and they are known as retinoblastoma in children and melanoma in adults. However, here, in this blog, we are going to discuss only about eyelid tumor in adults.

As I have already mentioned that a type of tumor, melanoma takes place in adults at the age of 60 to 65. It arises from uncontrolled growth of cells, known as melanocytes. In United States, It has been noticed that 1,500 to 2,000 new cases are diagnosing every year.

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About Eyelid Tumor

An eyelid tumor refers to the new growth of tissue and it can be benign, malignant, or pre-malignant. The malignant tumor’s character can vary from those that may take years to grow.

Most of the eyelid tumors are of cutaneous origin and can be divided into melanocytic and epithelial tumors. The not so rare malignant eyelid tumors are basal cell carcinoma in Caucasians and sebaceous gland carcinoma in Asians. Stromal and adnexal tumors are less frequent.

Eyelid tumor in adults are those tumors that used to appear in the eyelids in the form of small pimples, injuries or lumps that do not cause symptoms, although in some cases they may sting, itch or even bleed and produce scabs.

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Symptoms Of Eyelid Tumors

Symptoms Of Eyelid Tumors

Most of the patients who suffer from eyelid tumors will notice a nodular growth on the eyelid. This nodule growth can be brown, red or even black. This specific issue can cause loss of eyelashes or can also deform the eyelid’s position. All the patients with eyelid tumors should be evaluated by an eye care specialist with experience in the eyelid tumors.

Generally, a very wide variety of premalignant, benign and malignant tumors can take place around the area of the eyelids and the structures adjacent to the eye. The symptoms of the eyelid tumors in adults can vary as per the location and tumor’s nature. Eyelid tumors are generally visible to the patient and it can sometimes cause localized eyelash’s loss and local eyelid swelling, irritated or red eyelids. Some other eyelid tumor symptoms that may include are:

  • Double Vision
  • Blurry Vision
  • Eye Swelling
  • Eyelid Paining
  • Displacement of the Eye

All these are some more common symptoms of having eyelid tumor. If you notice all these issues then it is quite possible that you have an eyelid issue called eyelid tumor.

What Causes Eyelid Tumors?

In some common cases, the actual cause of eyelid tumor is yet not known, but the factors are the possible causes of eyelid tumors are as follows:

  • Immune System: It maintains constant vigilance against abnormally proliferating cells. If you find that there is a breakdown of the ‘surveillance’ then a tumor can develop. Due to this reason, people having strong drugs which suppress the immune system are at a greater risk of developing tumors.
  • The Environment: The very best example of the environment is the exposure to the sunlight which actually increases the risk of eyelid skin tumors, most specifically in fair-skinned individuals.
  • Inheritance: Most have a genetic component, although only exceptionally rarely are tumors generally inherited on a ‘one to one’ basis from a parent.

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Who Is At A Higher Risk Of Suffering From Eyelid Tumors?

A person, whose skin has been exposed throughout their life to sun, whether for work or leisure, is more damaged and so they are at a higher risk of suffering from eyelid tumor. Such people should have their face always examined, as the eye area is generally more exposed to the sun which also includes the eye area. Also, people should go to the specialist and get examined if you find any lesions in the eye area.

Age where orbital and eyelid tumors appear generally depends on the type of the tumor. This generally appears at advanced ages, most specifically at the age to 50-60 years. Also, those who have 1 and 2 skin phototypes should also take higher care when people have very light skin and a higher risk of suffering eyelid skin cancer.

How Are Eyelid Tumor Diagnosed?

Diagnose Coloboma Of the Eye

If a patient arrives at the consultation and see a lesion that is actually suspected of being malignant and believe that it may be cancerous. If so, then you will need to know the eyelid tumor’s type.

The very reliable way one can have to know what kind of eye tumor he/she id facing is by means of a biopsy. Biopsies used to allow us to collect the piece of tissue and then analyze and classify it. This is quite important depending in the tumor’s type but the treatment could differ.

If you find that the eyelid tumor are small and can be removed completely with the best surgical intervention then it will be done perfectly.

However, if there is large tumor, then biopsies serve to confirm whether it is cancerous and if they are then one should proceed to the complete removal of the tumor. Sometimes, it may require complex reconstruction by means of flaps or grafts.

For orbital tumors, generally it is not so difficult to perform a biopsy. Mostly all the cases are diagnosed by clinical features the patient has and the results of image tests like MRI or CT procedures.

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How To Treat Eyelid Tumor?

How To Treat Eyelid Tumor

The eyelid tumor treatment generally depends on the type of tumor. Small benign eyelid tumor in adults can be removed so easily with the help of surgery. But, if you have a larger tumor then it is possible that it may require more complex surgeries. However, malignant tumor must be completely removed, sometimes it is quite easy to remove but sometimes it needs complex surgeries performed for three to four times.

When it comes to orbital eyelid tumor, the tumor treatment will be different and will also depend on the type of the tumor. The sensitive location of the tumor means that they cannot be removed always so easily. The locations of tumor that provides easy access to the surgeon may be removed but with those located at difficult access areas, will need some time to examine how to remove eyelid tumor. It is true that they always do not need surgical treatment.

Different Surgeries Can be Applied To Treat Eyelid Tumor:

General Surgery: The major purpose of general surgery should be to remove the tumor completely. And this surgery also involves primary excision with frozen or Moh’s technique.

Small Tumors are generally removed by the surgery named pentagonal wedge resection.

Medium sized tumors generally require reconstruction with transpositional flaps.

Large tumors resections are typically reconstructed with Hewes, Hughes or Cutler-Beard Techniques.

How To Prevent Eyelid Tumor?

As I have already mentioned that there are four types of tumor, so the production mechanism for each of the types is quite different from each other. However, there are some preventive measures that you can take to prevent eyelid tumor. Some of them are:

  • Wearing sunscreen
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure

Those who already have eyelid tumor, should go immediately to the specialist when a single lesion is noticed even that is not painful but itches and bleeds.


Eyelid tumor can be so dangerous if it is not treated at time in the early stages. There are some signs that can be observed when you have eyelid tumor. You can know about those signs and symptoms from the above section of this blog. Also, you can look at the different surgeries that can be applied as the treatment for eyelid tumor.

Apart from the symptoms, causes and treatment, you can also know how eyelid tumor can be prevented from happening. So, try to follow the preventive measures mentioned in this blog. I hope the information I have provided regarding eyelid tumor would be highly appreciated. Thank You.


Know The Possible Symptoms, Causes & Treatment For Eyelid Tumor In Adults
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