Know The Possible Causes & Treatments Of Having Bump On Eyelid

treat bump on eyelid

Nothing is more irritating than having an issue on the eyelid. Eyelid is that part of the face that plays a very important role to protect the eyes. The eyelids consist of a thin muscle layer covered by skin on the outer aspect and conjunctiva on the inner part. They are supported internally by connective tissue known as tarsal plates. They are lined with the small hair at the edge, generally known as eyelashes. Sometimes you may face eyelid bump which is the most irritating issue you can come across due to several reasons. 

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Here, in this blog, we are targeting an issue called eyelid bump. This is an issue that is caused by a localized swelling of the eyelid glands. Here, we will focus more on the causes of little bump on eyelid and the ways to treat this eyelid issue. But, let us first have a look at some of the major causes of eyelid bump below:

Causes of Eyelid Bump:

There are several factors that cause little bump on eyelid which is the most irritating issue. Below you can have a look at them one by one and can avoid such causes so that you can never face this issue again in life.

Viral Infection:


The most common causes of eyelid bump is the viral infection. Some infections like herpes zoster and herpes simplex may produce small swellings that are frequently fluid filled. Swelling may be present in the parts of the eye and they are treated with antiviral medications.



A chalazion is a small eyelid lump that arises because of the obstruction of any of the eyelid glands known as a meibomian gland. The swelling that occurs due to this issue is usually painless unless it gets infected. This issue is generally treated with a warm compress and sometimes it is treated with a local antibiotic. Removal of this issue may be quite vital if it does not respond to medical treatment.

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Allergies generally cause eyelid swelling that gives you a puffy experience to the eyes. Sometimes, allergies can be caused because of the symmetric or local causes. Local causes may occur because of eye drops, eye makeup and hair dye as well. Some other general allergic reaction that affects the body is also visible in the eyelid that further results in swelling. Sometimes eyelid swelling may be seen in a food reaction and anaphylactic reaction, etc. This may also accompany seasonal conjunctivitis in which the underlying conditions are satisfied. And, most probably, this is accompanied by tearing and redness of the eyes.



In general, a hordeolum is known as stye. It is an infection of the eyelid glands by a bacterium that generally results in pus formation, known as Staphylococcal aureus. This eye infection may affect a meibomian gland or gland of Moll or Zeiss. This issue further results in the swelling that feels much painful at the edge of the eyelid that is generally filled with pus. Due to this issue, the skin over the eyelid becomes inflamed and red. This can be treated with antibiotic drops and warm compress.

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Malignant Tumors:

Malignant Tumors

These are caused by cancers that affect the skin like squamous cell cancer, melanoma and basal cell cancer or other affecting glands such as sebaceous carcinoma. This can also affect the eyelid very badly. Among such cancers, the most common cancer that affects the eyelid very badly is the basal cell cancer. When affected with this cancer, the eyelid grows and spread rapidly.



Cellulitis is an eye infection of the subcutaneous tissue. This issue spread quite fast and it should be treated immediately. This could follow an insect bite, trauma, surgery or spread from the neighboring structures. The eyelid becomes swollen, red and sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to open the eye.

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Blepharitis is nothing but an inflammation of the eyelid margin that used to arise because of seborrhea, dysfunction of a meibomian gland or an infection. The eyelid margins are swollen along with scaling or crusting. The patient may feel itching or burning in the eyelids. This issue can be treated with a warm compress, frequent cleaning of the eyelids and the antibiotics.

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Knowing causes of bump on eyelid are not enough if you are experiencing this issue. You need to look for its treatments as well…..

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Eyelids With Natural Treatment

Have you any idea what can you do to remove eyelid bump? No??? Have a look here – The treatments, remedies and cure depend on the cause of the problem. You can easily get rid of eyelid bump or issues like stye in the eyelids easily at home with the use of warm and cold compress, coconut oil, aloevera and other ingredients. However, there are some ways you should try to remove eyelid bump easily and instantly. Have a look at them one by one:

  • Do not avoid cosmetic products with others and make sure that all the products have not surpassed their expiry date.
  • Always try to observe proper hygiene measure that means you should not rub your eyes with unclean hands. There is a need to wash your hands always before you touch your eyes.
  • If you are having infected eyelid then do not use any cosmetic product until it is completely healed.
  • Always clean your eyelids with a baby shampoo or gentle soap.
  • Chalazion and stye heal away on their own, generally, it takes a month or only a week. Applying 4 to 6 warm compresses a day can help you get rid of this issue as soon as possible.
  • Do not ever squeeze a bump to drain it at home as this can be a precursor to an infection.
  • You can use eyes a pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pads so that you can curb the risk of bump on eyelids.
  • Some antibiotic creams can be used to treat bumps on eyelid.
  • If your small bump on eyelid still bothers you then you should consult a doctor. Prescribed medicines are enough for treating eyelid bumps but sometimes, surgery is also referred.

Know More About Eyelid Bump:

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After going through the above blog, you can now understand what eyelid bump is and what are the causes of eyelid bump. Also, you can know how they can be treated with some home remedies and other natural ways from the above blog. You can try all the above ways to treat small bump on eyelid or if they are not still cured with these then it would be better if you consult your doctor.


Know The Possible Causes & Treatments Of Having Bump On Eyelid
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Know The Possible Causes & Treatments Of Having Bump On Eyelid
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