4 Working Ways To Reverse Sagging Brows Without Surgery In No Time

Reverse Sagging Brows Without Surgery

Generally what happens is as people get older, they used to look older. And aging process first shows its effects on the eye area. Yes, this is true and sometimes eyebrows starts to sag or droop. Having sagging eyebrows are so common condition that takes place in so many people.

Well, this is a big issue for some people who want to look best, no matter how old they are. But, do you know the actual reason of having sagging eyebrows.

If you know the causes then it is quite good but if you don’t know then don’t worry. This is because, here, in this blog, you will first get to know what causes sagging eyebrows to occur and also the different ways to reverse sagging brows without surgery. These are the easiest ways to reverse sagging brows without surgery.

What Causes Sagging Brows To Occur?

One of the major causes of having sagging brows is the aging issue. Yes, as people get older, the muscles deteriorate and the skin starts to sag because it is no longer being supported by the new-deteriorated muscle.

This is absolutely true of all areas of our bodies but unfortunately, the effect of our bodies is most visible on the faces.

Apart from aging issue, the other causes of sagging brow may include genetics and facial trauma. So, it is very important to consult your doctor if you notice a sudden upset of sagging brows.

Also, the other causes of sagging eyebrows include upper eyelids to bulge, touch and also overlap the eyelashes.

These are the some of the major cause of the sagging brows but there is no need to worry about this because there are some ways to reverse sagging brows without surgery and they are very effective as well. So, in the below section, you will get to know about some ways to reverse sagging brows without surgery.

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4 Ways To Reverse Sagging Brows Without Surgery

There are some easy to apply ways that can help you reverse sagging brows without surgery. Several people are there who ignore surgery option because it is quite expensive than the non-surgical ways. So, if you also have sagging brows and want to get rid of it as soon as possible then you can look below:

Non-Surgical Treatment #1: Cutis PDO Thread Lift

cutis thread lift

You can try Cutis PDO thread lift when you wish to remove sagging brows without surgery. It is a procedure that aims to tighten the drooping and sagging of the eyebrows. It smoothes away the creases to give you more freshness and youthful appearance.

The thread lifts are generally minimal invasive procedures that used to lift brows effectively. Also, it rejuvenates and firms the skin effectively on targeted eye area with the use of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) sutures.

In this non-surgical method, the PLA threads will lift the skin as it provides the volume while PDO threads used to boost elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid production of the skin.

The Cutis Thread Lifts non-surgical treatment to reverse sagging brows provide a noticeable and immediate lift that results in a naturally tighter and more younger looking skin.

Non-Surgical Treatment #2: Injectables


Several muscles are present in the eyes area, most probably on the outside and between the eyebrows which cause the eyelids to appear heavy. These eyes muscles used to pull the eyelids closed and as time passes on, they caused the eyelids to sag and droop.

When the Cutis anti-wrinkle and brow lift treatment is injected into the muscles and they relax and their ability to depress the eye is significantly reduced.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are another great option that can be easily injected under the eyebrow directly to lift the eyelids by creating a broader ledge for the upper eyelid to hang from.

HA fillers are generally made from a substance that is also present in the bodies which make it quite effective and safe aesthetic treatment.

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Non-Surgical Treatment #3: Ultherapy


Another way to reverse sagging brows without surgery is the ultherapy option. It is a skin tightening procedure which is clinically proven to be very effective and safe to lift sagging skin.

This is a US-FDA approved non-surgical treatment to lift sagging brows and lift droopy eyelids. It utilizes ultrasound energy in order to enhance the formation and lift the skin in the eyebrows.

The ultrasound energy used to stimulate the cell renewal by heating up deep tissues below the surface of the skin, signaling the body to increase the collagen production.

When this complete procedure is done, you may feel some tightening effect but the more visible improvement you may notice is the texture of the skin and the elasticity will take place for about 8 to 12 weeks after the treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatment #4: Titan Skin Tightening

titan skin tightening

Last but not the least, you can also try titan skin tightening to reverse sagging brows without surgery. This non-surgically sagging brows treatment used to lift and tighten the eyebrows skin by simply stimulating collagen contraction.

During the laser skin treatment, your skin specialist will use Titan handpiece to gently heat up the deeper layer of the skin with the use of safe infrared light. This is done while simultaneously protecting and cooling the surface using special hand-held devices that used to come with an integrated cooling system.

The Skin Tightening is not a painless procedure so you can certainly go back to your daily routine after the treatment session immediately.

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If you have sagging brows then it is obvious that it may make your appearance quite dull. So, at some point of time, it becomes very important to over this eye issue. However, there are some non-surgical treatments that can be applied to reverse sagging brows without surgery and do they work very well.

From the above section of this blog, you might have noticed some ways to reverse sagging brows without surgery. So, if you apply any of the above non-surgical treatments then you may soon notice that there is a great improvement in the sagging brows.

4 Working Ways To Reverse Sagging Brows Without Surgery In No Time
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4 Working Ways To Reverse Sagging Brows Without Surgery In No Time
If you have sagging eyebrows and is making your appearance quite dull then do not worry just try these four working treatments to reverse sagging brows without surgery. All these treatments are very effective and you don’t have to worry at all.
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