How To Clear Blister On Eyelid With Natural Home Remedies In 2-3 Weeks

How To Clear Blister On Eyelid With Natural Home Remedies In 2-3 Weeks

Have you noticed that you have blister on eyelid? Do you want to know what causes blister on eyelid and what are the signs and symptoms of eyelid blister? Are you looking for the ways to treat blister on eyelid? Well, if yes, then do not worry because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about eyelid blister, its causes, symptoms, treatments and more.

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Blister On Eyelid

blister on eyelid

Blisters are normally fluid-filled tiny lesions that sued to take place anywhere on the skin surface. Also, these blisters may take place on both the eyelids, upper as well as lower eyelids. Sometimes, blister on eyelid may cause pain and inflammation. Blister may take place on the upper surface of the eyelids or on internal side of the eyelid.  Generally, these blisters are apparent and they can be easily identified and when it occurs, the eyelid becomes red and swollen.

It is an annoying condition to have eyelid blister, and people find it very difficult to blink because of swelling and pain. If you have blister on eyelid, it will not damage the inside of the eye but there is a great need to be more careful and observant in some diseases like herpes which can affect the eye and its vision.

Blister on eyelid may become yellow after it gets filled with pus if they are completely infected. People having blister on eyelid should take all hygienic precautions in order to prevent any eye infection. If the blister is extended then the healing process may take place.

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Symptoms Of Blister On Eyelid

Blister on eyelid is just a small raised areas that are filled with fluid and is located in the superficial layer of the skin. However, it something looks like having bump on eyelid. The blisters used to look like bubbles on the surface of the eyelid skin. However, they are generally caused due to irritation or friction. Some of the common signs and symptoms of blister on eyelid are as follows:

  • Inflammation
  • Redness in the skin
  • Pain in the eyelids
  • Itchy eyelids

What Causes Blister On Eyelid?

What Causes Blister On Eyelid

When it comes to knowing what causes blister on eyelid, below reasons are responsible for this issue. Blister on eyelid can be easily distinguished into two varieties; one that occurs on the eyelids and the one that is generally present on the inner surface of the eyelid. Eyelid blisters may appear because of several reasons like:

  • Ocular Herpes: Herpes is generally a skin infection that is caused because of virus herpes varicella zoster. It is the same virus which is also responsible for chickenpox. Most of the time, the dormant virus reactivates to cause herpes later on in life. This issue can develop on eyelids. And when herpes occurs on eyelids, it is called ocular herpes. During this, the lesions can spread inside the eyes and it affects the eyeball.
  • Insect Bite: A fluid-filled blister may also develop because of a bite of an ant or an insect sting. People may complain of burning pain, swelling and itching immediately after the bite. Generally, an allergic reaction may also take place because of eyeliner and other cosmetic products like mascara and eyeshadows as well. Sometimes medications and allergy can also cause an allergic reaction.
  • Acne Vulgaris: The skin issue is very common if your skin is oily. Because of grime and dirt, the pores used to get blocked and infection sets in. However, it is uncommon, acne vulgaris can occur around the eyelids.
  • Stye: This eyelid issue develops inside of the eyelids, most probably on the margin of the eyelid. A stye is a very painful condition and it develops when the oil glands of the eyelids get blocked. If this eyelid issue styes in then the swelling and pain are common.
  • Sunburn: Generally, blister on eyelid may take place because of excessive exposure to sunlight. The blister on eyelid may occur around and on the eyelids.

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Home Remedies To Treat Blister On Eyelid

Home Remedies To Treat Blister On Eyelid

The below-mentioned blister on eyelid treatment can be very effective if you follow them. However, blister on eyelid treatment generally depends on the underlying cause. In some cases of blisters, it resolves without leaving a scar. Look at the home remedies to treat blister on eyelid in just 2 to 3 weeks:

  • Generally, blisters result from allergies that resolve within a few days. The burning sensation and the pain can be treated with natural remedies. Aloevera gels can help you soothe the burning sensation and the pain that is caused because of the allergy. Your doctor may sometime also prescribe some antihistaminic medicines so that you can reduce the suffering.
  • While applying the ointments, all the hygienic precautions should also be taken to prevent the infection. For this, you have to wash your hands with soap and before you touch your eyelids.
  • Try to make use of cold water compress to clear blister on eyelid and the pain and swelling took place due to this eyelid issue.
  • If your blister on eyelid is caused due to ocular herpes, then you should consult your doctor or an ophthalmologist. Sometimes, antiviral drugs are mainstay treatment in order to reduce the eyelid inflammation and pain in the eyelid. Also, it enhances the blister on eyelid healing period.
  • Try to avoid breaking with nails or needle because it may cause a great risk of infection.
  • If you apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your eyelids then it will be very beneficial to heal the sunburn blisters.
  • Warm compress is the most effective home remedy you can try to clear blister on eyelid. If you try warm compress form some few days then it will help you get rid of eyelid blisters as it will release all the accumulated pus. After the pus comes out, the pain in the eyelids reduce.
  • Apart from all these, you can also make use of antibacterial eye ointment on the affected eyelid area. Also, you can apply antibacterial eye ointment on the stye. This may require oral antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines in order to clear blister on eyelid.

All these remedies can be applied at your home to remove blister on eyelid. These remedies can be easily added to your daily life and will not take much time to apply the remedies.

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Blister on eyelid can be very irritating as it may cause several eyelid issues like swollen eyelid, pain in the eyelids, eyelid inflammation and more. You may know here what actually blister on eyelid is and what causes blister on eyelid. From the above-mentioned home remedies, you can easily get rid of blister on eyelid. All these are very easy to apply and you can easily add it to your daily life. You can soon notice the results after applying these remedies for 2 to 3 weeks.

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How To Clear Blister On Eyelid With Natural Home Remedies In 2-3 Weeks
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