Know Why Lack Of Vitamin D Causes Eye Twitching & How To Overcome This Issue

Lack Of Vitamin D Causes Eye Twitching

Eyes look more attractive when it shines like a star. But when any issue happens to the eyes then it really irritates us. An issue called eye twitching is an eyelid issue that irritates us a lot.

Do you have any idea of eye twitching? No??? Don’t worry because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about eye twitching and what causes this eyelid issue.

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There are several people who experience eyelid twitching. There would be several reasons for the occurrence of this eyelid issue. Eye twitching is an eyelid condition that occurs when a muscle spasm in the levator muscle that raises and lower the eyelid. Let us start learning everything about eye twitching – its causes, treatment and more.

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About Eye Twitching:

Eye twitching is also known as blepharospasm. It is a repetitive and involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscles.

Know More About Blepharospasm:

Most probably, an eyelid twitch occurs in the upper eyelid. However, sometimes it may occur in both the eyelids – upper as well lower.These spasms are quite mild and feel like a gentle tug on the eyelid for some people. And some people may experience a spasm strong enough that it forces you to close your eyelids completely.

But do you have any idea what is the connection between vitamin D and eye twitching? Well, when it comes to the causes of eyelid twitching, vitamin D is the major cause of the eye twitching. Let us go through the below section where you will get to know the major cause of eye twitching which is vitamin D. Let us let the answer to the question all we want to know that can vitamin D deficiency cause eye twitching?

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Vitamin D – Major Cause of Eye Twitching

Vitamin D – Major Cause of Eye Twitching

Let us know what is the relation between vitamin D deficiency and eye twitching. Well, when it comes to a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D is quite important for maintaining vital functions in the body. Vitamin D maintains the calcium absorption in the body.

If you inhale less Vitamin D then it can lead to less absorption of calcium. It can further result in weaker bones and eye twitching. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to less calcium absorption in the body that further affects the contraction of muscles.

Some other symptoms and risk associated with deficiency of vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiencies can produce symptoms of weakness in the muscles and pain in the bone. Some of the people face some common symptoms. However, even if you don’t experience any symptoms then your health risks increase with vitamin D.

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If there is a low level of vitamin D in your body then it can be linked with the following:

  • Cognitive impairment in the elderly
  • Increased death risk because of heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Symptoms of severe asthma in children

As per the survey, it has been found that vitamin D has a role to play in the treatment and prevention of various illnesses like diabetes type 1 and type 2, multiple sclerosis and hypertension, glucose intolerance.

How To Get Rid Of Deficiency of Vitamin D

When it comes to treat vitamin D deficiency, you should intake as much vitamin D as you can via diet and supplements. Most probably, a concentration of less than 20 mg/ml is considered inadequate and it requires treatment.

If you don’t remain for so long in the sun light then you should discuss with your physician about taking a supplement of vitamin D. This should be done most probably when there are risk factors for deficiency of vitamin D is present.

Suggested Intake of Vitamin D

According to the international report, the average adult need between 600 and 800 International Units, or IUs, of vitamin D for the appropriate function.

There are less number of foods that contain vitamin D such as salmon. Salmon provides 447 IUs for a 3-oz. portion.

The fortified milk provides around 115 IUs per cup. Other food sources for vitamin D include tuna, beef liver, and eggs.

The main source of vitamin D is Sun, it is recommended to meet direct sunlight for a period of time such as 5 to 30 minutes at least two times in a week.

Though, remember that direct contact increases your risk for skin cancer.

If you are unable to consume enough vitamin D through your diet then consult your family doctor, generally, they will recommend you Vitamin D supplements.

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Some Other Causes of Eye Twitching:


Apart from vitamin D, there are some other causes that leads to eye twitching. Let us have a look at some of the causes:

Tiredness and Stress:

Eye twitching can also be the result of tiredness, stress and fatigue. Some other symptoms may also include low energy, headache, digestive issues and lack of sleep.

Eye Strain

Eye strain is one of the most common causes of eyelid twitch. This issue results from overuse of eyes. It further causes the yes to become tired from staring at your computer screen and digital device for a long period of time. If this happens for a long time then you should get an eye exam because there would be required a correction of vision.

Dry Eyes

Eye twitching can also be caused due to dry eyes. Dry eye causes due to excess intake of alcohol, caffeine, staring at computer for so long, stress and ingesting certain medicines like antidepressants and antihistamines, wearing contact lenses and tiredness.


Sometimes allergies can also cause eye twitching. Histamine is generally released because of rubbing of eyes. Histamine can also lead to eye twitching. You can take a natural antihistamine like vitamin C if you have any eye allergies.

Consumption of Caffiene and Alcohol

If you consume too much alcohol and caffeine then it can also result in eye twitching.

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Some Treatments To Get Rid Of Eye Twitching

When it comes to eye twitching, you can try several treatments for treating this eyelid issue.  Let us have look at some of the common treatments for eyelid twitching in the below section:

Biofeedback Therapy:

biofeedback therapy

This therapy is a technique that helps control several involuntary functions of the body like spasms, muscle pain and tension. In this therapy, electrodes are put on the skin and all these functions are measured and displayed on a monitor. By the error and trial, one can learn mental activities to decrease eye twitching.

Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

eye massage

Massage therapy, acupuncture and acupressure are techniques that help in reducing twitching of eyes by increasing the circulation of the eyes. Eye twitching and chronic pain are relieved by acupuncture. Light massage of eyelids can also increase circulation and stimulates and it strengthens muscles.

Treatment of Nutritional Deficiencies


For treating eyelid twitching, take a mineral and multivitamin supplement to correct nutritional deficiencies like deficiency of vitamin D and vitamin B12. Also, you can intake some minerals like magnesium and calcium to overcome this eye issue easily.

Relaxation Exercises

relaxation exercises

Several relaxation exercises can help you a lot in reducing stress and improve energy levels. There are some relaxation exercises that include yoga, meditation and tai chi. All these will help you try some relaxation exercises for your better eye health.

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Some Other Methods And Remedies Are:
  • Remain hydrated by drinking adequate fluids.
  • Try chiropractic, hypnosis treatment and eye hydrotherapy.
  • Some berries like black current and bilberry increase eye circulation and helps in reducing eye twitching.


After going through the above sections in this blog, it must be cleared to you that eye twitching is an irritating issue.

If you are the one who is facing this issue then you can try this all the treatments mentioned in the above blog.

These treatments are very easy to apply and you can easily get rid of eye twitching with an ease.

I have provided you the best information regarding eye twitching. I hope you are satisfied with the above sections of the blog. If you have any suggestions then you can share it in the below comment section.


Know Why Lack Of Vitamin D Causes Eye Twitching & How To Overcome This Issue
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