9 Most Appealing Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes You Should Not Miss


Looking for some catchy makeup ideas for hazel eyes that glorify the beauty of your eyes?  Well no need to search hard for this….as in today’s topic we will discuss about complete makeup tutorial for hazel eye including best eye shadow colors for hazel eyes, eyeliner for hazel eyes and most importantly how to make hazel eyes pop etc.

However, applying makeup on hazel eyes is not so easy that you can apply without having any idea. For hazel eyes, you should consider some makeup tips and then only apply the required eye makeup that makes you look more appealing.

Hazel eyes are actually beautiful looking eyes and it can pull off so different colors. Having such conception in mind, let us have a look a look at so most appealing eye makeup tips for hazel eyes that actually works.

So, if you have hazel eyes, then just read below to know some eye makeup tips that can be applied to your hazel eyes.

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What Is The Best Eyeshadow Color For Hazel Eyes?

Best Eyeshadow Color For Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are such a versatile color which compliments best with so many makeup looks. But to amplify the beauty of such choosing the right eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes is very important. To help you in this, we have listed down some best eyeshadow palette for hazel eyes, so try them out.

Try The Luxury Palette Eye Shadow Colors:

Best Eyeshadow Color For Hazel Eyes

This Luxury Palette Eye Shadow contains bronze, copper and champagne tones which compliments best for hazel eyes. At first Layer copper shade, to make a catchy smoky eye look. After that, apply pop shade using your fingers at your eyelid’s center section. At last add glitter to rev up your eyes’ natural glow.



For easy and attractive application of eyeshadow for hazel eyes, you can try the Golden Quartz eyeshadow pencil. Well this sultry golden eyeshadow shade suits best for girls having hazel eyes. As, it highlight your eyes gorgeous color tones. Scribble it all over your eyelids and blend it for easiest smokey eye effect. This look is perfect to carry for disco makeup.



Another amazing eyeshade to try for hazel eyes is Smokey Emerald. It’s just a fabulous color to dial up your eye makeup for date night. You can also add pop of trendy emerald shimmer to amplify your hazel eye beauty.  Your eye look after trying this will surely enhance the green flecks of your hazel eyes to look outstanding even in crowd!

Cat-Like Gaze Look:


Hazel eyes are itself have striking eye color but to enhance its beauty more you can create a cat-like gaze using the intense black shade liquid eyeliner. Draw the line close to your upper lash line. After then extend it upward and outward for giving it flawless winged eyeliner shape to. This will add sharp and defined look to your hazel eyes.

What Color Eyeliner Is Best For Hazel Eyes?

Best Eyeliner Color For Darker Brown Hazel Eyes


Confused about choosing the right Color Eyeliner for hazel eyes? Well it’s obvious to have because swapping out different eyeliner color put huge impact to your look.

Best Eyeliner Color For Darker Brown Hazel Eyes:

What Color Eyeliner Is Best For Hazel Eyes

Brown eyes look awesome when contrasted with some darker shade eyeliners. So you must try eyeliners colors like classic black, almost black, deep purple, or navy. On girls with fair complexion, matte dark brown eyeliner color adds a nice blazing depth.

Best Eyeliner Color For Light Brown Hazel Eyes:

Best Eyeliner Color For Light Brown Hazel Eyes

For glamorous night party look, you need to line the lids of your hazel eyes with green or rich brown eyeliner. To add extra glowing affects layer gold eyeliner in eye corner section and at the center of your eyelids.

Alternatively, you can try gold liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelid and on your eye’s waterline section make a line with cappuccino brown shade eye color pencil.

Following the above mentioned eyeliner combination will give your eyes a sparkling beauty. And also highlight your gorgeous multi-colored hazel eye look.

Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Below are some of the most effective natural eye makeup for hazel eyes that can be easily applied to it and makes you look more beautiful. These eye makeup tips should be definitely applied to your hazel eyes because it will help your eyes look more attractive and catchy. So, read the hazel eyes makeup tips below and get a flawless look while going out of the home.

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Makeup Tip #1: Try Different Eyeliners 

different eyeliners 1

Most of the girls stick to the safer option of black but if you have hazel eyes then you can try different shades of eyeliner. If you apply colored eyeliner other than black then it makes your eyes appear to be a different tone. Most probably, if you apply a deep purple, it will make your eyes blue. Apart from deep purple, you can also try green, gold, taupe or brown to bring out the green shade in your eyes. This hazel eye makeup is very effective.

Makeup Tip #2: Work On Your Eyelashes

Work On Your Eyelashes

Having gorgeous hazel eyes is quite good but applying black is not only the option you can apply on your eyelashes. Try to curl your eyelashes with the help of eyelash curler and then apply some purple or dark brown mascara to your eyes and make your eyes look more beautiful.

Makeup Tip #3: Apply Eyeshadow On Hazel Eyes

Apply Eyeshadow On Hazel Eyes

There are different variations of colors of eyeshadow you can apply on your hazel eyes. Sometimes, applying the blue-grey color of eyeshadow doesn’t work with hazel eyes. However, you can test once and try, it may look good in your hazel eyes. According to the mood and occasion, you can select the eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes. Also, you can try a natural skin tone or you can make your hazel eyes pop with shimmery gold and vibrant purple.

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Makeup Tip #4: Try Different Eye Color With Your Lip Tone

Try Different Eye Color With Your Lip Tone

No one ever wants their lips to take centre stage and when you have gorgeous hazel eyes. So, let the lip color complement them and not overpower them. You can highlight your eyes with shimmery gold, copper or brown in your eyes. You can try these shades of eyes if you wear a purple eye shadow red, coral, very, pink or mauve colors on your lips.

Makeup Tip #5: Use Gold Shade For Your Hazel Eyes

Use Gold Shade For Your Hazel Eyes

Another most important eye makeup tips you can try is the golden eye shadow colors. If you have gold or green flecks in your eyes then a touch of gold shimmer in your eye shadow. It will highlight the flecks beautifully. This will help you a lot in making your eyes look more beautiful. This eyeshadow for hazel eyes will really help you to look more appealing.

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Makeup Tip #6: Use a bronzer

use a bronzer 6

Makeup tips for hazel eyes may look beautiful if you try bronzer on your hazel eyes. If you have bronzed skin then it compliments hazel eyes perfectly. If you were not born with a natural bronze complexion or you hide from the sun because you are afraid of premature aging. If yes, then you can sweep a bronzer across your cheekbones, forehead and nose to accelerate the color of the hazel eyes. This can add some warmth to your face. You can choose the color that is only a couple of shades that are darker than your skin tone and remember to blend.

Makeup Tips #7: Try Lavender EyeShadow Tones

Try Lavender EyeShadow Tones 7

If you want to bring green colors to your eyes then you should try plum or lavender tones of eyeshadow. If you are getting ready for an occasion at night then it would look better if you apply lavender or plum colors. Both these tones really look great when you are dressed to kill and this also helps you get wonderful green color for your beautiful hazel eyes.

Makeup Tip #8: Don’t Apply Too Much Blue

toomuch blue 8

Another eye makeup tips for hazel eyes that you should agree on is to avoid too much blue shade. Yes, you should avoid applying too much blue eyeshadow on hazel eyes. This is because if your eyes are naturally more green and brown then blue shade will clash with your eye color which doesn’t look good.

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Makeup Tip #9: Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown

Hazel eyes look great day by day, so, if you have a brown eye then you should definitely swap your eye makeup colors soc that it can match better. If your eyes have more brown shade than green then you should use any shade of brown. You can try from the lightest shade to the darkest one so that it can dramatically draw some attention to your beautiful eyes.

You can also watch this video to know more makeup tips for hazel eyes


Having hazel eyes are even better but to make it more beautiful, you should try some eye makeup tips. However, there are some eye makeup tips available that can help your eyes look more appealing. You can try different colors of eyeshadow and can also work on your eyelashes. From the above makeup tips, your hazel eyes may look more vibrant than before. So, try these eye makeup tips and get attractive eyes when you go out of your home.


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