13 Insane Ways To Make Eyelashes Look Longer In Just Few Weeks

make eyelashes look longer

Having longer and thicker eyelashes is everyone’s dream. But what if you have fewer eyelashes that make your appearance very bad? Well, nowadays there are several alternatives available for every issue whether it is related to beauty or health. However, in the same manner, there are some easy to apple ways with the help of which you will be able to know how to make eyelashes longer and thicker if you need.

So, in the below sections of this blog, you will get to know about some easy to apply ways and get longer and thicker eyelashes easily. In order to apply the ways mentioned here, you do not need to go out of the home or sit in the beauty parlor for long. So, for the best results, just try these below natural ways to get beautiful long eyelashes forever.

How To Make Eyelashes Look Longer

Well, here I will suggest you some different ways to make your make your eyelashes look longer in just a few weeks. Some women apply layers of false eyelashes, some put extra mascara and more. Apart from these, there are some more tips that will let you know how to make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. So, look at the below ways to know how to make your eyelashes look long.


#1: Try Lash Curler

eyelash curl

If you curl your eyelashes is a time-tested in order to make eyelashes look longer. An eyelash curler is a very great way to use before you apply the mascara. It is a very good idea to gentle with the eyelashes. For this, you have to gently squeeze the curler along the eyelashes that aims for a natural looking curl eyelashes instead of a sharp bend.

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#2: Use Eyelash Primer


You can apply primer before you put on the basic makeup, but have you ever thought that you can even try to apply a primer on your eyelashes to make them look longer. The right primer will help you lengthen and volumize the eyelashes. Doing so will make your mascara very easy to apply and stay long lasting. There are several mascara lines also include a primer that offers you an easy to place so that it can start looking for options.

#3: Try Tightlining


The very easy way to make eyelashes longer, fuller and thicker is to tightlining the lashes. Yes, for this, you have to tightlining the upper eyelash line which is a very good idea. I think it would be better if you choose a smudge proof or waterproof eyeliner and then apply it at the roots of the eyelashes directly. You can get a cat eye look but sometimes a subtle style is actually what you need to enhance the look.

#4: Try a Lash Growth Serum

eyelash growth serum

Sometimes when you need an instant look then you can try a growth serum. It is a proven way to enhance the length of the eyelashes. There are several serums available in the market that can actually help you get longer eyelashes. But, keep in mind to always choose the FDA approved eyelash growth serums and most probably those who offer best results with 16 weeks of regular application.

#5: Get Eyelash Perm         

eyelash perm        

An eyelash perm in general known as eyelash lift. This is a great way to make the eyelashes look longer and the eyes appear more open without going via an extensive makeup routine every morning. Using eyelash perm is less damaging as compared to manually curling every day because curling the eyelashes may damage your eyelashes.

#6: Switch Up Your Mascara Formula

Switch Up You Mascara Formula

Mascara is generally the easiest way to make the eyelashes look longer and thicker. Mascara used to come in a seemingly endless number of varieties, however, there are some couple of basic types to choose from. Well, the formula of lengthening eyelashes generally includes the rayon or nylon fibers. It adheres to your normal and natural eyelashes to add length. The volumizing formulas are dense to bulk up the eyelashes. Moreover, there are also some waterproof formulas which are very helpful if you have oily skin or get teary eyes.

#7: Condition Your Eyelashes


When you condition your hair then it doesn’t make any sense to condition the eyelashes. Yes, most of the people think so but this is not true. Several options are there that provides several results but some products are available in the market that enhances the length of the eyelashes whether you want to put it on before you apply the mascara in the morning or even wear it as a treatment at night.

#8: Apply Some Vaseline To Eyelashes

apply vaseline

Do you apply lotions on your eyelashes? If yes then it is fine but if not then start to apply lotions like vaseline on your eyelashes. Sometimes eyelashes get dry and brittle and that does not help with applying mascara. However, when you hydrate the eyelashes, the application will be better that means that you may get longer and more voluminous eyelashes.

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#9: Make Your Own Eyelash Serum


You can make your own eyelash serum with the help of castor oil and aloe vera. This will help you lot in making your eyelashes longer and thicker. You can prepare this serum at home only. Take two to three teaspoons of castor oil and take a little amount of aloevera gel and then mix it well and apply it every night to your eyelashes and keep it overnight for some regular weeks.

#10: Make Use of Baby Powder before Mascara

baby powder and mascara

I am sure you would have never thought to apply a baby powder before applying mascara to your eyelashes. But, it is very helpful to apply baby powder before you put on mascara to your eyelashes. Baby powder acts a powdery primer form your mascara and it results in mega volume. Trust me this is very helpful to make your eyelashes look longer.

#11: Heat Up Your Eyelashes

heat your eyelashes

You can also heat up your eyelashes and make eyelashes look longer. For this, you have to grab your eyelash curler and then slightly warm up your eyelash curler. But first, try it to your hands and if it does not show any side effect then try it on you curl eyelashes. This will help your eyelashes look longer, thicker and beautiful.

#12: Experiment With Colors

Experiment With Colors

Generally, women try black or brown mascara which is their most preferable shades. But, you can also choose a different color that may actually be a very good way to find a more flattering look. You can find out some other shades of eyelashes that suits your eye color. However, other most wondering shades include green, blue, dark purple and gray, you can also try these colors of mascara to be applied to your eyelashes. Choosing a right color of mascara can actually make your eyelashes longer and gorgeous.

#13: Get Eyelash Extensions


Last but not the least, you can try eyelash extensions. There are several eyelash extensions available on the market that can help you get longer eyelashes. But, it is very important to the features of each and every product before you choose anyone. Well, I think if you try Idol Lash then it would be better as it is FDA approved product and it does not have side any side so you can easily try it to make eyelashes look longer.



It is true that if you have fewer eyelashes then it makes your appearance very dull but you can now get longer eyelashes with the help of some natural ways. Yes, with the help of above-mentioned natural ways, you can know how to make eyelashes longer. These are the easiest ways you can try to get longer and thicker eyelashes. Or, as mentioned in the last point, you can also try eyelash extension like IdolLash. This will also help you get longer eyelashes within just a few weeks. So, the choice is yours…All the best.

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13 Insane Ways To Make Eyelashes Look Longer In Just Few Weeks
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13 Insane Ways To Make Eyelashes Look Longer In Just Few Weeks
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