4 Unique Ways To Treat Lower Eyelid Bags That Actually Works

Lower Eyelid Bags

Have you ever noticed that you woke up with lower eye bags in the morning? Do you know how does it happen? Are you looking for the ways to get rid of lower eye bags easily? Want to know how can you treat lower eyelid bags with the help of different treatments? Well, if you want to know the lower eyelid bags treatment then you can try different treatments mentioned in the below sections of this blog.

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With aging, the structures of the face include fat and bone, diminish and weaken in volume. Due to lower eyelid bags, the face gives aged and deflated appearance. The lower eyelid bags are very fat in the lower eyelids. But, this is not a fat you notice when you gain weight. The lower eyelid fat generally becomes very prominent because of the loss of the supporting structures and the loss of tissue volume that underlies the lower eyelid’s fat. Because our cheek tissue falls down away from the lower eyelid as a function of aging then there is a gap left behind which is generally known as “dark circles”.

It becomes quite important to treat lower eyelid bags as it makes you look older and aged. However, there are several lower eyelid bags treatments which are very effective. So, if you want to know different lower eyelid bags treatments then look at the below section of this blog. But before that, look at the common causes of lower eyelid bags:

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Causes of Lower Eyelid Bags

There are several causes of lower eyelid bags that lead to face this eyelid issue. If you want to know what they are, look below:

  • Certain medications
  • Allergies to dermatitis
  • Fluid retention
  • Hereditary

These are the major causes of getting lower eyelid bags. However, there are some major lower eyelid bags treatments you can apply to cure lower eyelid bags. Look at the different treatments mentioned below:

Different Lower Eyelid Bags Treatments


There are several wrinkles treatments that are used to improve or reduce eyelid puffiness. These therapies include chemical peels and fillers, laser resurfacing that may tighten the skin, improve the skin tone and rejuvenate the look of bags under the eyes.


You can also take some medicines to treat lower eyelid bags. If you think that the swelling under the eyes that is caused by an allergy. You should ask your doctor about the prescription allergy medications. It would be better if you do so.

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Eyelid Surgery

Well, it depends on the causes of getting lower eyelid bags whether you should go for eyelid surgery or not. The surgery that takes place for lower eyelid bags treatment is called blepharoplasty. The surgeon used to remove the excess fat via an incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid or inside the lower eyelid during the blepharoplasty. The surgeon rejoins the skin with tiny dissolving stitches. This surgery is generally done as an outpatient procedure.

Apart from lower eyelid bags, blepharoplasty can also correct:

  • Excess skin of the upper eyelid that used to interfere with the vision
  • Puffy or baggy upper eyelids
  • Extra skin on lower eyelids
  • Droopy lower eyelids

Regarding eyelid surgery, you should talk to your doctor about the side effects. Consult your doctor whether you will have watery eyes, dry eyelids, swelling eyes, eye pain, blurred vision and bruising. Some of the uncommon complications may include bleeding, visual loss, corneal abrasion, injury to the eye muscles, droopy eyelids and eye infection.


Try These Home Treatments

Apart from the above lower eyelid bags treatments, you can also try some homemade treatments. Yes, to know them you can look at the below-mentioned treatments. They are very easy to prepare and apply. So, look at them and try once:

Oily Help

oily help

You need to take chilled water in a bowl and then add just a few drops of vitamin E oil to the bowl. After this, you have to mix these two things very well. Now dip a cotton swab in this mixture and then place that cotton swab on the eyelids for about 20 minutes. You will soon notice the improvement in swelling of the eyelids.


Try Potato

Try Potato

You need to slice a raw potato into two pieces and then circle the closed eyes with both those halves. After this, you need to place it on the eyelids in a way that it covers the puffed areas under the lower eyelids and then leave it for about 20 minutes. You will notice that your lower eyelid bag is getting improved.

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Chilled Tea Bags

Chilled Tea Bags

If you want to get instant results then you should try tea bags. If you moisten two tea bags in cold water and then refrigerate them for a few minutes. After this, you can place them over your affected eyes for about 30 minutes. Now try to lie back and then relax with the chilled tea bags on eyelids. Now you have to wash your face and eyes with cold water.


Cucumber Relief

try cucumbers

Cucumbers are the best home remedy to get rid of lower eyelid bags and eye puffiness as well. For this, you have to take 2 slices of fresh refrigerated cucumber and then place it on your eyes for about 30 minutes. Now you should relax with these cool soothing slices over the eyes and then slip the cucumbers into the short nap. This will help you refresh your mind and eyes as well. The anti-inflammatory properties present in the cucumber will help you treat lower eyelid bags.

Egg White

Egg White

Do you know that egg whites are very effective for eyelid bags? Yes, it is true. You have to stiffly beat a few egg whites and then apply it around the eyes with a brush. This will result in making the area under and around the eyelids feel tighter and then look less puffy. Now you can leave it on for about 30 minutes and when it becomes dry, try to rinse your face in cold water.

These are some of the best treatments you can try to treat lower eyelid bags. These are very easy to apply and very effective as well. If you do not find that the treatments apart from home remedies are not effective then you can try these home remedies.


Lower eyelid bags make you look aged and older. This is such an embarrassing moment when you have to face several people with bags on eyelids. But, if you notice that you have lower eyelid bags then you can try the above-mentioned treatments which are very much effective. Also, there are some home remedies mentioned above that are also very effective. So, you can try all these treatments and get rid of lower eyelid bags with an ease.


4 Unique Ways To Treat Lower Eyelid Bags That Actually Works
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4 Unique Ways To Treat Lower Eyelid Bags That Actually Works
Having lower eyelid bags makes your appearance quite dull and if you want to get rid of lower eyelid bags then try these 4 unique ways and see the results soon.
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