Temporal Brow Lift Surgery – Procedure, Recovery, Pros & Cons, Before-After & More

Temporal Brow Lift Surgery

Do you have droopy or sagging eyebrows? Want to clear your sagging eyebrows with surgical option? Well, if you want to clear your drooped or sagged eyebrows then you can treat it well with the help of temporal brow lift surgery. Here, in the below section, you will get to know everything about temporal brow lift surgery including its procedure, recovery time, pros and cons, before-after and more.

About Temporal Brow Lift Surgery

A temporal browlift surgery is generally used to remove the excess sagging skin and fatty tissues from the forehead. This surgery is done to make the upper facial region normal and more youthful and appealing. However, there are several kinds of surgical techniques of incisions are used to perform a browlift surgery.

Temporal browlift surgery is very useful to remove the signs of aging. As we age, the forehead’s skin and other parts of the face and body starts to sag. When the underlying facial tissues start to weaken with time and become loose the skin over them also becomes loose and then sags.

Sometimes, excessive tissue or skin over the eye may result in different issues, with the deep horizontal creases on the forehead used to reduce the attractive quotient of the face. With temporal browlift surgery, you can regain the youthful looks with minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.

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When There is a Need Of Temporal Browlift?

Temporal browlift surgery is generally required for a person when notice the following conditions:

  • Lowered eyebrows make it hard to apply makeup on the upper eyelid
  • The excessive skin over eyes changes their resting expression into a grumpy and sad one
  • Deep horizontal creases on forehead give a sign of advanced age
  • Frown lines and furrows between the eyebrows

How Temporal Browlift Surgery Is Performed?

How Temporal Browlift Surgery Is Performed

Whether it is temporal or lateral brow lift surgery, both involve removing the underlying fatty tissue and stretching the forehead skin. Temporal browlift surgery is generally aimed t making the patients appear overall younger and frown lines as well.

However, generally, a browlift requires making incisions above the hairline, and then the surgeon will also make incisions on the upper forehead as well as upper eyelids. This technique uses several beneficial aspects of a conventional and endoscopic browlift procedure. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon uses a non-endoscopic method and small incisions.

In this surgery, the surgeon will use just small coronal incisions in order to raise the outer eyebrows without the use of an endoscope. The incisions scars are hidden under the temporal hairline effectively. The temporal browlift surgery is very useful to remove the crow’s feet from around the eyes.

It is common that all the browlift surgeries are combined with the upper face blepharoplasty, the surgeon uses the incisions in the upper eyelids in order to help remove the excessive droopy skin and get rid of ‘frown lines’ between the eyebrows. The scars from the small incisions are hidden after the temporal hairline. They are the small-sized scars that are covered by the hairline and also disappear in a couple of months.

Recovery After Temporal Eyebrow Lift Surgery

After the temporal browlift surgery, the surgeon will inform you on the duration of the time it will get back to normal everyday routine. After the surgery gets completed, the surgeon will give their patient detailed instructions regarding the post-operation care at home which includes:

  • Eventual sings after surgery
  • Incisions care
  • Possible Risks of Complications

Sometimes, it becomes quite important to follow the instructions of the surgeon with the diligence.  All these instructions are generally designed to make sure that there is an ideal and faster recovery with the best effective results. The exact time it takes to complete recovery varies from person to person.

Who Is Temporal Browlift Surgery For?

Who Is Temporal Browlift Surgery For

If you want to adjust the appearance of the eyebrows from the side then temporal browlift surgery might be one only for you. As the work is done in and around the forehead then it is the skin on the sides of your eyes that will be easily lifted and smoothed while leaving your eyes looking fresher and younger than before.

The suitability for any plastic surgery used to come down to the general health and how well you will be able to cope with the pressure of the surgery. The temporal browlift surgery is very straightforward and if this surgery is done via an endoscope not very invasive then there are risks to any surgery and you will need to be very healthy when you wish to undergo an elective procedure. For this, your surgeon will first make sure that the patient is mentally and physically suitable for this procedure.

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Pros and Cons Of Temporal Browlift Surgery


Well, the benefits of temporal browlift surgery, the easy delivery and convenience of this procedure over an outpatient’s appointment.  The quick recovery time of this procedure is also a great benefit and it means that you can live back with your normal routine in no time along with the renewed appearance.


The major downside of this surgery is that it is a bit limited in terms of what can be achieved.  The eyebrows will be lifted from one end as the surgeon works on the area around the forehead, giving an exotic patient with some people might not be looking for.


Temporal Brow Lift Surgery –Before-After Effects

Here, you can have a look at the images that show the before-after effects of a temporal browlift surgical method.

before-after temporal browlift


Having excess skin on forehead area, drooped eyebrows or even sagged eyebrows are so frustrating issue as they completely make your appearance dull. So, if you have any of these issues then there is no need to worry at all, you just have to go through temporal browlift surgery and get rid of these issues.

Temporal browlift surgery is a very easy procedure that can be done to remove excess skin from your forehead or can help you get rid of sagged eyebrows or drooped eyebrows. So, do not miss to consider this surgery when you have any eyebrows issues.

Temporal Brow Lift Surgery – Procedure, Recovery, Pros & Cons, Before-After & More
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Temporal Brow Lift Surgery – Procedure, Recovery, Pros & Cons, Before-After & More
If you notice that you have sagged or drooped eyebrows and have excess skin around the forehead then you can try temporal browlift surgery. Here, in this blog, you will learn everything about this eyebrow surgery, so don’t miss it.
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