How To Strengthen Eyelid Muscles With Medical Treatments & Exercises

How To Strengthen Eyelid Muscles

Do you know that eyelids are generally made up of the thinner skin in our body that serve many vital purposes? Yes, it is TRUE and so there is a great need to strengthen eyelid muscle. So, here, in this post, you will get the best ways to know how to strengthen eyelid muscles easily.

The eyelid used to protect the eyes from foreign bodies, dryness and excess pain and strain. And while sleeping, the eyelids used to spread tears from eyes evenly around so that it can keep the eyelids hydrated. Also, it helps rejuvenate by simply blocking light and by keeping the debris and dust out of the eyelids.

Most of the time it happens that the eyelids become droop and slack. And, in more severe cases, weakening eyelid skin can also lead to issues with cosmetic concerns, eye vision and other health conditions.

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The upper eyelid gets connected to the muscle that used to help hold the muscle in the exact place and then move it up – down so that it can cover or uncover the eye.

Also, the muscle just under the eyebrow’s skin works for raising the eyelids from the above skin. Damage or weakness in any of all these muscles on their tendons usually causes droopy eyelids.

Drooping eyelid, also called ptosis that comes from a Greek word for falling eyelids. Also, it is known as blepharoptosis which is taken from the Greek word – ptosis in the eyelids.

What Causes Weak Eye Muscles?

What Causes Weak Eye Muscles

There could be several reasons that cause your eyelids to become weaken. However, some of the major causes are mentioned below that can cause weaken eyelids and due to which you need to strengthen eyelid muscles:

Any issue with the nerves that control the eyelids.

Grave’s disease, which is a thyroid condition that used to affect the eyelid muscles. This can generally cause vertical diplopia where on image is on tip of the other image.

Myasthenia gravis, which is an autoimmune illness that used to stop nerves from telling the eyelid muscles what to do. Some early signs of weakening eyelid muscles include drooping eyelids or double vision.

Can Eye Muscles Be Strengthened?

YES, eye or eyelid muscles can be strengthened easily if you follow some easy to apply exercises and medical treatments as well. Doing so will also improve your muscle tone or blood circulation. The eye muscles should be tone to achieve the sharpest eye vision possible. This can be done with help from contacts and glasses if required. This can help to minimize the eyelid paining or strain that allows the eyes to work more effectively and efficiently.

How To Strengthen Eyelid Muscles?

Strengthen Eyelid Muscles

Strengthening eyelid muscles can be done easily with the help of some medical treatments and exercises that can help you strengthen eyelid muscles. Below, you will get to know the best ways to know how to strengthen eyelid muscles.

Medical Treatments To Strengthen Eyelid Muscles

If drooping or sagging eyelids interfere with the ability to function or see then it is better to consult with the doctor about the medical treatments. Your doctor may prescribe you to try these medical treatments to strengthen eyelid muscles and get youthful eyelid skin forever.

#1: Blepharoplasty

Lower or upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a very popular plastic surgery technique that used to tighten eyelids and raise the eyelids. It is most often an aesthetic procedure that is not covered by insurance unless a medical condition has caused the ptosis. Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery procedure that is done to make youthful-looking eyelid skin.

#2: Eye Drops

For any temporary cases of eyelid droop caused sue to botox injection. It has been suggested that the lopidine eyedrops may contribute to a very faster recovery because they cause then eyelids to mimicking droopy eyelids exercise, contract quickly, etc. You can consult your doctor regarding the best eye drops that you can try to strengthen eyelid muscles.

#3: Functional Surgery

For any medical cases of droopy eyelids or ptosis, a resection of the muscle is generally used for some mild cases. However, in some moderate cases, the shortening of the main eyelid muscle may be performed. Also, in some cases, an eyebrow lift may be recommended if the condition is severe.

#4: Ptosis Crutch

If the case is so severe for ptosis condition that makes the eyelid muscles weaken and vision is being affected by the eyelids then a fairly non-surgical method, non-invasive method that can help in such a case, is called a ptosis crutch. It is a physical device used which is excellent for eyelids lift treatment.

Eyelid Exercises To Strengthen Eyelid Muscles

You can strengthen eyelid muscles with the help of some effective exercises. You can try these exercises for weakening, drooping eyelids or even heavy eyelids. You can know how to strengthen eyelid muscles after trying these below exercises and get younger-looking eyelid skin.

#1: Eye Patch Workout

Eye Patch Workout

If your single eyelid droops or become weaken then you may tend to use the other eye for not a simpler task. It’s just like you would use your leg or hand instead of one that is injured.

In order to make sure that the weaker eyelid gets as much natural exercise as possible then you might want to cover the good eye with a patch. It means that you will perform some easy eyelid exercises during the day without even realizing it.

#2: Basic Muscle Stimulation

Direct stimulation may help you to reduce weaken eyelids, either via using stimulating the device or via concentrated eye’s movement, like electric toothbrush.

The brush’s mechanical pressure forces a reaction in the eyelid’s small muscles. Spend a few minutes each day to stimulate the eyelids even after trying more than a single method for each time.

#3: Warmup

Warming, cleansing and gently massaging the eyelids even without any workout has proven effects in increasing the nerve and circulation responses. Also, it readies eyelids for an intentional workout by simply making the eyelid muscles softer and more flexible.

#4: Resistance Workout

Forcing the eyelids for working out one after another hour may help you improve the droopy eyelid issue. To know how to strengthen eyelid muscles by simply raising and lifting eyebrows and placing a single finger just underneath and holding the eyelids up for a few seconds at a time when you try to close them. With this exercise, it can create resistance similar to the weight lifting.

#5: Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise

Trataka Exercise for Ptosis

Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise is generally done for complete eye health and eye vision improvement. This exercise actually removes among the best ayurvedic community. This is just because the eyelid movement is actually linked to the eyelid movement and this eyelid exercise could be very beneficial.

For practicing this method, you need to fix the single or both the eyes with drooping eyelid on a very particular object and then stare at it without even averting your single gaze for a long time until you stop yourself to do so. You will soon feel the eyelid muscles working as it used to be done earlier.

#6: Vertical Maneuvers

Strengthening your eyelid muscles by doing vertical maneuvers is a good option. For this exercise, you have to sit upright in a firm chair and then look up at the ceiling. You need to hold this for about 5 seconds and then return the eyes to the straight-ahead position.

After this, you have to relax for next 6 seconds and then move the eyes to look down at the floor. You have to then hold the same position of the eyes for about 5 seconds and then again return the eyes to the original position. Try to quick blink 10 times and then relax the eyes for about 20 seconds. Make sure that you repeat this eyelid exercise four times a day.

#7: Moving Pen Focus

Eye focusing exercises can help you strengthen the weak eye muscles. To try moving pen focus, you have to sit upright in a firm chair and then hold onto a pen with the right hand and then straighten the right arm in just front of the body.

You need to then hold the pen upright and regularly breathe as you focus your eyes on the pen’s tip. After this, focus for about 10 seconds and then bring the pen towards the nose slowly by bending the arms. Don’t forget to keep looking at the tip of the pen. Make sure that you hold this pen in the same position for about next 5 seconds and then extend the arm again slowly. Again, you have to hold this position for about 5 seconds and don’t blink the eyes in between. Do this for the next 10 seconds and try to repeat this exercise for three times a day.

#8: Eye Contractions

Eye contractions will stretch and strengthen the weak eye muscles. To do this exercise, you have to sit upright in a firm chair and then place the palms of the lap while keeping the palms facing upward. After this, you have to place the feet firmly on the floor and then contact the eye muscles tightly while closing and then squeezing the eyes together.

You can then hold this tension for about 4 seconds and then open the eyes. After this, blink the eyes quickly for about 15 seconds and then relax for about 5 seconds. You need to repeat this eyelid exercise for about five times a day.

Final Verdict

Having weakened eyelid is so common when you age. Weaken eyelid generally cause due to gradual aging and it may also possible that it can strengthen the eyelids with medical treatments and exercises.

Hopefully, all the treatments mentioned in the above blog will definitely help you to know how to strengthen eyelid muscles easily.

So, without any doubt, you can make your eyelid muscles strengthen in a week. All the very best to you.