9 Insane Ways To Wear False Eyelashes That You Can’t Miss

9 Insane Ways To Wear False Eyelashes

No matter if you have got a wedding or a date, you always want longer eyelashes whether you have it naturally or not. Well, applying fake eyelashes can be tricky or have you ever thought they looked perfect in their packet just to apply them. So, here are several questions that can arise in your mind and you just need to know the answers. But, do you know that you can apply strip or individual eyelashes. Below, you can get all your answers but first of all, let us know how you can apply false eyelashes on your lids to make your eyes more attractive.

How To Apply Fake Full Strip Eyelashes

Below, you can get a complete idea of how to put on fake eyelashes to make your eye completely ready and attractive for a glorious look at your wedding or a date. So, look at the below steps one by one.

 Step #1: Prepare Eyelashes

prepare eyelashes

You can apply a thin layer of eyeliner and little eyeshadow of your choice to your eyes. Now you need to curl your eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara. You can try an eyelash curler to do so.

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Step #2: Apply Glue To The Fake Eyelashes

Apply Glue To The Fake Eyelashes

With the help of tweezer, you need to hold the eyelashes and then dab a thin line of glue to the eyelash with a Q-Tip. You can blend dark glue into your eyeliner better. The standard issue white stuff will dry very clearly.

Step #3: Wait For the Glue To Become Dry

Wait For the Glue To Become Dry

This is a game changer trick. You can let the glue dry for about 30 seconds. This will make the eyelashes less likely to slide around the eyes when you apply. Or you can also cut it if it is long enough.

Step #4: Adhere The Strip To Your Eyelash Line

Adhere The Strip To Your Eyelash Line

With the use of tweezers, you can put the eyelashes in the place where your eyeliner is and you can press the lashes into the eyelash line. In the end, eyelashes will become long and full.

Step #5: Hide Seams

fake eyelashes applied

If you apply extra eyeliner and another coat of mascara with then it will tie it all together, filling in any little gaps. This is the last step you can try to apply fake eyelashes.

Is It Okay To Apply Mascara Before Or After False Eyelashes?

If you apply fake eyelashes then it should be the last step in your daily makeup routine. You should always do eyelashes work after applying eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you apply them in the starting then you might end up with eyeshadow fallout on top of them. Sometimes, you can add a little liquid liner to conceal the eyelash the eyelash and then finish the makeup.

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How To Apply Individual Fake Eyelashes?

You can follow the below steps to apply individual fake eyelashes. Some people have lesser eyelashes in specific region of the lash line. For them, individual fake eyelashes are perfect. So, look at the steps below to know how you can apply individual fake eyelashes in an easy way.

Step #1: You need to first gently pull the eyelash from the packaging. You might need some force as a tweezers’ grip is very strong and due to this, your eyelashes can be easily bent. After you freed the cluster, you can stick it on the back of the hand so that you can easily grab the tweezers.

pull the eyelash from the packaging

Step #2: With the use of tweezers, you need to dip the base in the glue. After few seconds of applying glue, wait for the glue to get a bit tacky but little warm. If you don’t want the germs from your mouth to get anywhere near your eye.

dip the base in the glue

Step #3: You can place an eyelash cluster on the outer corner of the eyes.

place an eyelash cluster

Step #4: You can follow up by placing the eyelash bundles in the inner and middle corners. After this, decide if you need more eyelashes in between the sets you have placed. Clusters are great you can add as many or as few as you like.

eyelash bundles

Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes?

Well, sleeping with false eyelashes is very harmful to the eyes. The makeup done in untimely make the cleansing will make the eyelash glue or dust or even soak into the eyes to hurt the cornea. The skins will then get crazing in a long-term and become darker. The skin of the eye is quite delicate and subtle and so the makeup remover work is important every day. The skin may get swollen, inflammation and pain. So, it is better if you don’t sleep with fake eyelashes to avoid any other eye infections and issues.

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Are False Eyelashes Reusable?

Yes, you can definitely reuse your fake eyelashes if they are of good quality. You can reuse good quality fake eyelashes so many times if they are stored in a very protective case between the uses. The case provides a very special tray which helps the eyelashes to keep their shape. The use of case is best to put fake eyelashes back on the tray as well as inside the case to keep the eyelashes at their best.

Are Strip Lashes Or Individual Lashes Better?

Well, this question is quite tricky but the answer is here. After knowing the importance of both – strips and individual fake eyelashes, you will be very well familiar with the better one.

Individual Fake Eyelashes: These are the ideal option for women who actually want to lengthen their eyelashes in a subtle way. These eyelashes allow the applicator complete control of how thin or thick lash line is. Also, it is so easy to blend the individual eyelashes in with the natural ones.

Full Strips Fake Eyelashes: These are realistic fake eyelashes that used to come in a pre-arranged strip. Strips falsies are quite affordable and if they are applied correctly then it can blend in very well with the natural eyelashes even without appearing too clumpy. Sometimes full strips eyelashes are an excellent option if the natural eyelashes are spotty or thin.

After knowing about both the fake eyelashes, you may know which fake eyelash is better. So, try the best one and make your appearance look glorious.


Applying fake eyelashes is very common in people who have fewer eyelashes. Well, there are two different types of fake eyelashes – individual eyelashes and full strips eyelashes. After going through both the eyelashes, you can select the best one. Also, you can look at the tips to apply the fake eyelashes. They are very easy and you should definitely follow these tips so that you can avoid having eye issue. So, all the best to you.

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9 Insane Ways To Wear False Eyelashes That You Can't Miss
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9 Insane Ways To Wear False Eyelashes That You Can't Miss
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