Try These Effective Face Yoga For Droopy Eyelids Treatments At Home

Face Yoga For Droopy Eyelids Treatments

Have you noticed that your eyelids are uneven? Does your eyelid look like as if one eye is more closed than the other? Suffering from these can lead to drooping of the eyelids. Droopy eyelid is a serious issue that used to occur as we age and this can affect your appearance as well as your vision. Well, do not panic because if you want to get rid of this issue then you can fix this issue easily.

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Here in this post, I am going to reveal some unexpected ways that can be used to get rid of droopy eyelids with an ease. Yes, it’s completely unexpected but trust me they are really useful. But before that, it is very important to know everything about droopy eyelids.

All About Droopy Eyelids

Generally, it happens that as we get older, the lower eyelids sometimes begin to droop away from the eyeball. Drooping of the eyelid is nothing but just a result of reduced muscle tone in the muscles that play an important role in controlling the eyelids.

droopy eyelids

If your lower eyelids droop outward, most probably away from the eyes – ectropion, then they may be no longer be able to protect your eyes. Due to this, your eye may become bit dry and irritated. However, if your eyelids turn inward – entropion and forces the eyelashes onto the eyes then this may cause irritation and damage to the eye.

Drooping of the eyelids can also prevent tears from draining normally and so tears may run down your cheeks. However, excess of tears can be a sign of increased sensitivity to wind or light, eye infection or even a blocked tear duct.

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Causes of droopy eyelids: causes

Well, I am sure if your eyelid has been dropped then you have never tried before to know the reasons for this eyelid issue to take place. After going through several related blogs, I can mention from my point of view, droopy eyelid can be caused due to several factors. However, the most common causes for getting this irritated eyelid issues are as follows:

  • Ageing and Sun Exposure:

Natural effects like ageing and exposure to the sun can cause the skin around the eyes to droop. It is a fact that and we all are aware this face that skin becomes less elastic with age and the face becomes less firm and plump. This results often loose or excess skin around the eyes and causes eyelids to droop.

  • Ptosis:

Ptosis is another cause of droopy eyelids. It is a medical term given to the condition of droopy eyelids. This issue is generally associated with an age-related sagging of the muscles that used to hold the eyelids up. Ptosis can also occur in children as a birth defect which is known as congenital ptosis.

  • Disease or Injury:

Yes, sometimes disease or an injury to the eye or the eyelids can also cause the eyelids to droop and sag.

  • Nerve problem:

Sometimes any damage to the nerves that used to control the muscles of the eyelids can also cause eyelids to droop.

  • Serious Conditions:

In some rare cases, droopy eyelid is caused by some more conditions apart from the above-mentioned. Some serious conditions like cancer of the nerves or muscles, brain tumor and stroke. Some neurological disorders that affect the nerves or muscles of the eyes like myasthenia gravis. This can also lead to drooping of the eyelids. All these yoga can also be used as a myasthenia gravis yoga. 

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Symptoms of Droopy Eyelid 

Droopy eyelid can range from a sagging of the skin to severe drooping which can further obstruct your vision. Some of the most common symptoms for droopy eyelids can be seen below:   symptoms

  • Upper eyelid used to start to cover the eyes and gives you a hooded experience
  • Eye bags under the lower eyelid
  • The upper eyelid base to cover the pupil which obstructs vision
  • Tiredness and achiness around the eyes
  • Raising your eyebrows frequently

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How to Get Rid Of Drooping Eyelids Easily

There are lots of people who want to improve the appearance of drooping eyelids. This issue is mainly associated with appearing older and tired. Some people feel that improving the eyelid will also improve their physical appearance, self-confidence and also to make them feel more attractive.

Well, droopy eyelids can be corrected with lots of means like home remedies, facial exercises, face yoga, surgery and lot more. But in this blog, I am going to discuss how to get rid of droopy eyelids with facial yoga. Yes, I know it is strange to hear but believe me it really works. Have a look at the below section and know how drooping of the eyelid can be treated or corrected with some face yoga.

What is Facial Yoga?

This could be the very first question that stroked to your mind? Well, don’t worry because in have all the answers with me right here. Do you know when you do yoga, it strengthens your body and mind as well. It helps in strengthening and exercising our facial muscles. Doing face yoga for drooping eyelids is quite enjoyable and it helps toning and to rejuvenate your neck and face muscles. One can tone all the neglected facial muscles with the help of facial yoga. It will also give you natural face lift without even any surgery. You just have to spend 10-15 minutes every day if you want better results.

Facial Yoga To Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

The face yoga for droopy eyelids or facial yoga comprises of gentle exercises, mini postures which target certain regions of the face and neck. This helps in increasing the circulation by gently pressing points in the face, head and neck. Doing facial yoga will relieve you of tension, give glowing skin and removes impurities. Below, I have tried my best, to sum up some facial yoga that can help you get rid of droopy eyelids with an eased. So have a look at the one by one:

fix droopy eyelids

Get the Best Facial Yoga for Fixing Droopy Eyelids issue:

Below you can find some easy to apply facial yoga that can be quite effective and beneficial for you to get rid f drooping of the eyelids:

Facial yoga #1:

This eyelid yoga will help to tone and strengthen the upper eyelids and also in reducing eye puffiness and makes your eyes more wide opened.

  • At first, bend your first fingers of both the hands and then keep them just below your eyebrows in such a way that the fingers resemble like a hook under the eyebrows.
  • Now move your eyelids so that you are conscious of them.
  • As you keep both the fingers in place and then slowly move them up so your eyebrows are raised.
  • After this slowly close your eyes and you can feel your eyelids stretching.
  • Now hold this position for 10 seconds and then slowly release.
  • You can repeat this yoga twice a day.
Facial Yoga #2:

Follow the other facial yoga to remove droopy eyelids:

  • You are required to keep your first fingers of both the hands on the external side of the eye corner.
  • After this, place your second fingers on the inside of your eye corners.
  • Now try to concentrate on your lower eyelid muscle and pulse for 10 times.
  • Now squeeze and shut your eyelids firmly and hold this for 10 seconds.
  • Now you just have to slowly relax and repeat once more.
Facial Yoga #3:

You can try this facial yoga to fix droopy eyelids and get younger looking eyes:

  • For this, you have to press both middle fingers together at the inner corner of the eyebrows. Now apply pressure to the outer corners of the eyebrows with the index fingers.
  • Now you are required to look at the ceiling and raise the lower eyelids upward so that you can make a strong squint. Now keep calm.
  • This yoga can be repeated six more times and finish by squeezing eyes shut tightly for not more than 10 -15 seconds.

You can try these yogas for fixing drooping eyelid issue with an ease. These are so simple and easy to apply and do not take much time to apply. So, they can be tried if you are the victim.

How Facial Yoga Can Be Beneficial For Fixing Droopy Eyelids

Face yoga for droopy eyelids or facial yoga is quite helpful when it comes to getting rid of droopy eyelids. Below you can see the benefits:

  • Help you get rid of droopy eyelids and other eyelid issues
  • Helps tones the muscles in the neck and face
  • Slows the aging process
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem
  • Gives inner sense of well being
  • Improve face complexion because of increased circulation
  • Promoted blood circulation of the face
  • Increase facial symmetry
  • Gives you youthful looking face

Other Treatment For Droopy Eyelids:

Apart from these mentioned face yoga eye lift, there are lot other ways by which you can easily get rid of droopy eyelids. They are facial exercises, home remedies, natural treatment, etc.

Yes, with some exercises, you can get rid of droopy eyelids. If you want to have a look at them then you can follow the below blog post:


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The exercise you can find in the above blog will help you a lot to fix droopy eyelids effectively and with 100% positive results.

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Yes, if you want to try some other ways to treat droopy eyelids then you can also try natural remedies. You can also treat droopy eyelids with some natural treatment and you can also know the causes and how they can be treated naturally. Below, you can get the causes and treatment in the below post. It will help you a lot in treating drooping of the eyelids.


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Apart from all these, sometimes you can also try surgery. This can also help you treat droopy eyelids. In this case, blepharoplasty surgery works well. You can go for this surgery if you have tried all the above ways to treat drooping of the eyelids and you are failed. This surgery is quite expensive but it shows its results very soon. However, facial yoga, exercises, home remedies, natural treatment takes much time to show its positive results. Here, you can get to know everything about Blepharoplasty.



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How Can You Prevent Droopy Eyelid to Happen

There is nothing that can prevent eyelid drooping except knowing the symptoms that can cause your eyelids to droop. Or you can also get a regular eye exam, you can fight the disorder if there something exists. There are several symptoms of the droopy eyelids already mentioned above. You can go through them and check if anyone of the issue is happening to you then you should start treating your eyelids as soon as possible.

Ultimate Solution: eyelid lift

Yes, the ultimate solution is to use Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift. This is a special product that has been made especially to fix droopy eyelids, lift upper and lower eyelids and lot more jobs it performs. You will get some strips inside the box within which this product has been packed. You are just required to use such strips as the instructions mentioned inside the box. There is no any side effect of using this product, so you can use this without having doubt in your mind.

Bottom Line:

Being honest I am concluding here that if you are the one who is facing drooping of the eyelids issue then you can try facial yoga to get rid of this. However, you can also try some other alternatives like exercises, home remedies, natural treatment or even blepharoplasty surgery. If any of these fails to do the job then you can also try a product called Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift and get youthful eyes.

Hope the above-mentioned ways will help you get rid of droopy eyelids with an ease. If you have any suggestion or any solution then you can kindly write in the comment section, Thank you so much for reading my post!!!