Eyelid Spasm – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments Of This Eyelid Issue

Eyelid Spasm – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

It is believed that eyes are the most attractive part of the face. No one wants to look ugly just because of their facial appearance. Eyelids are the part of the eye that sometimes face several issues and one of them is the eyelid spasm. This is the issue that people generally face due to several reasons. Here, in this blog, I am going to let you know everything about eyelid spasm, eyelid spasm cause, eyelid spasm symptoms, and of course, eyelid spasm treatment.

So, let’s first of all, go ahead with the eyelid spasm….

What is Eyelid Spasm?

Eyelid spasm when blinking is an eyelid condition when one or both the eyelids suddenly get closed. Sometimes these movements of the eyelids are out of the control, i.e., it becomes involuntary.

It is also known as blepharospasm. When this condition becomes worsen the wrinkling or blinking of the eyes takes place more often. Also, most of the time, it involves the forehead or generally the muscles near the eyes. The most common types of eyelid spasm are eye twitch, hemifacial spasm or essential blepharospasm. When you have this eyelid issue, the eyelids may stay forcefully shut for a few hours continuously at a time which may also cause vision issues in humans.

Types Of Muscle Spasm

types of eyelid causes

Here are some of the major type of spasm that takes place in the body. Below are some of the major types of muscle spasm:

Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB) is a kind of muscle contraction around the eyes that cannot be controlled easily. This condition may affect both the eyes and may also result in several problems like sudden fluttering of the eyelids, difficulty in opening the eyes, forced contraction of the eyebrows and eyelids.

Myokymia is also an uncontrolled quivering of the muscles along the upper or lower eyelid of one or sometimes even both the eyelids. Sometimes this condition may result in stress, anxiety, caffeine and fatigue. The contractions are generally so small that they are not so visible to others.

Hemifacial Spasm (HFS) is the muscle contraction on one side of the face which includes the eyelids that are uncontrolled. The initial symptom may be eyelid twitching, with progression to involve the facial muscles.

Aberrant Facial Nerve Regeneration may take place after an episode of facial paralysis as an attempt by the body to reinnervate the facial paralyzed area. This can also lead to drooping eyelid, eyelid twitching and sometimes even tearing when the facial expression’s muscles are activated.

What Causes Eyelid Spasm?

Behind every eyelid issue, there are always some causes and so do the eyelid spasm. Well, the exact reason for causing eyelid spasm is still unknown. But, it is believed that eyelid spasm when blinking may be a problem with the brain’s part that used to control the muscle movement. Also, you can have this eyelid problem if you have:

  • Dry eyelids
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Heredity issue
  • Parkinson’s disease

Also, some medicines which are used to treat Parkinson’s disease may also increase the risk of having eyelid spasm.

What Are The Eyelid Spasm Symptoms?

There are some signs and symptoms that show that you may have eyelid spasm issues. Some of the major eyelid spasm symptoms are:

  • Blinking of eyes
  • Wrinkling of the eyes
  • Squinting of the eyes that you can’t control at all
  • Issue in keeping your eyes open

All these symptoms generally go away when you sleep or when you get worse with reading, stress, watching TV, being in bright light for a long time, driving, etc.

How Is Eyelid Spasm Diagnosed?

Well, when it comes to diagnosing eyelid spasm, your healthcare provider will definitely ask regarding the symptoms you feel, your medical history and the activities you experience and also examine the eyes very deeply. If the conditions you explain to your healthcare provider are same as the symptoms I have mentioned in the above section then he/she can easily diagnose that you have eyelid spasm issues.

How To Treat Eyelid Spasm?

How To Treat Eyelid Spasm

Treating any eyelid issue is not so difficult if you try a proper way of treating an issue. Generally, the eyelid spasm treatment depends on the cause of the eyelid spasm issue. You may need the treatment for this eyelid condition which is also called blepharospasm for the rest of the life. But, in some cases, proper treatment can control the eyelid spasm symptoms.

Here, I am going to provide some most effective eyelid spasm treatments that will definitely help you to treat eyelid spasm issue:

  • Some medicines taken by mouth can sometimes control the muscle spasm for a very short span of time. But, it may cause some side effects. So, it is better if you first consult with your healthcare provider regarding these medicines.
  • For some specific eyelid spasm causes, a very small amount of boltulinum toxin A may be injected into the eyelid muscles with the help of which you are able to close the eyelids. However, this may weaken or may also stop the muscle spasm for a few months. You have to repeat the shots to keep the eyelid spasm issue under control.
  • If bright light is causing your eyelid spasm condition worse, then your healthcare provider may suggest you wear dark glasses outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Sometimes you may need eyelid surgery to eliminate some of the muscles that used to close the eyelids. This surgery may also stop or weaken the eyelid spasm issue.
  • If a dry eyelid trigger eyelid spasm then your healthcare provider may recommend some ointment or eye drops to lubricate the eyes.
  • Due to taking medicines, it is causing eyelid spasm then reducing or stopping the dose of the medicine may help you overcome this eyelid issue.

How To Take Care Of Patient with Eyelid Spasm?

If you are the one who is suffering from eyelid spasm then you can follow the full course of eyelid spasm treatment prescribed by your healthcare providers. You can question these following to your healthcare provider:

  • How long will this eyelid issue takes place to recover
  • How and when you will get the results
  • What activities you should avoid and when you can return to the normal activities
  • How to take care of yourself when you are at home
  • What symptoms or issues that you should watch for and what to do for those if you have them

After all these, it is important to make sure that you know when should you go back to your doctor for a checkup.

Final Words

Any woman can get eyelid spasm issue due to several reasons which are already mentioned above. However, the eyelid spasm treatments are available that can help you to overcome this eyelid issue.

All the treatments available can be taken into action when your eyelid spasm condition get worsen.

Also, I have mentioned the most possible causes and symptoms of the eyelid spasm after knowing which you can easily avoid all these conditions by treating it as soon as possible.

So, good luck to you….