Eyelid Retraction: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Associated Risks & More

Eyelid Retraction - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Associated Risks & More

Have you noticed any unexpected issue in your eyelids? Have you noticed that the sclera is visible just above the superior corneal limbus? If yes, then it is possible that you have eyelid retraction issue. In this eyelid problem, you will exactly notice the same. Well, to know everything about eyelid retraction, you have to go through the below sections of this blog. First of all, you will learn what actually is eyelid retraction issue and then its causes, symptoms, treatments and more.

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About Eyelid Retraction

Eyelid retraction is actually an eyelid condition in which the sclera is clearly visible just above the superior corneal limbus. This eyelid issue is generally developed after the age of 40 but in some cases, it may be present at birth. Some preterm infants have a benign transient conjugate downgaze which is associated with the upper eyelid retraction.

It has been observed by the eye specialist that it is caused by immaturity of extrageniculocalcarine visual pathway’s dysfunction and the vertical eye movement system’s immature myelination. Most of the normal infants, possible 80% of children around14-18 years of age have an eye-popping reflex when ambient lighting levels are reduced.

When eyelid retracts, this usually causes one’s eye to appear at the open position that used to look unnatural and exaggerated. This eyelid issue may develop some chronic symptoms from the eyeball’s overexposure depending on the extent of patient’s condition.

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Signs That Shows That You Have Eyelid Retraction Issue

Symptoms Of Eyelid Retraction

When a lower or upper eyelid is retracted then this can cause several symptoms which is generally related to the eye’s excessive exposure. Well, the most common issue that people experience when they have eyelid retraction includes the following:

  • Unnaturally round eye appearance
  • Exposed sclera below or above the iris
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Burning sensation
  • Redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Impaired vision

These are some of the most common signs and symptoms that you will notice that you have eyelid retraction. If you notice any of these issues then do not avoid, just visit your eye doctor as soon as you can. Now, the question here arises is what causes eyelid retraction.

What Causes Eyelid Retraction?

Eyelid retraction generally develops over time, however, it can be congenital disease. This eyelid condition is most common in people who have thyroid disease. This happens most probably when it only affects a single eye. The retracted eyelids is caused due to multiple factors like genetics, trauma, blepharoptosis of another eye. The most possible cause of the upper eyelid retraction is the thyroid disease. However, in some cases, this eyelid issue is also caused because of lower blepharoplasty.

Treatments Available For Eyelid Retraction

Treatments Available For Eyelid Retraction

The treatments available to fix eyelid retraction issue generally start with the conservative ways of symptom management like using eye drops on a regular basis. A non-surgical solution such as Botox injections are also generally used to reduce the amount of presence of retraction. Botox is actually common to help those who suffer from eyelid retraction because of thyroid disease. Oculoplastic surgery generally becomes very important since symptoms such as dry eyelids supposed to progress.

Eyelid Retraction Surgery

Eyelid retraction surgery is also to fix this eyelid issue. Here, you will get to know about eyelid retraction surgery and its associated issues. Eyelid retraction surgery is done in both the eyelids; upper as well as a lower eyelid. When it comes to upper eyelid retraction, this surgery involves detaching the eyelid’s levator muscle and it is responsible to elevate the upper eyelid. With this action, it causes the upper eyelid to rest naturally at a lower position. This may involve the graft’s placement, a midface lift to raise the bottom eyelid or tightening of the outer eye corner.

And, when it comes to lower eyelid retraction, it can surgically correct by lengthening the height of the eyelid’s inside layer with several grafts. If the lower or upper eyelid retraction is severe then the suspension of eyelid and cheek skin may be very important to decrease the downward pull on the eyelid. After the surgery is done, the eye will feel more comfortable and it will be better protected from possible scarring or corneal infection.

The main objective of this eyelid surgery is to reduce the abnormally round-appearing eyes. After the surgery is done, it reveals the less of sclera that used to take place just beneath or above the iris. Also, it provides long-term relief from chronic symptoms that cause blurry vision and irritation. Also, it can reduce the evaporative loss which generally leads to dry eyes.

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What To Expect During Eyelid Retraction Surgery

eyelid surgery

This eyelid retraction surgery is carried out in the operation theatre of the out-patient’s unit. This procedure is generally carried out by several techniques and it generally depends on each case of the patient. It also depends on the type of eyelid malposition, its location and its degree. Some of the most common conditions are:

  • Skin graft
  • Canthoplasty
  • El mid-facelift
  • Mulleratectomy
  • Blepharotomy
After the surgical operation, you need to take care of the following things:
  • Ice must be applied to the treated area during the first few weeks
  • The surgeon occludes the eye of the patient for about 24 hours and he/she must also take anti-inflammatory and antibiotics drugs
  • One should have enough rest for the first few days and should also avoid doing exercises and picking up heavy objects

Will Insurance Cover The Eyelid Retraction Surgery’s Cost?

This eyelid surgery maybe sometime considered as an elective cosmetic surgical procedure, so in some cases, the insurance may cover part or the complete cost of the eyelid depending on the severity of the eyelid condition and also the symptoms of this eyelid issue that patient is facing. However, as per the users experience, the insurance companies have become increasingly difficult to provide the pre-authorization for this eyelid surgery.

Risks & Complications Associated With Eyelid Retraction Repair


Apart from the usual complications of the surgery which is an infection and bleeding, some other possible complications may include asymmetry, scarring, recurrence of retraction, over-correction. In some cases, a ‘pre-emptive’ or overcorrection is very important because as time passes, the tissue will shrink and settle.

Final Verdict

Eyelid retraction is an eyelid issue that takes place due to several reasons. After going the above blog, you might have noticed what eyelid retraction is all about and what can be done to correct this eyelid issue.

So, if you even have this eyelid issue, then do not miss to visit your doctor as soon as you notice any of the symptoms that have been mentioned here in this blog. Also, you can discuss eyelid retraction surgery if you want to get a perfect solution.


Eyelid Retraction: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Associated Risks & More
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Eyelid Retraction: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Associated Risks & More
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