Eyelid Pigmentation: Most Common Causes & Home Remedies You Should Try

Eyelid Pigmentation Most Common Causes & Home Remedies You Should Try

When it comes to beauty, no one wants to sacrifice for anything. But several issues take place as you age. And since to look gorgeous forever, you need to treat those issues soon. When you age, there are several problems occurs in the skin which leads you’re appearance to look bad and I know nobody wants that, right?

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Well, here, in this blog, today I am going to discuss eyelid pigmentation. Yes, this is the most irritating issue that takes place due to several reasons and so those who suffer from this, want instant results. So, to know what pigmented eyelid is, what are its symptoms, causes and how to treat pigmentation on eyelids as well.

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What is Eyelid Pigmentation?

Most of the women suffer discoloration of skin near eyes which is generally called eyelid pigmentation. However, there are many reasons for having pigmentation on eyelids. But, in order to get rid of eyelid pigmentation, there is a great need to understand the causes behind this issue. As per the skin experts, there are several women suffer from pigmentation on eyelids because of the lack of sleep or tiredness.

Who is Most Likely To Get Eyelid Pigmentation?

Most probably, the likelihood of getting pigmentation on the eyelid is generally dependent upon both – you and the type of pigmentation. Some of the pigmented lesions are generally seen in babies and others are seen in adults. Also, there are large numbers of environmental factors which will influence whether or not you will get pigmentation on eyelids. As for example, increased sun exposure will get higher chances of developing pigmented eyelid.


Problems With Eyelid Pigmentation

If you ever find that you have pigmented lesions on your eyelid then it is quite important to go to the doctors. It is quite important to remove pigmentation on eyelids and examined to determine whether or not it is cancerous.

However, if you find pigmented eyelid in babies and infants then it could even cause eyesight issues. When these lesions are found on children then, it is believed that it could be a symptom of other diseases. So, it is very important that the further investigation should be done by the doctors. Now, it’s time to know the causes of eyelid pigmentation in the below section of the blog.

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Causes of Eyelid Pigmentation

There are several causes of eyelid pigmentation, and some of the most of them are mentioned in the below paragraphs. Know them very well and try to get rid of such causes so that it can stop leading to eyelid pigmentation. Now have a look at the below causes of the pigmentation on eyelids one by one:

Cause #1: Injury


Do you know that injury can cause eyelid pigmentation? Yes, injury to the eyes can help you remove permanent pigmented eyelid. An injury may be electromagnetic, mechanical or even chemical. Just due to the last-lasting effect happens when the injury is severe or even prolonged, some common actions stand out. Even when you come in contact with chemical substances like strong acids can cause chemical injuries.

Cause #2: Allergies


Most of the people are prone to develop allergies than others. Some people who have allergies involving the eye like allergic conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis, generally have the habits of excessively rubbing their eyes. Rubbing your eyes constantly can lead you to dark eyelid skin or pigmented eyelid. Your eyelid may become discoloration when you have eyelid inflammation issue and it becomes chronic. Having eyelid dermatitis due to some irritant substances, it may also lead you to face eyelid pigmentation.

Cause #3: Inflammation


Sometimes, the eyelid pigmentation takes place due to the inflammation in the area of the eyes. Eyelid inflammation is a localized physical condition that used to come as a reaction to an injury or even an infection. This is generally a process which our body protects the tissue against the eye damage.

Eyelid inflammation is a fairly short-term process. In most of the cases, it preserves for several weeks or even months. The condition of inflammation may lead to changes in the aspect of the skin. And as a result, styes in eyelids, eyelid chalazion and blepharitis can also darken the eye skin and lead you to pigmented eyelids.

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Cause #4: Lack Of Sleep

Adequate Sleep

If you get pigmentation on eyelid then it is quite possible that you do not have enough sleep. And as a result, you develop periorbital hyperpigmentation. If there is a lack of sleep then it can influence the production of melanin around the eyes. And thus, it leads to eyelid pigmentation. Apart from this, lack of sleep can also have the blood vessels dilate. This can also change the color of the skin up to some extent.

These are the most commonly noticed causes of eyelid pigmentation. So, try to get rid of these causes as soon as possible if you want to avoid pigmented eyelid. However, if you even get pigmented eyelid then you can know how to treat eyelid pigmentation.

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Eyelid Pigmentation

When it comes to treating pigmented eyelid, there are several creams available in the market that will help you a lot. However, creams used to make with different chemicals which have an opposite reaction means it may harm your skin. So, to avoid such thing, you can try some natural home remedies that will help you know how to treat pigmentation. Below are some of the most effective home remedies available to be applied for pigmentation removal at home.

Remedy #1: Cucumbers


One of the most effective things you can do for your skin is to use cucumbers. It is no wonder that it is used with such prominence in this type of ingredients. Cucumbers have mild astringent, anti-oxidant and emollient properties and it will also soothe the area around the eyes. You need to place it on your eyelids either cut in slices or crushed. This eyelid pigmentation treatment will help you against the aggravation of the discoloration.

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Remedy #2: Tea


If you want to get rid of eyelid pigmentation and you enjoy drinking green and black tea then it is quite good. Instead of throwing the tea bags away, you can use them. Green and black teas are both rich in antioxidants and they are generally known to reduce the eyelid inflammation and diminish eye discoloration. You need to take two tea bags and chill them for about half an hour. Now you need to place them on the eyelid and let them be there for next fifteen minutes. Now after that, rinse the area and apply organic oil so that it can keep your skin well hydrated.

Remedy #3: Almond And Coconut Oils

Almond And Coconut Oils

Coconut and almond oils are generally used as a topical ointment in order to make dark skin patches fade away naturally. You need to place a small quantity of either of the two organic oils on your fingers and then massage the problematic area on the skin. It is better if you do it in the evening so that you can leave this overnight. You can use this for several regular days for better results.

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After knowing all about pigmented eyelid, you must have observed how it can make your appearance dull. Also, the causes of having pigmented eyelid have also been mentioned above and if you try to get rid of such causes then you can avoid eyelid pigmentation. Apart from this, even if you get pigmentation on eyelids then you can try the above-mentioned home remedies for eyelid pigmentation that will help you get rid of pigmentation on eyelids. These remedies will definitely help you treat eyelid pigmentation. If you have any question in your mind then you can ask here and get your answer.


Eyelid Pigmentation: Most Common Causes & Home Remedies You Should Try
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Eyelid Pigmentation: Most Common Causes & Home Remedies You Should Try
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