9 Root Causes OF Eyelid Pain Along With The Treatment Options


Causes Of Eyelid Pain

We all know that eye is a highly sensitive organ to pressure, light, and other sensations like paining and itching.  Sometimes pain in eyelid may let you feel uncomfortable as there is a great role of eyelids while blinking the eyes and we all do this after every two or three seconds.

Are you also facing the same issue? Do you know what reasons are there for taking this issue place? Do you have any idea how this eyelid pain issue can be treated?

Well, getting the solution of a problem can be possible only if you know the exact reasons for happening any such issue. You may feel pain on eyelid due to some unexpected issues as well.

Here, you will get to know every unexpected issue that may lead to eyelid pain so that you can prevent this issue to happen again. Also, you will get the complete solution to get rid of eyelid issue as soon as possible.

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Why Does My Eyelid Hurts When I Blink Or Touch It?

causes of eyelid pain

Below here are some common issues that can lead you to face pain on eyelid. Or you can regard it as the main reasons of eyelid pain. Knowing about the causes of eyelid pain will help you to approach for faster and right eyelid pain recovery options.

Reason #1:

  • Herpes zoster: This is a kind of disease that causes as am consequences of the defeat of a virus. Yes, herpes is a kind of virus and it defeats this virus’s trigeminal nerve or its branches.  When this disease takes place, it can sometimes raise the temperature of the body.


  • Cellulitis Eyelid: This is a disease that causes due to the pyogenic microbes. When you suffer from this disease, you may face headache, tenderness eyelid, erythema, general malaise, induration and increase in the body temperature. This issue may also take place in the background of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, ulcerative blepharitis and boils eyelid.

Reason #3:

  • Barley:  This is an eye issue that occurs on the edge of the eyelid. On that specific position, there occurs an inflammatory swelling and so the eye becomes red and starts paining in the eyelids.

Reason #4:

  • Cellulitis of the orbit: This is an eye issue that starts with redness and swelling of the eyelid’s skin. Sometimes, it may also starts with protrusion of the eyeball and the conjunctiva of the eye. The mobility of the eyelid is limited and so there appears headache, diplopia and increasing in the body temperature.

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  • Pink Eye:  One of the most common eye issues is the pink eye. This can result from bacterial or viral infections, allergies and chemical burns. These conditions can then further lead to pain in the eyelid and also cause redness in the eyelids.
Wait….Some More Issues Are There!!!!

Reason #6:

  • Optic Neuritis:  Another eye condition – Optic Neuritis, is characterized by the inflammation of the optic nerve. This can further cause you to feel little pain in the eyelid while blinking the eyes. Most probably, optic neuritis happens because of the viral or bacterial infections.


  • Blepharitis: If you ever find that there is debris along your eyelashes then it is obvious that irritation can take place. It can then cause the eyelids to have gritty sensation, become red or can also cause pain in the eyelids. The irritation you may feel due to this issue will cause severe pain and will depend on the condition of the irritation you may face.


  • Boil Eyelid: This is a kind of eyelid issue that takes place due to some specific reason. This issue generally begins with the redness and painful seals eyelid in the form of a cone with a purulent top. The pain will be depending on the redness of the eyelids.

Issue #9:

  • Ulcers of the Cornea: This eye issue generally starts with the tearing, reduced vision, photophobia. Due to all these symptoms of this eyelid issue that takes place, will also let you suffer with pain in the eyelids.

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Look Here To Know How Pain in Eyelids Can be Cured

Well, after having a look at the issues that lead to eyelid hurt, now it’s turn to know how pain on eyelids can be cured easily.

You can try some medical treatment to prevent pain on eyelids. Let us go through some medicinal option that can be taken in view to treat eyelid pain.

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What Medical Options Are Available To Treat Eyelid Pain?

What Medical Options Available To Treat Eyelid Pain

  • Painkillers: If the pain you are suffering from is quite mild then you can try to take painkillers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin to counter the pain easily.
  • Antibiotics: When a person is infectious with conjunctivitis then they can be prescribed with some antibiotics. Taking such antibiotics will help you prevent from pain in eyelids.
  • Eye Drops: While blinking your eyes, if you are experiencing some pain then using eye drops would be the best option you can ever try. This will also clean out any alien objects and dirt from your eyes and so will not let you face any kind of pain on eyelids or eyes .
  • Corticosteroids: Some of the serious infections like iritis and optic neuritis which are the main causes of pain in eyelids, can be cured with the help of corticosteroids.
  • Antihistamines: When you suffer from any pain issue due to some allergies then it is always recommended to use antihistamine. This can also relief conjunctivitis that results because of allergies.

What Natural Treatment Should Be applied To Get Rid of Painful Eyelids?

natural remedies to cure eyelid pain

Apart from medical treatments, there are some natural ways as well that can help you get rid of painful eyelids issue. Let us have a look at some natural remedies to cure eyelid pain below:

Treatment #1: Warm Compress


Why it is effective?

Warm compress is a traditional home remedy for mild ailments. Bringing heat and moisture to certain eye problems may works in alleviating eyelid pain, eye inflammation, eyelid swelling and other similar issues.

If you apply a warm compress to the affected eyelid area then it can help you clear plugged oil glands and hair follicles in. This option is best for those who suffer with stye. So, just try this easy to apply treatment and get rid of pain in eyelid at home with an ease.

How To Do:

Herbal Extract Warm Compress

If you want extra benefits from this warm compress therapy to cure eyelid pain then herbal extract warm compress is the best option to try.

  • For this you need 5 drops of herbal extracts or tinctures.
  •  In warm compress you can use herbal tea or infusion.  But make sure you fully strain of any herbal matter before putting it into your eyes.
  • You can also use herbs like garlic and echinacea as they have antibacterial properties that can easily cure any kind of eyelid infection.
  • Take a piece of cotton cloth and dip it in the herbal extract warm compress solution.
  •  After squeezing the cloth a little, keep that cloth on your upper eyelid.
  •  Make sure your eyes must be closed while doing this. As, this causes eye burning sensation once it gets in your eyes.

Treatment #2: Green Tea

green tea

Why it is effective?

GREEN Tea helps in improving your eyes appearance and several eye conditions such as reducing dark circles, eye puffiness, redness and most importantly eye pain. These tea bags are best natural and affordable option to treat eyelid pain.  Placing it on your eyes gives your eyes a chance to rest and unwind. Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in the green tea, it can help you a lot in fixing this eyelid issue.

How To Do:

  • Pour 2 green tea bags into a cup of boiling water and allow it gets boiled properly.
  • After then transfer them into your cup and squeeze extra liquid if present from it.
  • Place it in your refrigerator to cool it down.
  • When it is cold but moisture contained in it, place them on your eyes for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure until the eyelid pain recovery been achieved.

Treatment #3: Flushing Your Eyes

Flushing Your Eyes

Always use clean water or you can also try saline solution so that you can flush out the objects and the dirt that could be placed inside the eyes. When this happens, do not ever rub your eyes when you are doing this because this can spread the infection or can make the irritation worse.

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Treatment #4: Aloe vera


Why it is effective?

Aloe vera – one of the most common and the effective ingredient that can be used for different health purposes. While blinking your eyes, if you feel pain in the eyelids then you can make use of aloe vera for the treatment option.

How To Do:

  • Just cut a piece of leaf and get the gel inside.
  • You can then simply spread the gel on the eye area.
  • You are required to keep this gel for not more than 25 minutes.
  • After then simply wash the eyes with lukewarm water.


Pain in the eyelids is quite irritating situation that happens due to several issues.  But, eyelid pain can be cured with some medical treatment and natural treatments as well, as mentioned in the above section of this blog. You can get a lot to know from this blog. I have tried my best to collect the information from all around and present it to you through this medium.

You can know how pain in eyelid can happen and how this can be treated with some natural and medical treatments. If you have any suggestions or want to share something then you can kindly write in the comment section you can be seen below.


 9 Root Causes OF Eyelid Pain Along With The Treatment Options
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