7 Perfect Eyelashes Fall Out Remedies You Should Definitely Apply

7 Perfect Eyelashes Fall Out Remedies You Should Definitely Apply

Are you noticing that your eyelashes are falling out? Do you want to know why is it happening? Are you looking for the ways to know how to stop eyelashes from falling out? Well, if these questions are bothering you then do not worry, just go through this blog and get all your answers.

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Eyelashes are an important part of the face to enhance our eyes and beauty. If you have thickened and longer eyelashes then it is considered to be a desirable beauty trend. But what if you are losing them day by day due to some specific reason? Well, there could be several reasons but identifying the exact cause is your case is very important so that you can overcome that issue and stop eyelashes from falling out.

Losing eyelashes or eyelashes fallout issue is so common when people have several health issues but it is also very important to know the causes of eyelashes fall out so that you can match the cause in your case. If the cause is genuine then it’s ok to accept the fact of losing eyelashes. But, if your cause doesn’t matches the genuine causes then there is a need to worry about and try something that can help you get longer and thicker eyelashes again. In this case, you can try some eyelashes fall out remedies which is a natural way to get back your longer and thicker eyelashes again. But few questions are there that a genuine person may ask regarding eyelashes fall out.

  • How do I get rid of my eyelashes falling out?
  • How can I regrow my eyelashes?
  • How can I get thicker eyelashes?

Answer to all these questions can be found in the next section of this blog where you will get to know about some home remedies when eyelashes fall out. So, without wasting anytime, let us first have a look at some common causes of eyelashes fall out and then identify the cause in your case and start treating them by applying some eyelashes fall out remedies.

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Why Do Eyelashes Fall Out?

There are several reasons of eyelashes fall out issues where the major causes include using makeup products, eyelash curler, rubbing and pulling eyelashes, having thyroid issue, stress and more.

“Why Do Eyelashes Fall Out?” This is a big and very important question for those who are losing their eyelashes day by day and want to know the actual reason. However, below you will look at the causes one by one and will be able to identify why do eyelashes fall out in your case. So, start going through the causes below:

Cause #1: Using Makeup Products

If you are using outdated products then it can affect your eyelash health. So, before using any makeup product, first check the expiry dates and then use it. Also, it is important to make sure that you use products of good quality and remove all the makeup before you go to sleep.

Cause #2: Making Use Of Eyelashes Curler

Eyelash curlers are good to curl eyelashes permanently but do you know that this kind of product actually damages your real eyelashes and let them to fall out. Yes it is true, they create gorgeous and long eyelashes but they are dangerous as well. When you pull eyelash curler back a bit fast then it ended up pulling your eyelashes too. And if it continues to happen then your eyelashes will definitely fall out.

Cause #3: Rubbing And Pulling Your Eyelashes

It is so common thing that people generally used to do. While wearing mascara, if you rub your eyes constantly then it can lead your eyelashes to fall out. Suppose, if your eyes are red and itchy and forcing you to rub the eyes then get it checked out for the good health of your eyelashes.

Cause #4: Thyroid

If you have underactive and overactive thyroid gland then it can also cause your eyelashes to fall out and become thin. Having underactive thyroid causes your eyelashes and eyebrows to become short when their hair becomes thin, dry and brittle.

It causes symptoms like constipation, dry skin, being prone to cold and weight gain. On the other hand, an overactive thyroid gland will cause an inability to tolerate heat, swelling in the lower neck, weight loss, headaches and find difficulty in sleeping.

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Cause #5: Medications

Some medications are there that can cause your eyelashes to fall out or become thin. So, it is always recommended to not self-medicate yourself under any circumstances and also make sure that you always consult your eye doctor regarding the possible side effects that have been prescribed or you are taking yourself.

Cause # 6: Alopecia Areata

This condition is generally known as alopecia, it is an immune system disorder and used to cause heavy hair loss. During this illness, immune cells of the body attack the hair follicles and cause hair loss including eyelashes as well.

Cause #7: Stress

Having normal or higher stress can lead you to lose eyelash hair or scalp hair as well. Felling stressed has a great effect on the human body. During this situation, metabolism changes and the level of cortisol, the hormone that used to control the fight or flight response starts fluctuating. However, these changes affect the functions of the body very badly and also cause eyelashes to fall out.

7 Perfect Eyelashes Fall Out Remedies You Should Apply

Here, you will look at some home remedies for longer eyelashes. So, do not avoid applying them and get rid of eyelashes fall out issue and have thicker eyelashes to enhance your beauty.

After going through the eyelashes fall out causes, you might have noticed the exact cause as per your health condition but if there is not even a single cause that matches your condition then you can try these eyelashes fall out remedies which are completely natural and get longer and thicker eyelashes again.

Remedy #1: Use Aloe Vera Gel


Using aloe vera gel for eyelash fall out is a perfect remedy to get rid of this issue. Because of the presence of some effective proteins and vitamins in aloe vera gel, it helps your eyelashes to get hydrated, nourished and moisturized all the time. And this also prevents your eyelashes to fall out.

You can use old mascara wand to apply the aloe vera gel on the eyelashes and leave it overnight. Make sure that you repeat this remedy for some regular days to get the best results.

Remedy #2: Castor Oil


The follicle-stimulating and nourishing properties present in castor oil helps you to stop eyelashes to fall out and enjoy having fuller-looking and lustrous eyelashes. If you massage the eyelashes with castor oil then it can help you fight against microorganisms that increase growth and lead your eyelashes to fall out.

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Remedy #3: Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly

Using petroleum jelly helps you prevent your eyelashes from falling out and also helps stimulate the hair growth easily. You only have to do is to apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes with mascara wand and leave it overnight. It helps to moisturize the eyelashes perfectly and thus makes the eyelashes look heavy and thick.

Remedy #4: Olive Oil

olive oil

Application of olive oil is also a perfect natural remedy that can help your grow longer and thicker eyelashes when your eyelashes are falling out. To apply an olive oil you can use an old mascara wand and dip it in olive oil and then take out and apply it to your eyelashes before your go to bed. Just leave ot overnight and repeat this remedy for some regular days to get best results.

Remedy #5: Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is rich in proteins and fat and it is the best ancient way to prevent eyelashes to fall out. You can apply coconut milk on the eyelashes and it can help to add a great shine to the eyelashes and also boost the growth of eyelashes.

For this, you just have to dip a cotton ball in coconut milk and pamper your eyelashes with this cotton. After this take rest for 10 minutes and wash the eyelashes with cold water. Do this for some regular days and see the best results.

Remedy #6: Almond Oil

almond oil

Almond oil is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin En and it is one of the most effective eyelashes fall out remedies you should definitely apply. If you apply almond oil to your eyelashes before you go to bed then it can help you to rejuvenate the eyelash’s growth and prevents eyelashes fall out. After applying the almond oil overnight, you need to clean the eyelashes in the morning so that it can prevent clogging of the pores.

Remedy #7: Green Tea

green tea

If you use green tea then it is also a best remedy you can try to get longer and thicker eyelashes and prevents eyelashes to fall out. Also, applying green tea remedy effectively stimulates the eyelash’s growth.

You need to prepare green tea and set it cool down for some time and with the use of cotton swab, apply the green tea liquid on the eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Now you need to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your eyelashes with cold water.

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How Can I Prevent Future Eyelash Loss?

This question comes to everyone’s mind who suffers from this issue. Well, you can make some small changes in your daily life and prevent excessive loss of eyelashes. You can try all these to prevent future eyelash loss:

  • Remove Makeup Before Sleeping: Tugging or rubbing at your eyelashes, especially when they are coated with mascara can tend the eyelashes to fall out. So, gently remove your makeup before you go to bed.
  • Try New Mascara: it may be possible that you are allergic to your brand and you don’t even know. In that case, if you use waterproof mascara, try to switch to a non-waterproof formula.
  • Remove Fake Eyelashes Carefully: Fake eyelashes adhere to the natural eyelashes with its medical-grade glue. If you don’t remove the glue carefully, it may lead eyelashes to fall out along with the fake ones. So, make sure that you remove the false eyelashes very carefully to prevent eyelashes to fall out.
  • Stop Using Eyelash Curler: Eye lash curlers are the major causes of eyelashes falling out, most specifically if you use or tug them while wearing mascara.

Alternate Solution To Fix Eyelashes Fall Out Issue Idol-Lash

Apart from using all these eyelashes fall out remedies, if you are not getting desired results then you can also try Idol Lash Enhancer to grow longer and thicker eyelashes and prevent eyelashes to fall out. It is recommended as the best eyelash growth serum that actually works to get thicker and longer eyelashes. The manufacturers of this product claim that the eyelashes grow 82% more just within 2 to 4 weeks. So, you can also consider this product when the remedies mentioned above will not work.


When you started noticing that your eyelashes are falling out, do not wait for anything, just find out the cause from the above mentioned causes and start applying the eyelashes fall out remedies to get longer and thicker eyelashes. With the help of above home remedies, you will be easily bale to get longer and thicker eyelashes as you want and prevent eyelashes to fall out. However, if you again notice eyelash falling out issue even after applying these remedies and Idol Lash Enhancer, you should consult a dermatologist before starting self-medicate.

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7 Perfect Eyelashes Fall Out Remedies You Should Definitely Apply
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