Some Exercises To Get Rid of Ptosis Naturally At Home

Exercises To Get Rid of Ptosis

Ptosis is a condition of the eye that causes a drooping upper eyelid. This condition may affect one or both eyes and some individuals just a slight drooping and others are affected to the point they can barely see. In some of the cases, it may be caused due to natural aging process or due to injury or cataracts.

This can happen in both the eyes or even in one eye and it needs immediate attention because it can cause interference with your vision. However, in some cases, eye exercises may help you out to get rid of ptosis naturally.

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Some Exercises To Decrease Ptosis

In order to get rid of ptosis, you can try some eye exercises to get rid of ptosis. In the below section, you will have a look at some ptosis treatment without surgery.  Here, are some exercises that will help you know how to fix ptosis. So, try these ptosis exercises and get rid of this issue forever.

Eyelid Strengthening:

Eyelid Strengthening:

In order to know how to get rid of ptosis, you need to perform this exercise. For this, you have to shut your both eyelids firmly and put a finger on both the eyelids and try to open them up. This is something like doing pull-ups. Now try to hold the eyelid open at least for about 10 seconds at a time while doing the actual exercise throughout the day. This ptosis exercise will help you lift up your droopy eyelids over a month.

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Using an Eye Patch:


This method works if you have a minor case of ptosis. For this, you can buy an eye patch and can place it in your healthy eye. You can use this method depending on the severity of your eye. You can also consult your doctor and can ask if using an eye patch is right for your ptosis.

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Trataka Exercise For Ptosis:

Trataka Exercise for Ptosis

The Trataka yogic eye exercise may help improve focus, concentration and the vision in the affected eye. In order to perform this exercise, you can simply sit on the floor in the comfortable position while keeping your spine straight. Now fix your eyes on an object and hold the glaze for a comfortable period of time.

Rest Your Eyes:

Rest Your Eyes:

If you are watching television or working on the computer, turn your head away from it for at least one minute after every 10 minutes. Performing this will cause your eyes to readjust themselves and it can also help you with ptosis in its early form.

Apart from these exercises, you can also try some home remedies or you can also go with the Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift. This will also help you how to get rid of ptosis instantly.

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Some More Eye Exercises To Fix Ptosis [BONUS]

Healthy lifestyle and facial exercises can increase blood circulation and produces collagen and elastin, these are necessary to make tighter the skin.

  • First, relax your body and sit at relaxing chair close your eyes for 2 minutes. After it, open your eyes and move your eyeball in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction for 5 times.
  • Again close your eyes, use your fingers lift and draw out both the upper and lower eyelids concurrently as far as possible without opening your eyes. Hold at this pose for 5 seconds, free it, and repeat this process 5 -8 times.

Apart from eye exercises, you can also try some natural home remedies to get rid of ptosis. You can try all these below-mentioned home remedies to get rid ptosis. They are very effective and easy to apply.

Home Remedies For Fixing Ptosis Issue

  • Grape’s seed oil, Vitamin E oil, Coconut Oil, or Castor Oil can help you to reduce ptosis; apply any of these oils on your face at night and clean it in the mornings.
  • Cucumber is able to deal with ptosis effectively. Apply the Juice of cucumber or you can directly place the sliced cucumber on eyes and clean it after 15minutes.
  • Sleeping is also necessary for our eyes because at this time our eyes also need complete rest at least 8 hours per day, this is also good for the skin under your eyes and your entire body.
  • Staying hydrated can avoid lots of diseases and other bad things. So it is necessary to keep under eye skin refreshed every time. You can get rid of under eye wrinkles and dark circle by rinsing your face with cool water and also splash some water into the eyes in the mornings. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Apart from these home remedies, you can try  Eye Secrets. This will really help you get rid of ptosis with an ease. Below, you will get to know everything about Eye Secrets to fix ptosis.

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If you have ptosis eyelid issue and want to get rid of this issue then you should these eyelid exercises for ptosis. Or, you can also use Eye Secrets. This product is very effective to treat ptosis eyelid issue, droopy eyelids, sagging eyelids and more. So, to get rid of such issue, you should order this product right here.

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