5 Hacks To Curl Your Eyelashes Permanently You Can’t Ignore

5 Hacks To Curl Your Eyelashes Permanently You Can’t Ignore

Women are very demanding when it comes to their eye beauty. Talking about eyes and do not mention eyelashes is something like you are doing a crime. So, here, we will talk only about the eyelashes. Some people have long eyelashes but they are not curled enough which makes their beauty little fade. Not all the women have a beautiful shape of the eyelashes to flaunt. Several women are seen with straight eyelashes but now it’s a trend to have curl eyelashes and so who are having straight one, they are trying to curl eyelashes permanently.

Curling the eyelashes opens up your eyes which make them look bolder and bigger. However, there is nothing that keeps the eyelashes curl permanently. However, there is nothing that can keep your eyelashes curl permanently, you can try these below ways to curl your eyelashes as they are the best ways.

How Do You Get Your Eyelashes To Curl Up?

There are several ways or you can say hacks you can try to curl eyelashes permanently. These are very effective and you do not need practice a lot to try all these ways. So, if you have straight eyelashes and want to get your eyelashes curled then you can just follow these below hacks or ways to get curling eyelashes.

Hack #1: Curl Your Eyelashes With Spoon

Curl Your Eyelashes With Spoon

It is quite impossible to have eyelash curler at home but you can try this trick. This will definitely help you curl your eyelashes easily at home. If you want to try this trick then you have to first apply any talcum or a baby powder in your eyelashes so that it may not stick with one another when you curl them. After you apply the powder, you have to just apply the mascara to the eyelashes. Now there is a need to take a clear spoon and simply dip it in warm water so that it gets complete heat. After this, you have to dry the spoon with the help of a towel. Also, you will need to touch the spoon to check whether the spoon is hot or cold. If the spoon is too hot that it can even burn your skin then keep it aside to make it cool.

Now, you have to hold the spoon and place the curled portion of spoon exactly under the eyes while it touches the maximum part of your eyelashes. Also, you can use your thumb to press the eyelashes just against the spoon so that you can have your desired curl eyelashes. You need to do this for 10 seconds and then release the thumb. Try to do this each of your eyelashes until they become curled.

Hack #2: Use Fingers For Curling Eye Lashes

Use Fingers For Curling Eye Lashes

When it comes to curling eyelashes, you can also use your fingers for this purpose. To apply this trick, you can make use of mascara at first, and then you will be required to wait till the mascara dies within the eyelashes. Now, after this, you can hold the eyelashes in the same way to the upward direction for a small period of time. Also, you will be required to repeat this step so many times a day till you get the desired curl in your longer and thicker eyelashes.

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Hack #3: Simply Use Mascara for Curly Eyelashes

Simply Use Mascara For eyelash curler

Do you know that you can also curl your eyelashes with the help of mascara only? Yes, it is absolutely true. It is very simple and easy way trick to curling your eyelashes easily at home without much effort and time to be applied. You can make use of mascara with the help of mascara wand to curl your eyelashes. While you are moving across the eyelashes in a zigzag motion, you can curl in at the tips and then count to ten while holding them in place.

Hack #4: Warm Finger Curl Method

Warm Finger Eyelash Curl Method

Another hack you can try for eyelashes curling is the warm finger curl method. Yes, in this method, you need to just apply the mascara at first to the natural eyelashes. However, it is very important to roll the eyelashes upward with the mascara stick. After the first coating of mascara is completed, you need to apply the second coating. But, do not forget that before this step, you have to rub your finger against each other to make them warm enough.  After this, you have to push the eyelashes up with the tips of your fingers. Now you have to keep the eyelashes in the same position form about 10 to 15 seconds and then drop it. Now, you have to warm your fingers against each other and then repeat this process again. You can then repeat this process until you get the eyelashes curled as per your desire.

Hack #5: Use Curlers To Curl Your Eyelashes

Use Curlers To Curl Your Eyelashes

Most of the people might have curlers at home but they generally lack the expertise in curling the eyebrows. If you do not have eyelash curlers at home then you can easily found it in any cosmetic shops. In order to get the eyelashes curled, you have to open your wide eyes and then position the gripper of the curler just near the eyelash’s base. Now, you need to squeeze the finger loop gently to close the gripper. After this, you have to hold curler in a closed position for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Are Eyelash Curlers Bad For Your Eyelashes?

Now the question arises that are eyelash curlers bad for your eyelashes? Well, the answer is here. If you curl your eyelashes with a curler then it is very important to use an eyelash conditioner. This will help you hydrate your lashes and also protect your eyelashes. Also, this will give your mascara a little extra life.

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Some Extra Tips On Eyelash Curling

Apart from the above hacks or tricks, you can also follow these tips that are very beneficial for you if you are curling your eyelashes. So, look at these tips below:

  • If you want have curled eyelashes with eyelash curler then you should hold to make the curl for at least 5 seconds.
  • You should start curling with the help of curling products at the eyelash’s base.
  • It is very important to get the mascara completely dry before you apply the curler into it.
  • One should always avoid getting the skin into the eyelash curling product otherwise, this will become very painful.
  • Also, you can divide the eyelashes into three sections and then carry on the process of curling the eyelashes one after another.
  • If you are willing to have curled eyelashes for any occasion then you can warm up your eyelash curlers with dryers and then start carrying the process of curling.


Women are so curious to have curl eyelashes and so if you are one of them then you should definitely try these above-mentioned tricks to know how to naturally curl eyelashes permanently. These above ticks are very easy to apply and trust me they actually work. So, do not waste your time anymore and just follow these tips and start applying them one by one and get curl eyelashes easily. So, all the best to you….!

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