Worried About Little Lump Or Bump On Eyelids? Learn Its Causes, Treatments & More!

Little Lump Or Bump On Eyelids

Have you recently noticed that you have lump under eyelids? Are you looking for the ways to get rid of lump under eyelid? Do you want to know everything about bump inside eyelid? If question to all these answer is yes then you should definitely read this blog because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about white bump on eyelid You will know about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and more about bump inside eyelid.

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What is Lump Under Eyelid?

structure of eyelid lumpDo you know that having a lump under eye lid is also known as chalazion or stye. Yes, these are another terms given to this eyelid condition. This can happen in both the eyelids – lower as well as upper. This is generally caused due to the obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the eyelid. The oil gland involved in the formation of a chalazion or stye is an oil gland which is unique to the eyelids called a meibomian gland. This oil gland used to secrete oil onto the surface of the eyes whenever you blink to keep the corneas very well lubricated. This lump may increase in size over days to weeks and it may occasionally become warm, red or painful.

The opening of the oil gland is located at the edge or rim of the eyelids. When any of the glands are blocked then it can possibly increase in size and can also cause a visible lump. A chalazion or stye is not contagious. The lump on eyelid can develop at any age even in childhood. This eyelid issue is generally very painful.

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Common Causes of Lump Under Eyelid

Lump under eyelid is caused due to some specific reasons. Generally, all the meibomian oil glands used to produce oil that used to flow out of the gland onto the surface of the eyes. About, there are 40-50 meibomian glands within the upper eyelid and about 25 within the lower eyelid. These glands are located within the tarsal plate, it is a firm tissue that is located under the eyelid’s skin. This oil exits from each gland via a tiny circular opening just behind the eyelashes of the lower and upper eyelids of both the eyes. The major cause of white bump on eyelid, chalazion or stye is the oil in the gland that becomes too thick to flow out of the gland or the opening of the gland that is being obstructed. Some other names given to this eyelid problems are:

  • Conjunctival granuloma
  • Internal hordeolum
  • Meibomian gland lipogranuloma
  • Conjunctival Lipogranuloma

Signs And Symptoms of Lump Under Eyelid

There are some common signs and symptoms that can be easily noticed and identified that you have lump on eyelid. You can look at some of the common signs and symptoms below:

  • Pain in the eyelids when the chalazion first forms
  • Swelling of the gland may appear
  • A chalazion feels hard or firm to the touch and it may enlarge to the size of the green pea
  • Drainage from the gland may cause irritation of the corneal surface of the eye
  • The overlying eyelid skin may be red
  • The palpebral conjunctiva may also be red and swollen

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How To Diagnose Lump Under Eyelid? 


A stye or chalazion is best diagnosed by your eye doctor. He/she can advise you on better treatment options. Some of the important testings might include these tests:

External examination of the eye that includes eyelid structure, eyelash appearance and skin texture

Patient history to identify symptoms and the presence of general health issues that actually contributes to the eye problem

Evaluation of the base of the eyelashes, eyelid margins and oil glands opening with the use of magnification and bright light

When Should You See A Doctor For Treatment of Lump Under Eyelid?

You can call an ophthalmologist for an appointment if eyelid swelling or redness does not improve with a warm compress. You will need medicines if you notice any signs and symptoms. So, you should need an eye doctor if you experience any of the following signs of serious infection:

  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision
  • Fever or body aches
  • Eyelid Paining
  • Protrusion of the eye
  • Double vision
  • Extensive redness or swelling of the eyelid
  • Eye redness with or without drainage

A longstanding chalazion or stye on eyelids may show some additional signs that could indicate a form of cancer in the eyelid. So, be very sure that you notify your doctor if you have these rare but very serious signs.

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Possible Treatments For Treating Lump Under Eyelid

Possible Treatments For Treating Lump Under Eyelid

Below you will look at some common and possible symptoms of bump inside eyelid. They are very effective and easy to apply treatments. So, learn the treatments one by one:

  • Hot Compress: Hot compress helps to ease discomfort. For this, you can hold a clean flannel that has been in hot water but against the closed eye for about 5 to 10 minutes and about 3 to 4 times a day. Most of the times, the slight and warmth pressure is quite enough to soften the contents of the fluid-filled swelling. It helps it drain very easily.
  • Massage: Massage of the eyelid cyst after using a hot compress can also encourage the eyelid cyst to drain. You can do this gently with the help of cotton bud or finger in the direction of the eyelashes.
  • Cleaning The Eyelids: It is better to clean the eyelid twice a day. It will remove dead and grease skin cells that may contribute to eyelid cysts forming. You can also try baby shampoo to clean your eyelids.
2 More Treatments
  • Antibiotic Ointments, Medicines and Eye Drops: Some antibiotics ointments, medicines and eye drops are not recommended as they do not make any difference – the contents of the cyst are quite infection-free.
  • Small Operation: One can also get rid of lump under eye lid with a small operation. It is an option if the lump on eyelid is persistent. This operation is generally done under local anesthetic, although adults and children may not tolerate this and may also require general anesthetic. During this operation, a very small cut is made on the inside of the eyelid to release the eyelid cyst and it is scrapped out. Some antibiotic drops or ointments are generally prescribed after the surgery.

These are some of the common and the effective lump under eye or chalazion treatment. So, try these if you have eyelid lump. Apart, from these, there are also some home remedies for eyelid chalazion that can be taken into consideration to cure eyelid lump.

Chalazion or Stye Risk Factors

Some of the common risk factors for a bump on upper eyelid include these:

  • Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • A prior history of chalazion
  • Acne Rosacea
  • Blepharitis
  • Diabetics

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If you have lump under eye then it is very important to know every about this eyelid issue. You can read learn everything about lump under eye including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, risk factors and more. In the above sections of the blog, you will get to know some best and effective treatments to remove lump under eye lid. They are very effective and easy to apply. So, make use of these treatments and get rid of lump under eyelid very easily.


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