Learn About Eyelid Malposition – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More…

Learn About Eyelid Malposition - Causes, Treatments & More..

You know what, it always becomes quite challenging to be perfect in all aspects whether it is about one’s look or human nature. However, several health issues lead you to look less attractive. And one of the issues is the eyelid malposition in the face.

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Eyelid malposition can impact the position of the eyelid, most probably the eyeball. Such malpositions can cause decreased your eye vision because the eyelid blocks the vision. Also, it irritates the eyelid surface because of increased irritation and exposure. Eyelid malposition can lead to mucous discharge, watering of the eye and crusting on the eyelid. But let us first know the causes and the symptoms of eyelid malposition.

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Symptoms of Eyelid Malposition

Droopy eyelid or eyelid ptosis is the most common symptoms and this is because of poor muscle function in order to raise the eyelid. If for some reason this muscle does not work very well, the eyelid cannot be opened properly that leads to discomfort of an aesthetic nature. If the eyelid also falls then it can interfere with eye vision.

In entropion and ectropion, the eyelid margin loses the normal alignment with the eyes. The eyelid falls out – ectropion or rotated inward the eyeball – entropion.


Causes of  Eyelid Malposition

Most of the cases of eyelid malposition are because of the relaxation of the tissues of the eyelid as a result of aging. Sometimes,

  • Eye Surface Tightening due to the sun exposure
  • Tightness or scarring of the facial skin
  • Thermal or chemical burns
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Skin cancers

These are the causes of eyelid malposition. After knowing the symptoms and the causes of the eye malposition, let us now discuss the reasons behind the eyelid malposition in brief:

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Reasons Behind The Eyelid Malposition

Eyelid malposition can be categorized as upper eyelid malposition and lower eyelid malposition. Let us discuss the reasons behind the eye malpositions in the below section of this blog:

Upper and lower eyelid malpositions can occur due to the following reasons:

Eyelid Ptosis


Eyelid ptosis is the medical term generally used to describe sagging eyelids or droopy eyelids of the upper or lower eyelids. Upper eyelid ptosis can change the natural contour of the upper eyelid, which impairs the patient’s vision. However, the lower eyelid ptosis may result in inferior sclera show. Eyelid Ptosis can be congenital or can acquire over time or as a consequence of trauma or eyelid surgery.

Treatment For Eyelid Ptosis Issue

Correction of ptosis depends on the cause of the ptosis. Myasthenia gravis is a treatment given with oral prednisone or without mestinon. So, it is better to consult a neurologist before starting any kind of therapy. Third nerve palsy, strabismus surgery prior to consider ptosis repair in order to avoid symptomatic diplopia. Diplopia requires patching in the eyelids. Complete third nerve palsyis quite difficult to manage. Horner’s Syndrome is internal conjunctival. Or apart from these, you can also try some exercises to get rid of ptosis.

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Retraction of the Eyelid

Retraction of the Eyelid

Retraction of the eyelid is a condition where the eyelid moves away from the central surface of the eye. This eyelid condition can be irritating in that the eyelid no longer functions in order to clean and lubricate the surface of the eye. It is caused by scarring from thyroid disease or previous surgery, but it is usually simply a loss of eyelid tightness with the normal aging process. Eyelid retraction involves a surgical procedure in which the eyelid is tightened.

Treatment For Eyelid Retraction

Some surgical procedures may be used to tighten the eyelid and eyelid attachments to restore the eyelid’s elasticity and repositioning it normally. Apart from this, sutures or skin tape can also be used to reposition the eyelid and protect the eye temporarily. Ointments and lubricating drops are also very helpful in treating eyelid retraction. Some medications can also be used to control eyelid inflammation or eyelid irritation and to treat scars as well.


Entropion is an eyelid condition that refers to the condition of the eyelid in which eyelid rotates inward. Due to this issue, your eyelashes rub against your eye which further causes redness, scratches and irritation on the cornea of your eye. Generally, entropion takes place in elder people. In most of the cases, lower eyelid gets affected and it can occur in both the eyes.

This eyelid issue may not be noticeable in its early stages. As time passes on, the condition worsens until every movement of the eye irritates the complete surface of the cornea.

If this eye condition is not treated at time, then it can cause scarring of the eyeball and several eye infections. Also, you may lose eyesight in the affected one. You can get further more information regarding this eye condition in the below sections.

Treatment For Entropion

Surgical Treatment: There are several surgical techniques that can be taken in view when you wish to treat entropion. One of the most common surgical treatments involves the surgically tightening of the eyelid and the attached parts to restore the eyelid to its normal position. When it comes to treating entropion surgically, the surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

Non-surgical Treatment: When it comes to treating entropion non-surgically, several procedures can be taken into consideration. A non-surgical treatment, generally known as Quickert procedure may be performed as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. Quickert generally requires different strategically placed sutures which correct the eyelid.

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ectropion symptoms

Ectropion is another eyelid issue that describes the eyelid condition as – sagging and outward turning of the lower eyelid and the eyelashes as well. The corner of the eyelid and the eyelashes turn out and this rubbing can lead to mucous discharge, excessive tearing, crusting of the eyelid and irritation as well.

While blinking the eye, the eyelids normally sweep across the surface of the cornea and with this condition, tearing takes place because the eyelids are unable to wipe the surface of the cornea to pump properly the tears into the tear duct.

Sometimes the ectropion is because of the relaxation of the tissues of the eyelid as a result of aging. In some cases, it has been seen that ectropion can be present at birth if the eyelids do not form properly.


Treatment For Ectropion

There are several treatments available for ectropion. Here, you can know about them one by one:

Skin Tape: Skin Tape is another way you can try to treat ectropion. Skin tape is a special adhesive that has been specifically made for the skin. It may be used to lift the lower eyelid and hold it in place to relieve some symptoms. However, it is important to make sure to ask your doctor for any further instructions and recommendations.

Surgery: Sometimes, surgery becomes very important to treat eyelid ectropion. Surgery can occur when you stay at hospital but it is done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic.At the time of surgery, the surgeons generally remove part of the lower eyelid. To do so, it requires stitches below the eyelid or on the outside corner of the eye.

Lubricating Drops: When it comes to treat ectropion, lubricating drops can help you get some relief. It will also protect your cornea from any further damage. It is very important to note that improper wiping of your eyes can aggravate this eyelid issue.

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Eyelid malposition is a quite irritating issue that makes your appearance really dull. In order to overcome this eyelid issue, you can try these above-mentioned treatments of the issues that are the major reasons of eyelid malposition. Apart from eyelid malposition, if you notice that your eyelids have become loosened then you can lift your eyelids with the help of Eye Secrets.

I hope the aforementioned information is enough for you to know everything about eyelid malposition. If you have any suggestion then please write in the below comment section. Also, if you want to ask something then you can ask here without any hassle.


Learn About Eyelid Malposition - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More...
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