9 Makeup Tips You Should Definitely Try To Hide Puffy Eyes

Makeup Tips for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes take place for so many reasons including allergies, inherited facial features, stress, skin texture and eye fatigue. However, waking up with puffy eyes is something like a bad nightmare. Most of the women have a morning when the mirror simply does not hide the truth. Irritation, illness, stress, lack of sleep, they all used to take a toll on your skin and for some people, these issues translate into eye puffiness.

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We all sometimes need some makeup tricks to hide puffy eyes to make them unpuffy. It is obvious that if you don’t sleep at night properly then your eyes become super puffy and if you know the right makeup tricks to hide puffy eyes then it is a quite better idea.

Sleepless night is the one of the major reason for getting puffy eyes. However, this can be hidden easily if you try some makeup for puffy eyes so that you can hide puffy eyes easily. These puffy eyes makeup tips can also leave your eyes more smooth and pretty and will get to know how to hide puffy eyes with makeup.

Easy Makeup Tips To Hide Puffy Eyes

Here you can get 9 different makeup tips for puffy eyes with some easy to apply makeup tips. These makeup tips for puffy under eyes are so easy to apply that can also suit your eyes a lot.

Makeup Tips #1: Get “Wow” Lashes

Get “Wow” Lashes

If you want to hide eye puffiness with some makeup tricks then you should have eyelashes so beautiful so that people just say – like –“WOW”. If you have lush and brilliant eyelashes then nobody is going to be looking at how puffy your eyes are. You can also just add a little mascara and even using a lash curler are both great ways to get ‘wow’ lashes.

Makeup Tips #2: Conceal Dark Circles

Conceal Dark Circles

In some cases, generally, it happens that dark circles come with puffy eyes. So if you have dark circles under your eyes that can make your eyes look even puffier. So, it becomes quite important to conceal those puffy eyes makeup in order to make them look calm, collected and cool. Also, with this trick, no one will able to notice your eye puffiness.

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Makeup Tips #3: Shimmer Under Eyes

shimmer eeys

Do you have any idea that adding a little bit of shimmer and shine powder under your eyes can sometimes take away the appearance of your puffy eyes? So, you can only one swipe of shimmer powder can work wonders. I think, for hiding such things, gold shimmer would work much better than any other shade you apply.

Makeup Tips #4: Thicker Eyebrows

Thicker Eyebrows

Sometimes it seems like we always avoid our puffy eyes but there are some people who believe that things like thicker eyebrows and thicker eyelashes will obviously allow you draw attention away from your puffy eyes. Generally, it is just about drawing attention away from them puffiness.

Makeup Tips #5: Lots of Vitamin K

vitamin K for eyes

If you want to get rid of eye puffiness with some makeup tricks then cucumbers are not only the things that can do it. If you take more and more Vitamin K rich foods then it would be quite easy to hide eye puffiness issue. So, it is quite important to make sure that your moisturizer is jam-packed with vitamin K so that you can hide your puffy eyes from the people noticing around you.

Not Enough For You…Get Some More Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips #6: Caffeinate Your Eyes


Another makeup trick you can apply to hide puffy eyes is caffeinating your eyes. This will help reduce the eye puffiness easily. In this case, I think using Garnier would be quite effective because it makes an amazing eye-roller that has caffeine in large quantity inside it. And it will also make your eyes look more awake and it will also draw out the puffiness you have. So, you can get this stick with your eyes so that you can bust away that puffiness.

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Makeup Tips #7: Use a White Eyeliner Pencil

Use a White Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner always looks good when you put on makeup for office or any family get together. But, there are different shades of eyeliner available in the market. However, when it comes to hiding puffy eyes, white eyeliner pencil can be used as a makeup tips to hide puffy eyes for a lot of people. This can help you highlight your eyes and will also bring them out and it can really make your color stand out. Using white eyeliner as an eye makeup trick will make your eyes look more awake.

Makeup Tips #8: Fine Eyeliner

Fine Eyeliner

Eyeliner plays an important role while putting on makeup for any occasion. If you are willing to hide your puffy eyes then it is always suggested not to use thick eyeliner rather keep it fine and light. You just need to, put it as a hint of eyeliner, not something that looks super overwhelming. So, if you have been working for a whole night and you still want to make your eyes look vibrant and wide awake then applying light and fine eyeliner will definitely work for you.

Makeup Tips #9: Apply Cold Cream


Before applying makeup on your face, it is important to apply a good-quality moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15. Dry skin can somehow worsen your eye puffiness issue and can also make them look saggier. So, it is vital to keep cream in the fridge so that when you apply it to your soft skin then the cold contracts the skin for a smoother and tighter appearance of your face.

Some Temporary Remedy You can try to Reduce Puffy Eyes:

  • Reducing salt in your diet
  • Drinking ample fluid to prevent dehydration
  • Using eye drops for irritation caused by allergies
  • Applying chilled tea bags or cucumber slices over closed eyes
  • Applying iced compresses when your lids are swollen
  • Splashing cold water over your eyes and face
  • Getting plenty of sleep and rest
  • Using creams that are specially formulated for use around the eyes
  • Eating potassium-rich foods to eliminate excess fluids in your body


You can apply this above-stated makeup for puffy eyelids. But this is not a permanent solution. However, if you want to remove eye puffiness from your eyes then you can try home remedies to get rid of eye puffiness. These remedies can help you remove eye puffiness easily at home. Try these remedies and get rid of this issue permanently.

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9 Makeup Tips You Should Definitely Try To Hide Puffy Eyes
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