7 Most Appealing Makeup Tips To Stop Living Life With Oily Eyelids

makeup tips to stop living life with oily eyelids

What is more annoying than a shiny forehead? Oily Eyelids!!! Yes, this is the thing. If you have oily eyelids then you have to struggle for it. Eyeliner transferring, eyeshadow sliding or creasing to your top lid is your biggest makeup nightmare.

Oily eyelid gets even tougher in the summer. You must know the things all very well by now say – wake up, put on your makeup, check your face at noon only to find that you are really having attractive eyes. Oily eyelids can be a makeup lover’s worst enemy.

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But there are some effective makeup tips for oily eyelids that can help your hide oily eyelids and make you look stunning as always with makeup on. Some of the best effective makeup tips for oily eyelids can be seen below. But before that let us first have a look at some of the most common causes for having oily eyelids.

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Causes of Oily Eyelids

Causes Of Oily Eyelids

There are lots of people who tend to think that the oil on their eyes comes from sweat or it takes place due to their skin type. However, the skin experts contest that the shape of your eyes plays an important in causing the oily eyelids. But apart from this, the other factors like hormonal changes can lead to over-production of oil in your skin, position of the over-active oil glands and the shape of your eyes are the main culprits that make eyelids oilier. Some other causes include certain medications, overuse of skin products, stress, use of incorrect products, unnecessary use of skin care products and sun tanning. However, there is itchy eyelids home remedy with the help of which you will be able to get rid of itchy eyelids.

Makeup Tips For Oily Eyelids

makeup tips for oily eyelids

Oily eyelid is one of the annoying beauty issues that can lead you to feel embarrassed. But if you try some makeup tips to hide oily eyelids then it would be possible that you may not feel embarrassed or make yourself uncomfortable in front of others. So follow the below makeup tips and tricks for oily eyelids:

Tip #1: Skip Foundation and Concealer

skip foundation

As mentioned above in the cause of oily eyelids section that oily eyelids may be caused due to the large production of oil in the skin. So it would be better if you avoid or skip foundation and concealer because it will make things worse. With this, you will be able to know how to prevent eyeliner from smudging due to oily eyelids. Putting on eyeshadow only to have this move around and evaporate is just dreadful.

These can help you make things easier for your eyeliner to smudge into your eyelid crease. Also, you will know how to prevent eyeshadow from creasing on oily eyelids. The other alternative you can use is a water-based product instead of oil or a mineral or powder foundation. Do not ever use concealer or foundation as a primer for your eyelids because this only makes the oily eyelid worse. But if you still have to use a concealer then set it with a loose/translucent powder before you apply shadow but these cannot be as good as a primer.

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Tip #2: Give Your Lids a Good Wipe-Down

Eyelids a Good Wipe-Down

When it comes to applying makeup on oily eyelids, it is recommended to always make sure that your eyelids are oil-free before you start putting on makeup. A gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover on a cotton pad is a good choice. But if you have excess oil in your eyelids then it would be better if you use a blotting paper to banish it.

Tip #3: Tone Down the Eye Cream

makeup for oily eyelids

Eye creams are quite helpful for oily eyelids. So it would better if you try something oil-free and lightweight for daytime use. Moreover never apply eye cream directly onto your eyelids but rather around the ocular bone.

Tip #4: Use Primer

use primer

There are some good primers to choose from. Sometimes Maybelline color tattoos work awesome, you can layer them on lightly blend and set them with your powder shadow then choose a color of the paint pots that is somehow closet to your natural color just for a natural look, then apply the color and seal it with a light shade of the same color powder shadow and apply liner and ready.

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Tip #5: Change Your Liner

change eyeliner

Sometimes changing your eyeliner would be a better option if you have an oily eyelid. You can do away with liquid liners that crack and smudge with the lightest oil then the worst is the pencil liners that transfer to the crease, you can use a gel liner, these barely smudge and can stay all day long. You can also use a neat thin and there is a no need to cake it up. With this tip, you will know how to make eyeliner stay on oily eyelids.

Tip #6: Coloured Mascara

colored mascara

If you use a colored mascara rather than black one which you generally used to apply every day. It is an easy way to create a statement eye that will not budge. Sometimes you can find formulas in shades of purple, green and pink but the blue one is very effective for spring so, it is our pick for the same season. If you want to really dramatize the hue then you can apply a coat of white mascara or some baby powder to your lashes first and then your colored mascara on the top.

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Tip #7: Under Eye Eyeliner

Under Eye Eyeliner

If you are an eyeliner lover then you can try out playing around with colours and different patterns on your lower eyelid instead. Lower lid area tends to produce less oil and so your eye products should last longer. If you are so worried about it creating a drooping effect then it would be better if you avoid black and make use of warmer colours as for example, gold, bronze or any bold shades like green and purple. Or you can also try a reverse cat eye or a dotted line as well.

Some Additional Tips For Makeup:

  • Dust loose powder under all your eye makeup.
  • Seal all your liners with the same powder shadow.
  • Use a primer for a primer..not a concealer!
  • Keep a natural crease base+powder shadow for an everyday base to use before regular liner.
  • Use cream products like Maybelline color tattoo or Mac paint pots under your powder shadows.

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Most of the people experience oily eyelids which are quite hard to keep their makeup in place throughout the day. Generally, the makeup meltdown contributes to creasing, smudging and fading. While it may be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes inconvenient to keep reapplying makeup throughout the day. However, you can simply use the above makeup tips for oily eyelids that are not so difficult to apply. Try these makeup tips and get rid of oily eyelids with some simple to apply makeup tips for oily eyelids. Or, you can also try some natural remedies to get rid of oily eyelids. Natural Home remedies are so easy to prepare at home and so easy to apply at home and it does not cost much as well.


7 Most Appealing Makeup Tips To Stop Living Life With Oily Eyelids
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