5 Insane Treatments To Get Rid Of Dark Eyelids And Its Causes

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If you have dark eyelids then have you ever asked a question to yourself “why my eyelids are dark“? No?? Well, if no, then don’t worry, because here you will get to everything about dark eyelids including its causes. treatments and more.

Dark eyelids are a skin condition where the skin on the eyelids becomes quite darker than normal.

The skin on the eyelid becomes progressively darker. This eyelid condition is quite similar to the dark circles that used to form under the eyes.

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The skin bluish purple when the eyelids turn dark that gives the face an unhealthy appearance. The darkness of eyelid skin in part of the body is because of the presence of a pigment known as melanin.

This pigment is secreted by some cells called melanocytes that used to lie in the bottom layer of the skin. Melanin plays an essential role in the protection of the skin against harmful UV rays that come from the sun. So, the concentration of UV rays varies as per the level of exposure to the sun.

Darkening of the eyelid is known as hyperpigmentation. It usually arises when there is increased melanin production in the area of the eyelid.

However, it may be linked to darkening around the eyes or even dark circles as it is often called and this type of natural abnormal pigmentation should not be confused with any kind of artificial trauma or dyes such as chemical burns that can cause darkening on the skin.

There are lots of factors that cause dark eyelid and they are as follows.

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Causes of Dark Eyelids


Do you have any idea what causes dark eyelids? If yes then it good but if you really don’t know then you can get to know here in this blog. Some of the main causes of dark eyelids are:



Allergies that used to involve the eye is a common cause of having dark eyelids. Some people with allergic rhinitis generally use to find that the eyes are involved and allergic conjunctivitis can exist on its own. These allergies can also cause the person to rub their eyes as it used to feel gritty and itchy. Only this constant rubbing can lead your eyelids to become dark. Sometimes the inflammation of the allergic reaction may extend to the eyelid. Sometimes, chronic inflammation in this manner can also lead to darkening of the eyelids.

Lack of Sleep:

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is another cause of dark eyelid but the exact cause for this darkening of the eyelids is not always clear.

However, insufficient sleep causes the blood vessels in the eyelids to dilate and this can change the color to some extent.

Some of the fluid also leaks into the tissue space and there it causes darkness and puffiness as well.

However, it is also possible that the sleeplessness is linked to some underlying condition which is the cause of the darkening of the skin on the eyelids.

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Sometimes the darkness of the eyelids is connected to the inflammation in this area. Inflammation is nothing but just a process that can protect tissue against damage. This is generally elicited in response to injury. This is meant to be a short term process but sometimes it can persist for weeks and even months because it is seen in certain inflammatory conditions. Some of the eyelid issues like blepharitis, styes and chalazia are acute but these can lead to dark eyelid when these are prolonged.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Dark circles or darkening of the eyelid may take place because of the nutritional deficiencies. However, dark eyelids may also take place in some of the cases of iron-deficiency anemia and vitamin B deficiencies. It is not yet clear whether it is linked to the deficiency of the nutrient or the complications that arise from these deficiencies.



Sometimes injury to the eyelid may also cause darkening of the eyelids if they are prolonged. This issue may be mechanical, electromagnetic or chemical in nature. Also, rubbing the eyes repeatedly is an example of a mechanical injury that can also cause your eyelids to become dark.

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Natural Treatment For Dark Eyelids:

If you really want to know how to get rid of dark eyelids then without wasting even a single minute, just scroll down to see the treatments you can apply to get rid of dark eyelids.

Treatment #1: Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Whenever the eyes are irritated, then treatment with cold packs, cucumber slices or even damp compresses are sometimes recommended. They all used to help in solving the irritation issue and all these may also help in reducing the darkening of the skin by restricting the blood flow to the skin of the eyelids.

Treatment #2: Avoid Cosmetics

Avoid Cosmetics

If the reason for dark eyelids and eye irritation is contact dermatitis or eye allergy then it would be quite better if you avoid using cosmetic products. As all the cosmetic products are manufactured with the mixture of chemical agents, so it is strictly prohibited to use the cosmetic products if you already have dark eyelids. This is the best approach for the management of the eyelid condition.

Treatment #3: Adequate Sleep

Adequate Sleep

When the dark circles are caused by a lack of adequate sleep then the affected individual should make it a priority so that it can change the associated lifestyle to avoid darkening of eyelids. If sleeplessness is caused due to pathological factors then the adequate sleep treatments would be advised by the doctor.

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Treatment #4: UV-Protective Eyewear

UV-Protective Eyewear

UV-protective glasses are quite important when going out in storing the sunlight for a long period of time. They used to generally help in reducing the damage caused by UV rays. Good quality sunglasses and sunscreen lotions are generally recommended for this issue. So, always apply sunscreen before you go out in a sunlight and do not forget to wear sunglasses so that your eyes may absorb fewer UV rays.


Treatment #5: Medication


Some of the skin treatment like treatments using topical medical applications to the eyelids should only be done under a doctor’s supervision. Some of the cosmetics that used to claim to reduce dark eyelids may only be masking the appearance of the skin of the eyes.

You can also have a look at the below pictorial representation to know Home Remedies to Treat Dark Eyelids:

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Eyelids

You can follow these below home remedies if you have dark eyelids and want to get rid of this eyelid issue as soon as possible. They are easy to apply and you can easily find all the ingredients at your home that will be required to prepare the remedy at home.

home remedies for dark eyelids


Darkening of the eyelids is one of the major issues for almost all the women in this world. This issue may take place due to several causes and this issue may also be cured with lots of remedies or treatments as mentioned above.

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5 Insane Treatments To Get Rid Of Dark Eyelids And Its Causes
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