5 Non Surgical Treatments For Droopy Eyelids You Should Definitely Try

non surgical for droopy eyelids

The skin on the eyelid become loose due to the most common issue – aging. Sometimes, it happens that the combination of two factors that causes a tired look. And this causes your eyelids to droop and this is known as droopy eyelids.

It can be corrected with several solutions but it will take some time. However, when you opt for a surgical treatment, you may face lots of issues like some allergy issue, side effects, will cost you much but the thing that will let you relief is only the time it takes for the recovery.

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As we all know that apart from surgical treatment, the non surgical droopy eyelid fix may include tissue tightening, botulinum toxin, and lasers. Botox, Xeomin or Dysport.

These can also help you lift droopy eyelids by relaxing the muscle groups that pull the lids down, and so it allows the elevator muscles to raise the eyelids up.  Some of the most common non-surgical treatment for treating droopy eyelids is as follows:

Non-Surgical Treatment For Droopy Eyelids:

Botulinum Toxin:

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is an FDA- approved substance that has been used for so long. This is actually not the substance that used to cause the stories of botulinum injection went wrong like frozen smiles, droopy eyelids and numb faces. It is very important to leave the beauty treatment in trustworthy hands or you will end up with some issues to fix than when you started out.

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Thermage is another non surgical droopy eyelid fix that can lead you gets rid of the droopy eyelid with an ease. This treatment uses radiofrequency and light energy in order to activate the fibroblasts that signal new collagen in order to form an existing collagen to tighten over time. This process gives the skin a more youthful, wrinkle-free and tightened appearance.

Botox Cosmetic Injection:


Another non surgical treatment you can do for is the Botox cosmetic injection. Botox cosmetic injection is a non surgical eyelids lift procedure that helps you relax the muscles that used to cause wrinkles in your forehead, brow and around the eyes. This treatment takes only about 10 minutes to complete its procedure. Those people who have this injection for the first time are relieved afterward because the procedure was easier than they anticipated.

The provider of this injection will cleanse the target area and ask you to frown and look surprised. These facial expressions will cause you to activate the muscles to be injected. The provider will mark the injection spots with a washable pen and then proceed with the treatment, most probably 5 to 20 injections. You can try this droopy eyelid botox treatment and see the results. The botox droopy eyelid treatment is very effective and it gives instant results, so you can try this.



Most of the patients find that the procedure is quite tolerable. The needle you will see in this treatment is very tiny and cold air and the ice packs minimize the slight burning sensation while going through this treatment. This treatment takes only 10 minutes to proceed. Those patients who have this injection for the first time are relieved afterwards because the procedure was easier than they anticipated. For this injection when needed, the provider of the treatment will cleanse the area and ask you to frown or look surprised. Such expression will let you activate the muscles to be injected.

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Fractional Laser Eye Lifts:

Fractional Laser Eye Lifts

Another non-surgical treatment includes fractional laser technology. However, some many skin clinics claim that this can help with drooping and sagging skin around the eyes. It has been found that the benefit is more so that it can be found in treating fine lines and superficial textural concerns around the eye like the sun damage. While going through this type of treatment, a skin specialist will numb the eyelids with the topical anesthetic blocking ointment and later on depending on the type of laser that is being used. After that, insert small plastic shields beneath the eyelids in order to protect the retinas before with the use of a laser applicator to target small areas of the skin around the eyes that will create some invisible thermal lesions. This will cause the skin in the area to go through a repair process and renewal while the energy of the laser may also stimulate collagen production to tighten skin naturally.

Apart from these non-surgical eyelids lift, you can also treat droopy eyelid with some natural remedies. Natural remedies are very helpful for the people who are suffering from this issue. Here, in the below section, you will get some natural remedies to know about that will let you get rid of droopy eyelids. This is the best non surgical treatment for droopy eyelids, so you can also consider this treatment once.

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Natural Remedies For Droopy Eyelids:

Sometimes natural remedies can help you out when you get rid of droopy eyelids issues. You can try these natural remedies for droopy eyelids treatments with an ease. All these home remedies are very effective and easy to apply to fix droopy eyelids issue.



Cucumber is an ingredient that helps your skin stay healthy but also makes your skin smooth and glowing and it has anti-inflammatory properties. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid present in the cucumber helps reduce the swelling and keep the skin hydrated.


Egg White Mask:

egg white

Egg white mask can be very useful to prevent your eyelids from drooping. For this, you can dab a small amount of egg white on your eyelids. This lifts your eyelids and tightens the skin around the eyelids and then reduces the droopy effects on the eyelids. However, it is a temporary relief from sagging and long-term use of this remedy will increase the elasticity of the skin.

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Green Tea:


The polyphenol’s anti-inflammatory properties present in the green tea help reduce skin damage from the sun. When the high concentration of green tea is taken orally or topically then it promotes the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, up to some extent, droopy eyelids can be prevented with green tea at some point.


Ice Eye Mask:

ice eye mask

Ice eye mask can be very helpful when it comes to fix droopy eyelids. For this, you can roll an ice-cube over the eyelids for a few minutes and this will constrict the blood vessels and the cooling effect will reduce the drooping and the inflammation of the eyelids.

Chamomile Tea:chamomile tea

Another ingredient you can use is the chamomile tea. The topical or oral application of the chamomile tea can make your skin more soft and smooth. You can keep a cotton pad dipped in chamomile tea over your eyes for about 15-20 minutes. Doing so will give a calming and soothing effect to your eyes.

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Avoid Alcohol, Smoking and Coffee:


Another thing you can do to get rid of droopy eyelids is to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol affects the skin as well as it can also cause the other diseases. Smoking can cause aging which will then makes your eyelids to droop and sag. If you drink too much coffee then it can also cause droopy eyelids. So, it is better if you avoid coffee, alcohol and smoking.

Proper Hydration:

hydrationLess intake or fluids is another reasons for droopy eyelids. So, it would be quite important if you drink plenty of water and juices so that you can keep your skin hydrated. Also, if you try to reduce the intake of salt.

Stay Away From Direct Sunlight:


If you being out in the sun for a long time, then it dampens the structure of the skin and causes premature aging. This issue will cause the eyelids to sag. Therefore, you can protect your skin with the use of sunscreen cream before going out.

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Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift to Fix Droopy Eyelids:

eyelid lift

After applying the above treatment for droopy eyelids, if you are not able to get rid of droopy eyelids then you can also try some other remedies and a product that will let you fix droopy eyelids.

In order to get rid of droopy eyelids, you can also try Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift. Eye Secret Eye Lid Lift is a special product that will allow you fix droopy eyelids.

This product is very safe to use and it does not cost much so it is such affordable product that anyone can use it. So, just have a chance to try this product and let your eyelids look perfect even with aging. All the very best to you all.


Droopy eyelids can really make your appearance very bad and you should definitely try some effective treatments for droopy eyelids. But it is better to choose non surgical treatment for droopy eyelids. So, here, in this blog, you may get some droopy eyelid non surgical treatments and see the results. These are very effective and there are no any side effects of using non surgical treatment for droopy eyelids. They are very effective and easy to apply. Apart from non surgical treatment for droopy eyelid, you can also try natural home remedies and get the best results. Or, if home remedies also don’t work then you can try Eye Secrets Eyelids Lift. This is the best product you can try to fix droopy eyelids.