11 Ultimate Eye Exercises For Droopy Eyelids To Look Younger Even At 50

exercises For Droopy Eyelids

Like the rest of your body, your face will benefit from exercising the muscles to keep them flexible and elastic. If you pair some basic eye exercises along with a healthy diet and a high-quality skincare regimen then it will improve the look of your face even when you get older.

The very first sign of aging often appears as forehead wrinkles, drooping eyelids and jowls. However, there are some facial exercises for droopy eyelids to target the underlying muscle tone in those areas. The droopy eyelid exercises routine takes just a few minutes each morning and should be practiced just after moisturizing and cleansing your face.

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Why There Is A Need To Do Eye Exercises?

The skin looses around the eyes with age is the very first place to show the aging signs. Droopy eyelids can give your facial appearance a tired look. This may obviously not reflect a great attitude towards life or complete health. There is nothing that will make you aged more than tired and droopy looking eyes. So, to stop looking tried, you can try some eye exercises for droopy eyelids and fix your issue eyelid forever.

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What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Some of the people think why do we have droopy eyelids. This is the common question comes to everyone’s mind when they have droopy eyelids.

As we all know that the skin around human eyes loses its elasticity at some point of time and may develop sagging eyelids or droopy eyelids. This is done due to upper eyelids skin’s loose fold exacerbating this eyelid issue.

Also, the muscles around the eye slacken as people become aged and this issue may cause the fatty eyelid tissue surrounding the eyes to bulge and expand forward. And, this gives your lower eyelid a ‘baggy’ appearance.

Another most common cause of droopy eyelids or, skin sagging is the oxidative stress. It generally takes place and it results as an unbalanced diet that is quite higher in processed foods, sugar, low-fat sources of fat and protein and miss eating in fresh fruits.


The result a poor diet shows up around human eyes as puffy eyes, sagging eyelids, bags and dull pallor.

One of the best ways to fight against stress which causes droopy eyelids is to eat a balanced diet that contains raw foods in higher amount that are quite rich in antioxidants. But apart from a healthy diet, you can also try some droopy eyelid exercises to get rid of droopy eyelids effectively.

Relation Between Droopy Eyelids & Eyebrows

There is something that affects the appearance of droopy eyelids is the fact that people become aged, not only the eyelids but also the eyebrows start to sag and starts to drop down the human face. Forehead muscles which become weakened are quite responsible for the sagging the eyebrows.

If you perform some eye exercises that make use of upper eye muscles can also tighten eyelid area and improve the drooping eyelids by lifting their eyebrows naturally.

Eye Exercises to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

Performing facial exercises for droopy eyelids should be comfortably done either by sitting or standing and keeping your shoulders completely relaxed and never try to create an uncertain tension within the body while exercising.

If you practice exercise in front of the mirror then is a good option to see the which muscles are you using and to ensure that the correct groups of facial muscle are being targeted. Here, you can learn how to lift droopy eyelids by exercises that can be easily done at home.

Exercise 1: To Strengthen Droopy Upper Eyelids

The levator palpebral muscle controls the upper eyelids and to target this muscle is quite vital if you wish to prevent and improve the appearance of droopy upper eyelids.

If you want to strengthen droopy upper eyelids then you can go through the below steps:

To Strengthen Droopy Upper Eyelids

1: Place your index finger under your eyebrows so you can feel the brow bone

2: While holding firmly, close your eyes slowly

3: You should feel a gentle pull from the eyebrow through to the eyelid

4: Now squeeze the eyelids more tightly together to create a stronger pull

5: Hold for a count of five

6: Relax your eyes and repeat 5 times

Exercise 2: To Lift The Upper Eyelids

When it comes to lifting the upper eyelids with some exercises tips, these below exercise steps can be followed:

1: To Lift The Upper EyelidsIn the very step, you have to place your 4 fingertips gently on each hand exactly below your eyebrows.

2: Now in the next step, you have to push up the fingertips slowly until you feel that the eyebrow bones beneath the finger’s pads.

3: You need to then move the upper eyelids downwards after five seconds until the eyes are closed.

4: Now, next you have to release the eyelids after 5 seconds.

5: Last, but not the least, you have to make sure that your eyes are relaxed and then again repeat this 5 times.

Exercise 3: Strengthening the Forehead And Lifting The Eyebrows

In order to perform an exercise to strengthen forehead and lift eyebrows, you can follow the below steps: To Strengthen the Forehead And Lift The Eyebrows

1: First of all, you need to be very calm and keep your forehead relaxed.

2: After this, your next step should be to keep three middle fingers from each hand just under the eyebrows with the finger’s pads that is lined up along the eyebrow’s lower part.

3: In the next step, there is a great need to relax your hand’s palms down towards the face and stop keeping them sticking to an angle.

4: After this, you have to push the eyebrows just upwards with those three fingertips.

5: Next, you have to push the eyes as high as you can and later on you need to extend the stretch gently outwards the temples and then keep the eyes wide open.

6: In the next step, you need to hold the hands in the same position for about 5 seconds

7: Last, but not the least, you have to push down with the forehead muscle so that you can create resistance with the fingertips and then you need to hold this gain for 5 seconds.

8: After then keep yourself relax and repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes

Exercise 4: To Strengthen And Tone The Delicate Eyelid Area

Now if you want to strengthen and tone the delicate eyelid area, then you can follow the below exercise tricks:

To Strengthen And Tone The Delicate Eyelid Area

1: Close your eyes

2: Now gently place the index finger of each hand across each eyelid

3: Now keep the elbows lifted and out to the sides of the body

4: Now gently apply some pressure with the pads of your index fingers to your eyelids

5: With some pressure still applied, try to open the eyes to a count of five

6: Repeat this for at least 5-10 times

Exercise 5: To Strengthen The Muscles Of The Eyebrow Area

When it comes to strengthening the muscles of the eyebrow area, you can follow the below steps:

To Strengthen The Muscles Of The Eyebrow Area

1: Raise your eyebrows as high as possible

2: Now open your eyes as wide as possible and hold for a count of five

3: After this, slowly lower your eyebrows and relax

4: Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes

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Exercise #6: Warmup

massaging the eyelids

Warming, cleansing and massaging the eyelids gently, even without any workout has been found to very effective in increasing blood circulation and nerve response.

This exercise also helps to make eyelid muscles more flexible and softer. So, you can also try this exercise to fix droopy eyelids issue. This is the best sagging eyelids exercise you should do and know how to remove fat from eyelids naturally.

Exercise #7: Basic Muscle Stimulation

Basic Muscle Stimulation

Direct muscle stimulation may help to reduce droopy eyelids, either through use of a stimulating device like electric brush or through concentrated movement of the eyes.

The brush’s mechanical pressure used to force a reaction in the small muscles of the eyelid. You need to spend several minutes every day to stimulating the eyelids even when you decide to try this exercise more than one method each time.


Exercise #8: Resistance Workout

Resistance Workout

As per the National Stroke Association forces the eyelids to work out every hour may improve the eyelid droop. You can work out on eyelid muscles by just raising the eyebrows. This exercise for droopy eyelids can be done by placing a finger underneath and holding the eyelids up for several seconds at a time when you try to close the eyes. This exercise creates resistance similar to weight lifting.

Exercise #9: Eye Patch Workout

Eye Patch Workout

When you notice that your single eyelid droops, this may tend to use the other eye for more hectic tasks, just like you would use good hand or leg instead of one that is injured.

In order to make sure that the eyelid which is weaker gets as much natural exercise as possible, you might cover good health eye with a patch. It means that you will perform some eyelid exercises during the day without even realizing it.


Exercise #10: Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise

Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise

Trataka exercise for droopy eyelids is done for overall health and eye vision improvement. This exercise is renowned among the ayurvedic community. Doing this exercise would be quite beneficial because eye movement is completely linked to eyelid movement.

In order to practice this method, you have to fix the eye or eyes without eyelid droop on a specific object and stare at it continuously for as long as you are able to stare. You will then soon notice that your eye muscles started working as you do.

Exercise #11: Eyebrow Action

Eyebrow Action exercise

To try this eyebrow action exercise, you need to sit straight but in a very comfortable position. Eyebrow action exercise is a good all-around eye exercise that used to focus on the upper eyelid’s muscle. You can try this exercise for about five minutes to begin and increases gradually to about ten a day. While keeping your eyes open, you need to look straight ahead.

Now you have to lift eyebrows however, at the same time you have to keep the eyelids halfway. And then eyelids lift will be done and you will notice the whites of the eyes on the top of the pupil during the second phase of this exercise.


Eye exercises along with the healthy diet and healthy lifestyle and adequate rest can really help you improve the skin around your eyes and to fix droopy eyelid. Performing these above eyelid drooping exercises are so simple, inexpensive. And then the most effective way to stay in charge of the way your face ages at some point of time.

However, apart from these exercises for droopy eyelids, you can also try some natural remedies to fix droopy eyelid. Sometimes, there are some women who believe that makeup can also help to hide droopy eyelids. So, there are some makeup tips for droopy eyelids that can also be taken in view when you wish others not to notice your facial appearance.

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