Makeup Tips To Apply Eyeliner That Suits Your Eye Shapes

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Life would be so good if one makeup kit works for all. However, we all are different and unique and each and every people have their own eyes shapes. But, when it comes to eyeliner, then there isn’t a shape that going to make you appear bad. In this useful blog, you will learn about different eye shapes and makeup tips to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes. 

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So, below mentioned are some of the eyes shape, size and solution on how to apply Eyeliner that will suit better for you. Here are the most common makeup tips to apply eyeliner that suits your eye shape.

#1 Close – Set Eyes

close set eyes

If there is enough gap between the inside of your eyes and if you are able to fit another eye in that gap then it is confirmed that you have Close-Set Eyes.

How to apply eyeliner on Close-Set Eyes

First, you need to use concealer on the inner corner of the eyes. You must lighten up and open the eye area. You can make use of eye pencil and apply the liner thinly at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner and just drag it longer than the lash line. While applying eyeliner at the inner corner just avoid the lining all through your tear duct as it will highlight closeness of the eyes.

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Tip #2 – Round Eyes

round eyes

While you look straight and if there is a white space between below and above iris then you have round eyes.

How to apply eyeliner on Round Eyes

To make your eyes look longer then you can make a line to the outer edges of your lash line or you can also opt for long-winged liner look. Additionally, you can also opt for liquid eyeliner and apply it to the inner corner on upper and lower lash line from where your iris starts.

Tip #3 – Wide Eyes

wide eyes

If there is enough space where you can fit more than one eye between the inner corners of your eyes, then it means that you have wide eyes.

How to apply eyeliner on Wide Eyes

You need to put more focus on the inner corner of the eyes if you have wide eyes. You have to work so that the eyes should look closer. Start with lining the tear duct and do not extend to the outer corner of the eye. Also, you have to go bold if you have wide-set eyes. So just line the outer corner for a patent-leather look.

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Tip #4 – Small Eyes

small eyes

Just compare your nose and mouth with your eyes. Are your eyes are smaller than your mouth and nose. If yes then you are having small eyes.

You will also notice that distance between your brow bone and tips of your lashes is shorter.

How to apply eyeliner on Small Eyes

If you have small eyes then it is recommended that you must not apply dark eyeliner at bottom of your eyes, if you do so then your eyes will look smaller. You should make a thin line at the outer corner of the bottom of your eyes and on your top lash to gently frame your eyes. You can also apply liner in the between the linear of your lashes.

Tip #5 – Big Eyes


Compare your nose and mouth with your eyes and if your eyes are proportionally bigger than your mouth and nose then ‘Yes’ you have big eyes.

How to apply eyeliner on Big Eyes

If you have bigger eyes then you have lots of option. You can simply line both upper and lower waterline. Additionally, apply eyeliner to the lower lash line to bring the same effect. You can also try other winged liner and cat eyes.

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#6 – Almond Eyes

almond eyes

Your eyes will look like a humble almond nut. Also, your iris will get disappeared because of upper and lower eyelids.

How to apply eyeliner on Almond Eyes

Start lining the lower and upper lashes with the use of waterproof kohl pencil all along the way around your eyes, then draws the outer corners of the lower and upper lash lines. After this with the help of gunmetal gray, shadow to lighten it and use bronzer to highlight the crease to bring natural effect.

Tip #7 – Hooded Lids

hooded lids

While you are keeping your eyes open and if you see that your eyelids droop down over the crease then it is confirmed that you have hooded lids.

How to apply eyeliner on Hooded Lids Eyes

If you have hooded lids eyes then you have to focus to make your eyes look bigger. Start the liner by applying it thicker on the lash base and also apply the liner between the roots of the eyelashes and make sure that you apply liner at the outer corner of the eye is thicker.

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Tip #8 – Monolids


Monolids hardly have a crease and it is totally flat. The brow bone is also less recognized.

How to apply eyeliner on Monolids Eyes

When you apply the eyeliner on the top lashline just start with the thinner line at the inner corner and when you go through just make it thicker. You may also use small smudge brush to smudge it out the outer corner.

These are some of the most common and the effective makeup tips to apply eyeliner to different eye shapes. With these makeup tips, you can apply eyeliner for different eyes shape.

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