Easy Tricks To Grow Thicker And Healthier Eyelashes

Easy Tricks To Grow Thicker And Healthier Eyelashes

Women believe that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and so women spend most of the time in improving their eye beauty appearance. They do everything to make their eyes more beautiful.

Eyelashes are such part of the face that frame your eyes and let others draw attention to the face that makes your eyes look more beautiful. But, sometimes women really become very self-conscious when their eyelashes become thin or they find lashes falling out.

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Having gorgeous looking eyelashes are every woman’s dream. So, whatever needed to achieve this goal, they can do. But, to get such eyelashes, it is very important to know what they can do.

So, in the below section, I am trying to provide you some relevant information to get longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes. Have a look at them and get some idea.

Tricks To Grow Thick And Healthy Eyelashes


grow longer eyelashes

Below you will find some effective steps that can help you a lot in achieving this motive of getting beautiful, thick and healthy eyelashes. Have a look at below steps one by one:

Trick #1:

For healthy and thick eyelashes, you can apply an eyelash conditioner two times a day. Such conditioner contains some natural ingredients. It used to come in small bottles along with the applicator wands to make it very easier to apply, just like mascara. You should use this conditioner in the morning and before going to sleep. If you apply this conditioner after applying mascara then it works as a primer.

Trick #2:

Whenever you apply any makeup to your eyelashes, then you should always remove it with makeup wipes. If you leave your makeup on, then it makes your eyelashes very dry due to which you rub your eyes regularly and sometimes this can even lead to an eye infection which looks very bad on the face. So, let your eyelashes make free to breathe and encourage its growth.

Trick #3:

Try to consult any dermatologist or your doctor on a regular basis to get some idea for enhancing your eyelash. They can provide you some eye drops that can help you increase eyelashes after applying it for some time. There are some products available that can be recommended by the doctor to make your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and healthier.

Trick #4:

To get healthier eyelashes, it is very important to make some changes in your diet. Yes, you should intake hair-healthy foods like cold-water fish, egg, seeds, nuts, veggies, fruit and soybeans. Also, you can eat foods that are rich in fatty acids and protein. You can eat iron rich foods like chicken and leafy green vegetables.

Some Tips For Growing Thick And Healthy Eyelashes And Prevent Them From Falling Off

  • Always brush your lashes with the help of eyelash brush two times a day.  This will help you remove dust particles if there is and also ensure proper growth.
  • Never rub your eyes while removing your eye makeup, try to use gentle swiping motion.
  • Do not make use of waterproof mascara every day because they are very hard to get off.
  • Never go to sleep with makeup on. Always remove your makeup with a makeup wipe before you go to bed. Or you can also use coconut oil for this. You have to dap coconut oil on a cotton swab and remove the mascara and the eyeliner you have applied earlier to your eyes.
  • Try to trim your lashes once in a month. This sounds quite weird but, believe me, it a fact that it helps your lashes to grow faster and thicker.
  • For healthier eyelashes, you should massage your eyelids. After you remove your makeup, you should massage your eyelids for some minutes.
  • Do not use fake eyelashes every time on your eyes because it can stop your lashes to grow naturally.

Some Home Remedies You Can Try To Get Thicker And Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes are one of the attractive part of the face and it makes your eyes look even more beautiful. But it becomes very irritating when you find lashes falling down. Well, there are several home remedies that will help your lashes grow thicker and make you look even more beautiful.

 Some Home Remedies You Can Ever try To Get thicker And Longer Eyelashes (2)

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Growing thicker and healthier eyelashes is not a big issue if you have easy to apply ways or more. I have tried my best to provide your sufficient information that can actually help you. Here, in the above section, you must have noticed how you can make your eyelashes grow beautiful, longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes. Apart from the above steps mentioned and the tips to follow, you can also try other several things that can achieve your goal. You can also try some natural treatments and home remedies to get longer eyelashes. So, get in regular touch with these steps on a regular basis for growing eyelashes healthier and thicker. Also, be in touch with our blogs sections where you will get several issues related to eyes and along with their best solutions.