Eyelid Chalazions – Say Goodbye To Chalazions With Home Remedies

get rid of eyelid chalazion

Everyone knows that eyes and eyelids are the most sensitive part of the face. Environmental factors and infections can also cause several eyelid issues which may sometimes also include chalazion.

Chalazion is a problem related to eyelids that happens when the oil glands are blocked and are inflamed due to eye makeup residue.

Eyelid Chalazion causes itchy eyelids, painfull and also swollen eyelids. However, this eyelid problem can cause due to makeup residue or even insect bites.

It is very important to treat the chalazion soon so that you can avoid some serious eye conditions including loss of vision.

However, you can try some home remedies to treat chalazions naturally without surgery.

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Causes of Eyelid Chalazion:

Before going to find some home remedies, let us first expand a bit on eyelid chalazion.

Chalazion are nothing but just a cyst that developed on the outside of eyelids, most probably on the top part of the eyelid. It is commonly confused with

It is commonly confused with stye on the eyelids which is also known as hordeolum when it develops inside the eyelid.

However, styes are generally reddish, painful, small and develop on the bottom of the eyelid or the lower part or under the eyelid. But chalazion are quite larger in size and it might not also cause any pain.

It is true that styes occur in the upper eyelid, but pain is the most significant factors to set the two apart.

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Symptoms of Chalazion:

Some of the symptoms of chalazion are as follows:

  • A lump that slowly increases in size, located on the outer portion of your eyelid
  • Sensitivity
  • Gradual swelling

Home Remedies To Treat chalazions Naturally

Home remedies are the best options to treat any kind of eyelid issues as they are natural and do not harm your face or your eyes.

They are easy to do and also they do not cost much and so they are the cheapest way to treat chalazion.

There are lots of home remedies available that can help you treat chalazions easily at home.

Below, you will get to know about some natural home remedies so that treating chalazion can become easier. Let us know what they are one by one:

Home Remedy #1: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to treat chalazion, the most appreciated remedy you can try is by using apple cider vinegar.

This vinegar is packed with curing properties and the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties do a fine job to treat chalazion.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for treating chalazion in two ways. One is topically and the other is orally.

You can dilute the apple cider vinegar in water before using it and then you can apply it directly to the chalazion several times per day or drinking it two times every day until it disappears.

Home Remedy # 2: Onion


Onion might be seen a strange ingredient for treating an eye infection but onions are actually known to be a trustworthy for treating chalazion.

The juice of onion also works quite well for treating this kind of eyelid issue.

However, it is recommended to extract the juice from the onions on your own and drop a bit on your eyelid, most probably directly on the chalazion area.

You can it several times daily until it gets over. This can also help reduce the swelling.

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Home Remedy # 3: Castor Oil

Castor Oil


Castor oil is another ingredient that is rich in anti-inflammatory that can help you treat chalazion.

It will not only help you get rid of this infection or a disease but also will help you get rid of any traces of pain associated with chalazion.

Also, it will reduce swelling. In order to use castor oil, you can use a warm, moist compress on your eye for five minutes and then gently apply a bit of castor oil a couple of times every day.

Home Remedy # 4: Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds

As already mentioned that anti-inflammatory properties are a recurring theme when it comes to chalazion treatment, some of the seeds are delightfully full of anti-inflammatory benefits are coriander.

When you try this remedy to treat chalazion, you can take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and then boil them in one glass of water.

After the solution gets chilled, you can use it to wash your eyes, preferably the affected area. You can repeat this remedy until your problem goes away.

Home Remedy # 5: Honey And Rosewater Mix

Honey And Rosewater Mix

Last but not the least, a mixture of honey and rosewater would be quite effective ingredients that can be taken in view when you want to get rid of eyelid chalazion.

Honey is known to have a delightful effect on clearing up chalazion when it is combined with rosewater.

In order to use this remedy, you can combine equal parts of honey and rosewater and use the resultant substance to apply to your affected eyelid area.

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties in honey will help you get back to normal soon. You can repeat this often to get better results.

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As mentioned above that chalazion is a serious issue that is related to eyelids and it occurs when the oil glands are blocked and are inflamed due to eye makeup residue.

But this can be treated with some effective natural home remedies. Home remedies like honey and rosewater mixture, onion, apple cider vinegar, coriander and castor oil.

These can be used to cure eyelid chalazion in an effective way. Try these remedies and get rid of chalazion forever.


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