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As everybody knows that eyes are the most attractive and the catchy part of the face, so, it becomes quite important to take proper care of your eyes and the connected parts such as eyelids.

Yes, eyelids are also an important part of the eyes that play a vital role while you blink your eyes. But sometimes you get double eyelids and due to this, your appearance may look quite dull as compared to the normal eyelids.

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Well, you can here know everything about double eyelids and how it can be corrected with surgery? If you are the one who is having this eyelid issue and want to get rid of it then you can follow this blog.

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What is Double Eyelid?

Generally, a double eyelid is an eyelid that shows the crease that causes it to have “double” over itself. This is very common for some people to have double eyelids but, when it comes for Asians, it is quite less common.

People with double eyelid really look quite different from people having normal eyelids. Well, if you are one then you can go for a surgery that can correct your double eyelids issue instantly.

Yes, with the help of double eyelid surgery or also sometimes known as blepharoplasty, you will be able to get rid of double eyelids instantly. Commonly, there are three types of double eyelid surgery that performs the double eyelid correction. They are as follows:

  • Full Incisional Method
  • Buried Sutured Method
  • Partial Incision Method

Before we proceed to the types of surgery, it is also important to know the cost of the surgery.

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Cost Of Double Eyelid Surgery:

Most probably, it depends on the methods used by the surgeons to correct the double eyelid issue. But, generally the cost of this surgery lies between $2000 to $4000.

It would be quite fair to say that it may also cost more than this expected cost. You can also find some surgeries are even cheaper when you are not going to well-reputed surgeons.

This is the only thing I can mention about the cost of the double eyelid surgery. Now, it’s time to mention all about three types of double eyelid surgery that is done to correct double eyelids.

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Types of Double Eyelid Surgery


Type 1: Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery

The full incision method is the common type of double eyelid fold surgery, most probably, in South Korea.

The procedure of this surgery is quite famous to produce the most natural look for the long term of those who have double eyelids. This surgery is considered to be the best surgery to reshape your eyes.

Candidates for Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery

The Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery can bring about the most satisfying double eyelids in the long-term and it takes a longer time to look natural. If the people at the of 20s and 30s get this surgery done then it will become quite unnoticeably natural over time.

Procedure of Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery

Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery removes the excessive skin, muscles and fat from the eye area. Also, this surgery removes the entire tissue of the eyelid and the surgeon will extend the line of the eyelid beyond the last third of the eye so that it can create a more natural look.

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Type 2: Buried Sutured Method

Do you have any idea what Buried Sutured Method Surgery is all about? Well, this is a non-incision method that used to create a natural looking double eyelid. This method was so popular a year ago as this was the simplest method to create folds.

Candidates for Buried Sutured Method

If you have a double eyelid then you might be a good candidate for this method. You may get double eyelid depending on your skin condition because of the thin eyelid skin from time to time. This non-incision method is a good condition for such people.

Procedures of Buried Sutured Method

Small sutures are generally knotted above the eyes in order to create the folders. There are several loops in the procedure that can be used for the knots.

The most common benefit of this method is that it is quite possible to go back to the original state of the eyes even after the double eyelid fold surgery is complete.

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Type 3: Partial Incision Method

Partial Incision Eyelid Surgery is same as the other two surgeries. This is just an alternative to buried sutures and full incision methods.

People use to believe that partial incision method was the most effective method than the incision when it was introduced. This is because of its less noticeable, smaller scars.

However, the plastic surgeons use the full incision method for double eyelid fold surgeries as they minimize the scars.

Candidates for Partial Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

The procedure of this surgery is ideal for those who have thin eyelid skin and for those who need a shorter period than what is important with the full-incision method. The good candidates for this surgery are those who have droopy eyes along with thin monolids. There are several people who still don’t know what are the common facts of droopy eyelids and why does it happen.

Procedures of Partial Incision Method

During the procedure of the partial incision method, small incisions are made in segments along the eyelids in order to lessen the skin and fat tissue.

The double eyelid lines extend up to the last third of the eyes as opposed to the full incision method. In full incision method, the lines go just beyond the last third of the eyes in this procedure of double eyelid surgery.

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Recovery After Double Eyelid Surgery

After the surgery, the bruising and swelling disappear within 2 to 4 weeks. The double eyelid surgery is quite slower than other surgeries.

This surgery might be frustrating for the patients to wait such as a long time but rest are assured that even after 1 month, you eyes will look quite natural with makeup applied on it. A new skin tissue around the eyes will settle in after the surgery. Most probably, it would take at least 3 months to look natural. Sometimes, the speed of the recovery also depends on the thickness of skin and the type of surgery method to lift eyelids.

double eyelids

Before And After Image Of Double Eyelid Surgery

If you want to know how to make double eyelids then you can click here.



If you have double eyelid surgery then it would be quite possible to correct this issue with the help of double eyelid surgery.

Well, if you are one of those who have double eyelid then you can also go for this surgery. You can get to know everything about double eyelids here in this blog. I have mentioned almost every information related to double eyelid and double eyelid surgery.

However, apart from the surgery for double eyelids, you can also try Eye Secrets to correct double eyelid appearance. This is the best product you can use to fix several eyelids problems. If you have any suggestion or want to ask any question related to double eyelid then you can ask here without any hassle.


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