5 Easy To Apply Home Remedies For Eyelid Inflammation

Eyelid Inflammation

Eyelids are the folds of the skin that generally used to cover the eyes and protect your eyes from injury and debris. Eyelids also have lashes with curved, short hair follicles on the corner of the eyelids. These follicles used to contain oil glands and they can sometimes become irritated or clogged that triggers inflammation. This condition of the eyelids is generally termed as Eyelid Inflammation or blepharitis.

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Causes of Eyelid Inflammation:

The actual cause of the eyelid inflammation cannot be always determined but the several factors may increase your risk of blepharitis. As for example, sometimes you may have a higher risk if you have dandruff on your scalp or eyebrows. Also, it is quite possible that you have an allergic reaction to makeup or some other cosmetic products that you have applied around your eye then it may lead to eyelid inflammation. Apart from this, there are some other causes of eyelid inflammation, they are as follows:

  • Bacterial Infection
  • Having Eyelash Mites or Lice
  • A Malfunctioning Oil Gland
  • Medication Side Effects

Types of Eyelid Inflammation:

Eyelid Inflammation is generally found in two types, one of them is anterior and the other one is posterior.

  • Anterior Eyelid Inflammation: Anterior eyelid inflammation takes place on the outside of the eye where your eyelashes are located. Sometimes, allergic reaction and dandruff on your eyelids can also cause eyelid inflammation.
  • Posterior Eyelid Inflammation: Posterior eyelid inflammation takes place on the inner edges of the eyes. However, a malfunctioning oil gland in your eyelash follicles generally used to cause eyelid inflammation.

Symptoms of eyelid Inflammation

Eyelid inflammation is generally noticeable just because it can irritate your eyes and most probably, sometimes it may also affect your eye vision. Some of the most common noticeable symptoms of eyelid inflammation are as follows:

  • swollen eyelids
  • itchy eyelids
  • watery eyes
  • a burning sensation in the eyes
  • red or inflamed eyelids
  • oily eyelids
  • sensitivity to light
  • red eyes
  • a feeling that something is in or on your eyes
  • a crust on your eyelashes or in the corners of your eyes

These are some of the symptoms of eyelid inflammation and these can also indicate a serious eye infection. If you ever notice any of the symptoms then you should hurriedly consult your doctor.

Home Remedies For Eyelid Inflammation:

You can try some simple natural home remedies if you notice any of the above symptoms. However, if the symptoms you notice are so last long or quite severe then it is always recommended to visit your doctor immediately. Or if they are not last long then you can also try some home remedies for treating eyelid inflammation easily at home. Let us have a look at some home remedies that you can apply to cure eyelid inflammation.

Home Remedy #1: Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

For treating eyelid inflammation, tea tree oil is considered as one of the best remedies that you can apply easily at home. If you ever find that you are facing some issues like inflammation and itching on the eyelids then tea tree oil can help you eliminate ocular Demodex and also enhance subjective ocular symptoms also. In order to use tea tree oil for treating eyelid inflammation,  you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • At very first step, you have to mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil. After this, you can immerse one cotton swab in the mixture.
  • Now apply it on your closed eyelid and keep the eye closed for about 5-10 minutes.

Repeat this process twice a day so get better results.

Home Remedy #2: Warm Compress


When it comes to treat eyelid inflammation, warm compress help minimize debris and scales around the eyelashes. The warm compresses’ heat promotes blood circulation that is quite important for a quick healing of the eyelid situation. Below is the method you can apply to treat eyelid inflammation:

  • At first, you have to take a clean washcloth and then immerse it in warm water. Now wring it out and place the cloth over the closed eyelid for few minutes. You can repeat this process for about 3-4, times.
  • Now, you have to use a clean cloth to remove any oily scales or debris on your eyelid.

You can repeat this process for several times a day to improve the eyelid condition.  However, if you notice that your both the eyes are infected then you can divide the washcloths for both the eyes.

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Home Remedy #3: Castor Oil

Castor oil

Castor oil is another ingredient that can help you treat eyelid inflammation. The ricinoleic acid present in the castor oil used to act as an anti-inflammatory property. This acid alleviates itching, irritation, burning and pain related to the eyelid condition. Thus, castor oil is considered as one of the best remedies for eyelid inflammation. You can follow the below directions to use castor oil for treating eyelid inflammation:

  • First of all, you have to use lukewarm water to wash your eyelids and eyelashes thoroughly and then apply one warm compress over your eyelid for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Now apply castor oil with the use of a cotton swab on your closed eyelid and the lashes prior to you go to sleep.
  • Now simply rinse your eyes thoroughly with the use of warm water in the morning.

You can apply this remedy once in a day for better results.

Home Remedy #4: Aloe Vera

aloe vera

It is very important to keep your eyelids moisturized so that you can cope with eyelid inflammation. Also, aloe vera used to contain the anti-inflammatory property that helps lower inflammation, redness on the eyelids and even swelling of the eyelids. Also, this plant combats against infection in an effective way. Below you can see, how to sue aloe vera for treating eyelid inflammation.

  • At first, you have to take am aloe vera leaf and then cut it to extract the fresh gel. You can now apply this gel on your eyelid and then gently rub. You can keep this for about 10 minutes.
  • Now you can use lukewarm and rinse it off.

You can use this remedy for about 3-5 times a day. But, keep in mind that you have to use the fresh aloe vera gel every time.

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Home Remedy #5: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Another ingredient you can try to treat eyelid inflammation is the coconut oil. The anti-inflammatory property present in the coconut oil helps reduce pain, itching and inflammation. It also helps restore the eye health. Below, you can see how coconut oil can be used to treat eyelid inflammation issue:

  • First of all, take a cotton swab and immerse it in the coconut oil and then place it on the inflamed eyelid for about 15-20 minutes.

You can use this remedy for several times a day to get best possible results.

How To Prevent Eyelid Inflammation

Eyelid inflammation can be quite uncomfortable, unsightly and painful. However, this eyelid condition is not always preventable but you can take some measures to reduce the risk of eyelid inflammation. You can prevent this eyelid condition with some prevention tips mentioned below:

  • Wash your face on a regular basis
  • Remove eye and facial makeup before going to bed
  • Don’t rub your eyes on an existing infection
  • Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands
  • Always check your eyelids if it ever pains, swells or become red